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Miscellaneous Claims Paid from tho General County Fund: <br /> <br />Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Coolnc, · <br />Jone~ Pure Oil Station <br />Fred. Re Hughes Service Station <br />Fire-Control Equipment Co. <br />Esso. Standard Oil Company <br />Esso~ Standard 0il Company <br />C&P -Teto Company <br />C&P ~Tel. Company <br />C&P T~I, Company <br />CAP Tel, Company <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />C~P T~i, Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co, <br />Lewi's H, Vaden, Clerk <br /> <br />Richmond Tire & Rubber Ce,Inc, <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />ChevTolet-Baltimore Div. of GMC <br />Eye,eft Waddey Company <br />L.A.' Williams <br />VirGinia Electric & Power <br />Virginia Electric & Power Go. <br />Lewi's Vaden <br /> <br />State DePt. of Health <br />Sperrcer Printing Company <br />Shoo'smith Brothers <br />P1 art's Printing <br />Ptir~eu-Bowe s, Inc. <br />Mediual College of Va. Hospital <br />X.S~uart MacKensie <br /> <br />Wm~ 'H. Branch & Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Go. <br />Virginia Electric & Power <br />Helen M. Romaine <br />Prof-fitt Dry Cleaners <br />petersburg General Hospital <br />Mrs.' Lucille Jansch <br /> <br />Ann~. R. Confer <br /> <br />Mrs.~ Thee T. Gogbill, P,M, <br />Richa'rd J, Lea & Company <br />F.L.~ook, Jr. <br />Nati'onal Seal Works, Inc. <br />Powe~s & Anderson <br />C-odd'in, Ooodridge & Rober~son <br />J.P,' Bell Company <br />B~ke~ ~uipment E~, Co.~n'c. <br /> <br />Will'iams Motor Service <br />J.E.Timmons <br />Ri~m~ond Times-Dispatch <br />Ricl-~ond Office Sul~ly Go, <br />Richmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />Tho ~ational Cash Register Co, <br />Fuel' Oils, Inc, <br />Fuel' Oils, Ince <br />Fuel' Oils, Inc. <br />McCo~ Motor Company <br />LaPrade Brothers <br />Fre~ R. Hughes Service Station <br />R.B.~ugustine Ins. Agency <br />Mark E. Holt, Jr. M.D. <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C&P ~el.Company <br />C&P ~el. Company <br />Fre~ R. Hughes Set. Station <br />Safety First Go. of Richmond <br />Thurston Spring Service <br />W. ~. Specks <br />Trea's. of Chesterfield <br /> <br /># # # <br /> <br /># If # <br /> <br /># # fl <br />. # # <br /> <br />Treas. of Chesterfield County <br />Virginia Electric & Power Cog <br />Nil~iams Service Station <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />Bond Paper $39.98 <br />Chester Fire Dept.-Gas 10.89 <br />Bensley Fire Dept. " ~.6P <br />Ben Air Fire Dopt. 11.~5 <br />Clover Hill Fire Dept. 13.~0 <br /> " " "-Fn.el oil 18.90 <br />D~le Vel.Fire Dept. 21,00 <br />Bensley, ~ag~taff Circle and <br />Manchester ~ire D~pto ~1o~ <br />Board of Assessors 1~,7~ <br />Midlothian Vel.Fire Dept. 16.30 <br />Ettrick Fire Dept. 12.65 <br />Dale and Ben Air Fire Dept.s' 28.80 <br />Comm. of Va. and Co. of <br />Chesterfield Vs. Unknown Heirs <br />of Susan G. Woolridge 15.00 <br />WaKstaff Circle Vol. Fire 1~9,84 <br />Gas and oil 9.95 <br />Ghevrolets ?169.05 <br />Office SupDlles 121.90 <br />Repairing door on Agri.Bldg. 22.~0 <br />~round Observer Tower 6.~0 <br />Street Lights 205,00 <br />Comm, of Va. and Co, of <br /> <br />Chesterfield Vs, H,P.Johnson <br />Support of Health Dept. ~6~9,00 <br />1 box forks, cups 25.'10 <br />Bulldozer service ~t Dump 300.00 <br />Prints of maps <br />Rental on postal machine 36.00 <br />Hospitalization 592,00 <br /> Expenditures at Ground Observer <br /> Course <br /> Vol. Fire Depts. 59.57 <br /> Forest View Fire ~ept. 3.~0 <br /> Wa~staff Circle Fi~e Dept. 11.20 <br /> Meals for prisoners 37,97 <br /> Laundry for prisoners ?,1~ <br /> Hospita'liza'tioh 4~2,~0 <br /> One day substitutin~ as <br /> switchboard Operator <br /> Mist, supplies for demonstrations <br /> 11,~8 <br /> <br />One' coil 3d stamps <br />Combination storm doors <br />Repairs at Courthouse <br />Signs for Health Bldg. <br />Supplies-Health Bldg. <br />Firemen's Vol. Fire <br />Office Supplies <br />Furnishin~ and installingnow <br />universal joints for body pump <br />drive on Ioadp'ackor unit 20,30 <br />Oil, antifreeze and repairs- 11.30 <br />16 prints <br />Advertising rezoning <br />Stencil's an'd ink <br />Advertising bids-Gars & Trucks 2,00 <br />Repairs to 'machine <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire Dept. 12~00 <br /> " # - Fuel oil 26,8} <br />Forest View Fire DePt.-Fuel oil 28,13 <br /> <br /> 15.00 <br />265.00 <br />139,05 <br />383.97 <br />~?.8o <br />585.~ <br /> <br />RePairs to trash truck 27.98 <br />Assessors Office 5,00 <br />Repairs-Police dePt, 28,63 <br />Bond as Treasurer $289,59 <br />Commission-Merrill Pecht ~.00 <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire Dept. 19.15 <br />.Manchester Fire Dopt, <br />Enon Fire Dopt, <br />Bensley Fire Dept, <br />Ettrick Fire Depte' <br />Bensley Fire Dept. 30~89 <br />Wagstaff Circle Fire Dept. <br />Trash D®pto 1~0'~50 <br />Police Dept. 825.60 <br />County Engineer 5~20 <br />Fire Dept. 18,~0 <br />Bldg, Inspector <br />Sheriff ?0.~0 <br />Executive Secretary 32,~5 <br />COUnty Assessor <br />Printing Bills 63,00 <br />Enon Fire Dept. ?!,~0 <br />Midlothian Fire DePt..Gas, 0il <br />Ettrick Town Hall 13.60 <br />Street lights 390i. 00 <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire Dept. 1'00 <br /> <br /> <br />