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VIRGINIA: <br /> <br />At an adjourned meeting of <br />%he Board of Supervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held <br />the Courthouse on July 2.6, <br />1955, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. %rvin G, tlorner, Ch~iI'man <br />.'.ir. R. J. I:½ritton <br />5~r. [[. T. Goyne <br />5lt. J. P. Gunter <br />Dr. Robt. 0. Gill <br />Mr. ,Stanley R. Ilague, Jr. <br /> <br />This ~tay the [~oard made an inspection of several houses on the Ivey Tract in <br />]~er~qucl~ District, to vie~,~ the co~ls%ruotion of houses with Oak flooring on no <br />sub- flo oFln~. <br /> <br />The ~oard co~vened ~t the Courthouse at a~roxima~e]y ~:~0 p.m. <br /> <br />This day a~,ain the matler of ~rantin.~; a Use P~rmit for a ridin~I scho,~l to Mr. <br />E. P. Raukin on the fo]lowing described .parcel of land came bef.ore the Board: <br /> <br />Iu Manche.~'ter Map;ister~al District, <br />Riverside i)pive ap)roximaie]y ~1500 feet ami extendin/% ~50 feet <br />~orthw;~r~]y to ~he J~mes t~iver, said I)apcel belnt~ ea~% of the in- <br />tersection of Clul) Drive and l~iverside 'Jrive. <br /> <br />)Ir. ['.anki. rl and his counsel, Mr. David l,iead Whit:e aopears saying that no building <br />will be constructed on the property, thai; the owner will clean up the property, <br />and tha~ the owner wi]ldo wt~ateveF the people in the area request if a temporar~ <br />use ~er ~it for one year is ~ranted. <br /> <br />Th~re a,>pe~red also eleven people with Mr. Samuel Hardwick and >'Ir. John <br />Pearsall as spokesman, o}>:',osing the request, saying that the [)Foperty valves <br />in the are~, ,xre quite hi~h and that the ~fral~ting' of this request wou].d do <br />~rreparable dama,~e ~o the adj.,cent properties. <br /> <br />U!~o~l consl~r'ation wl,,~reof and on ,noti~n of ~qF. Britton, seconded by Mr. <br />Gunter, it i.~ resolved that the Fe,lU~t for a tse Permit by :%Ir. Rankin be and <br />the same is h~;reby denied. <br /> <br />This they ~gl'~in Mr. $chmitt req. ue~ted the g'ranging af bui]_dinF, permits fop ten <br />(10) I~ouses, ~hich houses would hav~~ no suP-flooring. <br />~pon Co~ls[~l~l'~Lion w[l~)r~of, 51~. Goyne [n~t,[e the fo]].owint~ motion w1~ich was seconal <br />oy Mr. ~L.,?,ue: '[hal this }~oard grant the ~equested ten (]0) Dermits, provided <br />%he bmkldeF follows the specificatinns and ~nsfim~ctions of the I{ukldin~ <br />inspector. <br />The vote bein~ taken - M~. Goyne and ~,iF. [[at~ue voted - yes <br /> M~. Guoger, Mr. }~ritton and t)F. Gill - Nay. <br /> <br />Upon furttmr c~n~ille~ation ~nd on motiou of .~lr. Gunter, seconded by Mr. 13ritton. <br />the. followin'f resolution i.s adopted: <br /> <br />l~,e it 01'daine(I 1)y the P, oard of Sup.rv~.sors of Chesterfi. e]d County, <br />%ecti6n 1.5 ti) of the building code be amended %o inclu(le %he fo]- <br />lo~,'in~: D~at no wood floorin~ for a residence shall [)a co~si:ructed <br />Hn]ess the same shall x~ve a sub-flooFin~ with 15-pounds of sluteF~s <br />felt or equal betuee~ tire sub-flooFin~ an~l the finislled floor. An <br />ame~lency e~i,~t[n~, %his am-ndment shall be in force from its passui~e. <br /> <br />This day ,~Ir. James Goodwyn and Mr. Ghas, Goodwyn, came before the l~oard seeking <br />the l~oar(i's a,~proval of an of lice building to be erected immediat~ely behind <br />:,{ilson's store and facinF, the road from Rt. 10 to the County jail. And it <br />was ,~enerally agreed after discussing the building progrma of the County that <br />this matter would be held in abeyance until such time as the [~oard could deter~5in <br />the bi, st procedures to follow in the m~i, ier of additional office ~ace for the <br />~ourthouse. <br /> <br />This day Dr. E. C. Gates, Director, County ilealth Department, came before the <br />Board sa) iht that the rental on the Ne%~ tlealth l{ui~ding had not been establishc~d, <br />~lld he, with the t~oard ar't'ived at l!~e following estimated operational costs: <br /> <br />Main tenance <br />Janitor Service <br />Ilea t <br />Electr'ici fy, re]phone & water <br /> <br />~13o.oo <br />15o.oo <br />70.00 <br />75.00 <br />$425.00 <br /> <br />Upon consi, dcratio:~ whirr'eof and on raotion of Mr. Gunter, seconded by Mr. Britton, <br />it i.s resolved thai this l~oa]~(l set as fhe rental ['ee for the new Health Puildin~ <br />ti]i, sum of 5h25.00 pe~ month. <br />Upou considera, tion w!ereof, and ur)oil the recommendation of Dr. Gates, it <br />resolved on motion of Hr. Gunter, seo,)nded by Mr. Ileal'tie, that the Treasurer of <br />the gounty of Chesterfield be and he h~)rel)y is authorized to transfer the sum <br />of $1721.00 from the unexpended <urp]us of the Oounty to tl'le State DeDartment <br />of }lealth allocati()n. <br /> <br />It wa~ ~er orally a,~;reed thai: t, he },;xecut'[ve Secretary invt, s( i:~[~,te the payment <br />of oil bills for th(~ Health Depart:ment u'!~i, le const~-ucti, on was in <br /> <br /> <br />