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This clay there was presented by Mr. R. 3'. Wall a bill for the replacement of an <br />oil burner in the Enon Fire Department in the amount of $86.00. Upon considera- <br />tion whereof it was generally agreed that the County's responsibility in this <br />matter be denied, this having been the general po]icy established in the past. <br />This da) ~r. J. H. Chase, Mr. cruy Bayliss, and Mr. John Hogan, requested by <br />writing, the Countyls approval and acceptance of the construction of a road from <br />the western end of Piney Lane, running southwardly approximately one mile to <br />Rt. 60, the center line of which is shown on a map of the Kornegay Tract. After <br />much discussion and deliberation concerning this matter it was generally agr.ed <br />that the applicants would appear in person to discuss the matter furtherwith <br />the Board. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Harold Goyne, stated that in certain areas along the proposed toll <br />road, property owners might be adversely affected by having County rights of <br />way closed. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of ~Ir. Goy~e, -seconded by <br />Mr. Britton, it is resolved that the Board of Supervisors requesb the Richmond- <br />Petersburg Turnpike Authority to give proper consideration to all- County roads <br />where they are crossed by the proposed Toll Road so that a~equate provisions <br />can be made to provide acce.~s to all properties. <br /> <br /> The Chairman appoints the following Committees for the ensuing four (4) year <br /> term: <br /> <br /> Water Committee <br />*R. J. Britton <br /> Marshall F. Driski].l <br /> Stanley R. ~ague, Jr. <br /> <br /> Road Committee <br />*H. T. C~yne <br /> Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> R. J. Britton <br /> <br />Light Committee <br />*Marshall F. Driskill <br />H. T. Ooyne <br /> R. J. Britton <br /> <br /> Buildings & Grounds <br />*Stanley R. Ha'gue, Jr. <br /> Robt. O. Oill <br /> H. T. Ooyne <br /> <br /> Salary Committee <br />*Robt. 0. ~ill H. T. Goyne <br /> -Marshall F. Dr{skill <br /> <br /> Assessin~ Committee <br />*R. J. Britton <br /> Robt. O. Oill <br /> H. T. ~oyne <br /> <br />Ordinance Committee <br /> <br />*Marshall F. Driskill <br /> H. T. Ooyne <br /> Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br /> ~afety Committee <br />-*H. T. Goyne <br /> Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> Robt. ~. Gill <br /> <br />Po].ice Committee <br /> <br />*Robt. 0. Gill <br /> R. J. Britton <br /> Marshall F. Dr{skill <br /> <br /> Fire Committee <br />*Stanley R. }{ague, Jr. <br /> Robt. O. Gill <br /> R. J. Britton <br /> <br />*Donotes Chairman <br /> <br />~is day the tentative Budget for the year 1956-'57 was presented and its approval <br />requested because of the fact that said budget must be submitted to the State <br />Department o~ Welfare and Institutions not later than February let. Upon con$ide~ <br />tion whereof and on motion of Mr. Hague, seconded by Mr. Dr{skill, it is resolved <br />that this Board approve the tentative Welfare Budget calling for a total appropria <br />tion from the County of Chesterfield in the amount of $42,524.00. <br /> <br />On motion, the meeting is adjourned ,,ntil January 31st, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />