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VIH(~iNiA: At an adjourned meeting of <br /> the Board of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held <br /> aC the CourChouse on June ?, <br /> 1955, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present <br /> <br />Mr. Irvim G. Homer, Chairman <br />Mr. H. T. ¢~oyne <br />Mr. J. P. G-unter <br />Dr. Robt. O. Gill <br />Mr. R. J. l~ritton <br />Mr. Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />This day a dele~tion aopeared ~efore the l%oard requesting that the road as <br />shown on a plat entitled "MAP $}tOWIN(; THE }{E-,~U}{DIV1SI()~ OF 'IHE OVERSTREET <br />PROPEiVI'Y" be classed as a rural road arid not as a subdivision road, and cited <br />the fact that some of the lots were ~$ much as 25-acres in size. Upon considera- <br />tion whereof, Mr. (;Dyne made a motion to improve the said road at a cost of <br />$25~0.00, which amount wonld be paid from t'.he 3¢ Road Fund of the County, <br />which motion was seconded by Mr. }½ri Cron. <br /> <br />Whereupon, ~Ir. }{a~ue offered a su,~stitute motion, which was seconded by ~Ir. <br />C~umter: I~e it resolved, that this matter be r-eferred to the Commonwealth's <br />Atlorney for inv,~sti~ation and a rulings as to the st~ tus of said road. The <br />vote was taken on the substitute motion and carried three to two and the <br />matter is referred ~o the Commonwe&lth's Attorney. <br /> <br />This day a dele~.~ation appeared from the }~on Air area, headed by a 0ommittee <br />of five citizens, four of which were prese~lt, seekin~ to obtain from the <br />Board the ,~roposed actions to alleviate the critical shortage of water in Bo~ <br /> <br />The County ~nt~ineer explai~ed to the l~oard and to the citizens pr~.~sent the <br />sequence of events which caused the shortage-e, namely; Che cleaning of the <br />E]khardt tank, th~.~ br(;ak ill the 12" main aC the fklto, r plant, the in~dequacy <br />of the filter p]a~]t to produce water as fas% as was needed, and the motor <br />trouble with the t%o~ Air booster pun:[), l~e stated that provisions w~.Fe being <br />made to ~)ut in a standby booster pump for the area and to lay additional 8" <br />[ir~e to cor~l~ect ~;erman School Road with Jahnke Road. <br /> <br />5lt. lla?.'ue cited the report made by Mr. Shropshire in October, 1954, and said <br />that had the l%o~rd acted at that time some of these conditions mi;~ht have <br />0ee,] all~,viated. <br /> <br />The Executive ~%ecretary proposed a Bo~:d issue of $~,000,000.00, $1,~50,000, <br />of which would be put into a Sinkings' Fund to pay off the .previous bond issue <br />b~:(h;r this pro0osal the }5end Issue would com,~and a ~etter rate of interest <br />si,~ce it would be a first lien instead of a th~-rd lien. <br /> <br />The l~or~/lsque was proposed to be based on ~n enff, ineerinff, study of the County <br />En~,'i~eer and supported by the ppeliminary f[ndin~[s of Catlsey and Weeks. It <br />was ~oir:led ot~t that valual)]e time could De saved in talc[n{} this action at this <br />ti0]e so that the filter plant could be el/].ar~[ed and several other necessary <br /> <br />This pro,'~osztl was In,~!e to the Water Com,nittee of the l~oard For their considera- <br />tion and Dossib].e action by June <br /> <br />A£ter dkscussin~ Lhe water shorta(~e with the l{on Air delegation for a period of <br />about two hours or more, the citizens were assl:red that everythin~I !)o~sible <br />would be done to alleviate the co~3ditions now existing. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Roy Laffoon and others of the Sa~itary District Committee of <br />Ettrick came before the }{o~rd req~e~tin~f some solution to the financial problem <br />of sewer~,e (reatment in the Et~rick Sanit~ry District. The Commonwealth's <br />~%ttorney ruled that the County cannot ]end or transfer money to the Sanitary <br />District uor can the District lay a levy on real estate until a new bond iss~:e <br />is sold. The Go~,m~onwealth~s Attorney w~s requested to obtain a rulin~I from <br />the }\tierney General as to the possibility of b~?ansferrin~ money from the <br />Ettrick Debt Fund to the 0per~tin{f Fund if adequate ~ssurance is ~iven that <br />there will be sufficient money on hand to ;)ay off the bonds due in 1958. <br /> <br />Mr. Roy Laffoon proposed a $25,000.00 bond issue in the event that transfer <br />from tl~e Debt Fund to the Operatin~ Fund would be ruled illegal. <br /> <br />On lnotio~ of Mr. Hague, seconded by Mr. (~unter, it is resolved that the <br />Chair~nan al)point a Com~,~ittee to draw up a contract with Mr. O'Neil the owner: <br />of %ection J, of ()range l{i]l .Subdivision, by ~,hich water lines will be extended <br />to said sui)diviskon. <br /> <br />The Chairman hereby a?points Dr. C~ill and ~lr. }Srnest C~ates as this Committee. <br /> <br />This day aEain Mr. J. T. Moore appeared Oefore the [~oard citinff the proff, ress <br />ho 11~.d made in ~ettint~ wat,.r in the ]~euloh Villa~%e Subdivision, however, no <br />acti ,n was taken by lhn Board conce~nim~ the DroDlem of water supply to <br />]%~u]ah Villa~e at ~his time. <br /> <br /> <br />