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l'his day 5lt. ~. S. Darouse came be£ore the Boa~d requesting ~he Boa~d~s approval <br />of Lite proposed sale of used gove~mment d~e]ling's iu the County, ~hich buildings <br />Wotlld classify as pi'e-f,ti,picated bui ldinils. <br />On motion of )IF. Goyne, seconded by )ir. GunteI', it is resolved that this matter <br />ce ref+,rFed to the ~%uildkng' inspector fo~ his recommendatl,~ns on ~-~w said <br />buildings can be improved to meet the Code, ,ind final a~,~roval be gF~inted by <br />this {~oard. <br /> <br />0n motion of ,'.Ir. (~unter, sec,~nded by )ir. (k}yne, it is resolved that this <br />I~,'~a~'d ~p) i. nto Executive session to hear {-tip a,U).{icants for the Assistant <br />}3Lli] d[~lt~ l~spector~ s job. <br /> <br />Wl'mrminon the I!oard int~rviewed Mr. k. !{. Oausby, Mr. W. R. Se]den and <br />R. !,i. ,~mith. <br /> <br />rl-~e }'.pard r'econvening i_n eden session ~eneral. ly a{.*reed that the po,sition of <br />:~sskstant !hit]ding ~nspectoF be again advert;ised at a salary of a~q~roximately <br />$]600.00 per year. <br /> <br />()iD motion of Dr. Gill, seconded by Mr. }[a(,;ue, it is resolved that the ordinance <br />Committee review the l)reposed ordinallce on th.e esta[)lishmont of a pllrcbasing <br /> <br />0n motion of 5!r. Goyne, seconded by l)r. Gill, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary [)e ulld lie l~ereby is authoI'ized to ~)ay the sum of $52.90 to )Ir. }{a~,~ue, <br />~nd the `sum of ~].?.~0 to t~le Exe(;u~ irc 5ecl~t ,I'y, which [Dills are for the <br />actual exl)o~lses [ncurFe(| ill the National Association of Gounty Officials con- <br />vent[on held ill liichmond on JuDy ]?th-20th. <br /> <br />This day the Oom-tonwoalth~s Ati, ort~(;y repor't~)d to the Board thai; the Judge of <br />the Circuit 0OLlI"t, ttie lion. J. Garland J~fF,~rson, had the imweF ef setting <br />tho salari, es of the Board of Supervisors. <br />U~)o~] con~.i,leration w~mreof aud on motion of D~'. Gill, seconded by Mr. l!riiton, <br />it is ]'~so]ved that this 1%o~r(1 re~tuosi, the iici,. J. Garland Jeff erasco, JudtIe, <br />Oircuit Court of Chesterfield C.'mnty, to establish the salary rat, cs of the <br />members of tl~o Board of Supervisors of said Oounty. <br /> <br />'fhis day ,Xlr. .Mumma presented what ,,IH)eared to be a violation of the }~uilding <br />Oo,le of the County [)y )Ir. Sidney Floyd on Rt. 641 of Dale District. <br />Upon coIlsiderc, tkotl uheroof and on n,otLon of Mr. Britton, 5ecoil(Je(] by Mr. [la~ue, <br />il i.s resolw-,d thai; t~is muLl. oF De i-ef(~Ft'od to l[le llui]dipg ltlspectoF a~}d ihat <br />he enforce tho ]h~Jl(li. nl~ Code to the b~t of Iris ability. <br /> <br />D:is day thc: Executive Secretary rea.i a loiter- £rom Mr. Edward F. Monath, <br />re,l,~astinl,; the t~rantin~ of a buildint; permit on ii road ].eadin~; northwardly <br />from the Reams Road in Manchester District, st;alinlI the fact that the owners <br />of t~te nro~t"l:y a~Iree not t,~ soil any more lots ill](J that no owner of tile <br /> <br />U~oll c;~nsideI'at. Lon whereof und Oll moti. or~ of ~lr. (~lln~or~ seconded by Mr. Goyrle, <br />it is resolved fi!let a bui],lin~I :~ermit be ffranted to Mr. Mouath, provided the <br />County i.s not required or ro,~uested to improve said road. <br /> <br />This day tl/¢ Executive Secretat'y ret)pti:ed th~it: l~e had given ."Irs. John Con, bill <br />an offer of 5]6,000.00 for her property immediately west of the <br />and that !De had peceived a ver)].y stat, lng' tlta, i. l. ht~ owllor~s price was si[1] <br />~DS,000,00. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of }lt. I~ritton, soc,~nded <br />by Mr. (}unter, it is resolved that tile Executive 5ecrot~ry wFite <br />:~,)g'])i].l sayiiig that f, he County is Dot interested in %tie Property at the offered <br />hI'leO Of 5D,5,000.00. <br /> <br />On ,,ol.i,m of' Dr. G. il], seconded by .',Ir. !la¢~ue, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary be authorized to receive bids for a D/b~-ton truck with a panel ~)ody <br />and to confer with the Chief of Police and .Skier-iff of the Jounty and to <br />establish tho speci, fi.c~tions a~reed to ~,y all concer~ed to ~hich the truck <br />wou]d DO of lntrerOst. <br /> <br /> ,notion of )tr. Goyne, seconded by Mr. Britton, it; is resolved that upon the <br />,,dvics of ti,e Com, ltoflw~ali;h~s Atiorney that; l.lte fo]_lot, inF. resolution be i~dopted: <br /> <br />l.,e it rr;solved by the l!oard of Sul)~rvisor's of the Co ~nty of <br />Che-:terfi. eld, Vir'$,*inia, in re~;'ular meetint~ asCembled, thai the <br />Chairman of said l~oard be, and ~e her~q)y is authori, zed to enter <br />it]to an a¢Ir'eement with lite iltluntic tJoast l.ine Railroad Company, <br />and t;o sitIn same on behalf of said County, whereby the said Railroad <br />Cnmp~ny gives and .;rant:s unto said 'Jouni;y ~he ritIht; of license to <br />lay and maintain for U,e ~urpose of c~)n(lucting water, a Dine of <br />('i-inch transite pipe ac~oss the ri¢~}~% of way and underneath the <br />tracks nf l-ic~,nsor n~ar ~altha]l., Virginia, at a noin~ 87~ feet <br />sout:~eit~t,cmrclly, measured alontI ttm cent, er ]ine of Licensor's <br />nortl%L)ou~d main tFaclcs, from ~il~ Post ]6: as particul.,irly <br />described in said ~Ireenlerlt, which, a~freo~,~ent i~; dated June 22, 1955. <br /> <br />"t'his (lay Mr. I{rktton reDo,'t,~d thai, the %alary Committee had met and interviewed <br />several of tile Department headsiil (liscussing the pl-esent ill'pi,leto of equalizing <br />salaries [)aid ut the Oourthouse and re~or~ed further that the Committee recom- <br />mended that a job analysis be doIle on each clerical job at tile Courthouse, a <br />job description to be writi;en on each class of job and the jobs Fated to the <br />best of the Gommitt;ee's ability. <br />On motion of .Mr-. Gtlnter, sec ~nde(t by Mr. Homer, it is resolved that this Board <br />accept the recommeudation of the Salary Oomntittee and authorize said Committee <br /> <br /> <br />