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VI. RG1N.LA'. At an adjourned meetin~ of <br /> the 1½oard of 5u~erv/~ors of <br /> Ch~sterfie]d County, h~ld <br /> at the Courthouse on June <br /> 1955, aL ~:00 p.m. <br /> <br />J)re s ~11 t: <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br /> Mr. J. P. Gunter <br /> <br />This day a~ptin the matter of e. xlending utilities to the O'N,:~ill Su;~Lvision <br />in the hi]rick ~anitary District came ~)efore the }5Ga]d, and Mr. i~oy Laffoon <br />and ~lr. JIG;pep Ellkngton from the i}Lstrict Com',ittee came seekkng, the clDrifica- <br /> <br />~SJce(l t:kJe dom~Jlonwe~xlth~s Attorlley arid l}r. Git]to draw tip a con]racet with ~lr. <br /> <br />i L Ls resol, w-~d ]liar tile res,') I tit. ion pas~od on dIllle ? Lh be amellded to knc [u~ie <br />sewer as wol I as war er, ai]d iL was generally ,,?freed thai; a contract coverin~ <br /> <br /> motion of Mr'. l~rkt tori, secoHded bY ,Xlr. [foyne, il. is {'esolv<~d ]fiat a variance <br /> ~Zraljted to qr. ~. !h~uchins at 22~7 l'latnfield Road in ~edar Far,ns to allow <br /> to co{~sL~'uct a p;ara,,~f~ not less than 5' ~" from his opopop~y J the. It is <br />he~'e ~otiect t;)~at ti~e c,}us,~t of' tl,e ;)pop(grky owner ad,iac~n% <br /> <br />'i'i~is (lay )Ir. Fred Thompson, ~{l!)t. of Schools, c~me i)ef()re i;lu~,i i)resoHting' <br />a~ resolutiat{ (]Lily ~as~ed J,y the School I{oar.d r(ulUe~t, kH[l L}{e County to make <br />certa:k{i tr',lusfers kll the ctirrom,t l)ttdi,~'et. On ,,.-)Lion of Jlr. Goyne, seconded <br />~,y t-'. (2k] 1, i.t: is reso]ved that this ltoard apl)rove ];he I, ra~sfer of ftillds <br />listed in tl.e acc,)unls below: <br /> <br />From category 17d3 to Category l?d2, the sum of <br />.Fr<)n, Gate,Tory 17el to UatetT(~ry I e2, the sum of 51,0()0.00. <br />F~'om Category 37b] ~o Category 17e2, the sum of b(4.000.UO. <br /> <br />On ,re)rio,] of t)r. GL1 1, seconded [)y 5ir. t{ritt,)n, iL is resolved that the <br />ExecutLve Secretary c<)rlfor wi. th ttl~ School }%o~trd to re(ltle~t ti]eLf 4-Lid in work- <br />L{U~ wit:h a Commit, tee Lo set tip a system Of' celltra] kzed ptlr'cJt,,sirl{¢. <br /> <br />'l'hks dl, y bi]. (rayne prese;nte(l t:o the i~o.~r(I certain recomme{~tJat, ions on tho <br />si,alia]ion of w,~t, er lines on Curt, is, Oaklaud and '~iui're, e Str~:ls ~n the <br />VJI Il, ge, ot' Gl'les]er, and made the /'ollowi,,g ,,mti. on: <br /> <br />'IT]aL this i~(:)apd tretusfer $2210.00 from the (ieneral Fund of tile County to <br />St{l),)l,m, enL t. he amount a.lready ,]~propr ia ted to relieve tI)e wa~ier situation <br />()n i~knfrt~e St;peG], ulrich m.)ney wolt]d pay for a 6" line from Rt. ~10, <br />Oiticland ~ventle to Curtis ~treet;, thence westward]y along CUrtis °]reel to <br />'t, infree St.r~t, ,md a kt' ~ater line southwapdly on Winfree to She-d <br />.~}tepetlpOl] ~q[-. 13ri]ton s tal,,d t!~t. he would su~Igest that the County <br />c1}ecK tl~e pressures aloH,.. It}ks st]eot and stated it had been reported to <br /> <br />~%i[OI'I~[IDO[I tile ;notion of qr. Goyne died for ],he wa~lt of' a sec,,n,l. <br /> <br />ti]at the Count, y Ellt,,'inoer lie F~:,iuested to re~ort; on <br /> <br />-'..i't(~r 1Iii it,,~r C~nsicler,~tion and on motit~n of Dr. GiLl, seconded by Mu. Hogue, <br />It; i s ;,ore ,u) t,ed tl,al :,ir. (~oyne voted "5.~," <br /> <br />Street fr,~m :tr. LO t,o ~no~*d St, r~ot, at ibis ti. me. <br />l{(~ it: b,er'() n,>l..ed that Mr'. (}r)yne voted <br /> <br />Upozt F{{rt}ter c,')nsi(te['at,~on Xlr. Goyno of£ered the follow:knf; res(liar ion: <br /> <br />I~,e ii resolved that on th~ recommendation of the County Nngineer, this l~oa[d <br />t}uve instal]ed a 6" li~le orl Oaik].alld Stre,~t, fro;, Rt. I0 to Gui-Lis 5t;r'eeL, and <br /> <br />wat:e~' line on %~infree St]eot, from Gu]tis 5f. reet to Snead 5+reeL, which mo]lom <br /> <br />L:l)OU l'tlr't}i(~r conside~',;tion and on u~otioII Of .qr. }~ritton, secoiided Dy **r. (,ill, <br />it, Js l"(~s,,lve(l tl,at t~te County l,,ngineep knvestL¢~ate fu~t.}t(~r ili~ latest <br />~ec,)ln,nelldaLkolls collceI-iikn~T t]leirlstal]atioll of a 6" lille otl Oakland ~tl'eet <br />~d ~urtis 5]Feet, ~nd a ~" ] iue oH kinfl~ee 5tree], and inv,~sti~ate t}le <br />emerde~cy of (I~(: si Luati:~l~, and r'e~)opt on t:h(% real need for attdition~l water <br /> <br /> <br />