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Va.<W AIA: ;,t an adjourned meeting of <br />the Bowra of Nupervi cors of <br />Chesterfield County, held <br />at Lhe Uotrrthousrn on august :.•S <br />1951, at 9:)U h,m. <br />1'r'e,se•nt: <br />r. lrvi-rt G. Horner, Clr<urrrtart <br />Goyne <br />tr• l., ,l, Iirit.ton <br />Jr, trout:. u, Gi 1. 1 <br />~ir, ,I, f', Grunter <br />Stanley i(, Hague, Jr. <br />Vis day tPo Ward convened s a Co rrtftten to receive lop recialendations of <br />L"" ::ori<,tlLttn, l.u„ineprs, jausey ::.n.i WPOss, concerning the i_m�,rnvemer,t of theaunty h,,tc'r system, <br />f,N0CuhIVO SoCrytary nr ene n e O 0iIIS for tho wiring of the <br />, •r-tcul tura l oui. t, an L4" ?air ir:,unAs, tnon consi.cfergUan whereof and nn <br />motion or wIr, Auntor, sect' loci by Ur. i,1. L t , it is resol,,d thatL,, <br />t d (- <br />"h"r Lou <br />,"rLou Lo t o .r m )11rl �s I i eye i;ric Comp-ny, of Nt i , Ick, which Jonoany Suomi tted <br />`,i<t or 5. i9,10. <br />:xecuLive ,c cr ,t,,ry ryortod he K", sunt: >ul blAy "nr Inctructi.on <br />,'-)r t e uI ; o oY 0115t(8) Pol i <br />(fi) rc'r� c rs, six for t <br />n r nne 1'•)re Jop-rtmpli <br />L' t e.cai 1v e ancrni,..t ono for t ` <br />� 4o t is r I"c,V, 0116 UP <br />per of r .o e i 0s t, I v t sea the ) t n t It:i nr oils to )r�, <br />t it y y L t' c 1 );� xin,.t.l: <br />Loon t) n ,ti] e.r:; tt?[i '.i',t:1�e?01;�1 <br />IhiUr, sec—and oy 'ir.ue, it is 1usnl;,,t <br />.' <br />,orr•;as ,:rc. .:ve: l:roe ao various c;.r do:,lors, <br />sir. Qoyoo, ,,,,c n,tOIL n) Or, 4j, IA i t i :: rc )1 , 0 A t ,t<.i <br />-- i th' 1 er u,I „I,I i t d to 1 vo rt aerial , yrot, c u is di- t,1<,y on Monday, <br />190, pith Wo "Il: ,n st.,painj Lh<<t <br />,..<,cyu:s to cur n <br />.. ,60 i,, It !.11 ;;C, rU 1, 1. tt l', ,ne ,L Rd U' <br />Lin :nairm.n <br />:st0 <br />r0 c t <br />1_t11 k i,t„ ,rblcn 0. <br />c<,nt1 U Sin t:ri > lo,, cal <br />r, o .�i <br />:ct c<,11= f'or t.:c, inst. i ,Ujon of :, ui;rllt, St ,t.ton on <br />fin, Jrrr a wu4t of i.L. <br />10, to 50 Paid for ollo- tt,lf' oy tho P`Eiuer,l Government <br />n� )nc 11 i,) tho County of Q Sr•.rft,•lei, at <..n e?,n"nge not to r:�cee,u jc1U0,OQ. <br />1 d.,y r 1<:1 +,usc• r, ,. c> LAO ko,.ra tre e k i.ue on Lot 3), in <br />r. t t; l "ei hLS, on which 00 prop.. U to col_sLruCt LISed t overr_:no,tt :.re_ <br />a:er tc<,te>.cs ol.t i i cf in,;, <br />-. 1:?1"Ertlji )li Ir. "unt,er 1.1a,ie J*o lj.(_P1.-int" :lo 'tion : <br />r:o grant the roqucagLv" v,_<r)<:ncn for .:.onst:ruchi•-, � <br />�, << usedir>re;- <br />: itt t.r.:,tec.l house? on a Tat r:r. -'na unroarm:cLc:1 �'i'Jt <br />)' � j square i`, -tact, pro v!dud the <br />o, n"Us WIL the <,u,foinin% 1_P" ,.111 ,,iv,, their t.,)r...t in <br />t:ri t,1nF, <br />•.,•o r,=:nuou it , A''vousct sl -lou <br />t � <br />lou n woulu not ooutt,ct theadjoining r nort oy n hrlers; <br />)11�1 <br />n"oh'e Lion lIholuot ii ,_! 011 "ot..i.ou of `•r. doyne-, sec On e& by Ar. NiLi., it <br />is t :tiol v,•,l t'r<.t- t ;cc ..<.sc� i-st, t:), dr=rii cit. <br />Of ?r,, >n t couir,ct For ou <br />1 c ,, stl + l:c C.L c. n,r SE,1 , ],e; <br />F ,l :Cr? If row:0 In jr t) rlf 10tPC'S,7y 1'•g h '.ii UF�`i , .)V Lee) +),;7•tl ')2 >il �,(Ilrl Sols, <br />sit <, L T ti•, i , `• ..:l It A 1 - cW Sinno <br />irr! "a rot.:ral, of iir, 4111, s,•cot, Io,1 by '_r, <br />'11010p, it; i r esolvcrd <br />"t ,li.s .,.).,rrl <br />socret-try to sir,n .s.:une. <br />urea , the ct_in> Oomnont:ealthrs :.tLarnoy of Iris County is devoting is full <br />t talc, t;) i, .o, ,)us moss of the County. e.nd e <br />nl• <br />ut7,nrvisors ,risi,nv to c=,nu)etn<.,,�o ;Aim oq""u0 ' roc nis <br />seam. tiles, -) <br />Now, l,er�,f'at c , i5e it :i, solvou ttc<:t ort motion of :dr, Grunter, seeconued by ,ir, <br />GO ne, tn.,t t I s rxw r Q recommend to t .e: <br />JuGg" of Uircuit jouct that the salary <br />o.{ <br />thec 1tn, Go r:onaa��,1 tit' ; t be set <,'t <br />, <br />Jul-) 1., l9jj. orwoy' 5UUUU.UU per year uct;inninf; <br />On moi.iuo, t=t t�!ii i5 .:,n jouru-ci until 'J:OU <br />p.lrl. `entomour 1., lc/jj, <br />,v R.t 1 rt:11 n <br />