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Miscellaneous Claims Paid From the General County Fund: <br /> <br />~. B. Goodwyn & Sons <br /> <br />Esso Standard ()il Company <br />The Penitentiary Industrial Dept. <br />M W. Burnett, Exec. <br />F~ed R. Ilughes Set, Station':~ <br /> <br />Fire Control Equipment Go. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Go. <br />Richmond Country Cleaning Assn. <br />J. K Timmons <br />Ghas: Leonard Hdwe. Go.Inc. <br />The Haloid Company <br />Epee-Fitzgerald ~or Company <br />The Baltimore Sales Book Go, <br />Virginia Electric & Power Coo <br />Helen M.Romaine <br />Richmond Office Supply Go,Inc. <br />Jones Bsso Station <br />Virginia Electric & PowerGo, <br />Virginia Electric & PowerGo, <br />Virginia Electric & Power <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co, <br />Virginia Electric & Power Go, <br />~ttrtok Gu]f Service <br />G&P Tel. Company <br />Curti~ Equipment Co. <br />Kmeli~ G. Wood, <br />O&P Tel. Company <br />'L. A.Williams <br />C. A.W~rthen Company <br />~ichmond Office Supply Go. Inc. ' <br />'Richmond Battery & I~nition GoPp, <br />'Harry N, Phillips, Jr. M.D. <br />'Petersbur~ General Hospital <br />'Medical College of Va, }{ospital <br />'W.F.Hobart <br />'~orge S,Fultz, Jr, <br />'F~ L. Cook, Jr. <br /> <br />T. eo Myers <br />'Buildings Equipment & Supply <br />Walton g. Allison <br />"S~andard Sales Book Oo,Inc <br />· Virginia Electric ~ Power Go, <br />~, M, Toler & Company <br /> <br />James_E. Martin <br />G&P Tel, Company <br />'Shoosmith~s Gara§e <br />· G&P Tel. Company <br />G&P Tel. Company <br />Clark's Pure Service <br />Colgin's Auto Service <br />ESso Standard 0il Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co, <br />· Zeeman's Mfg. Company <br />Tom Robertson <br />Richmond Times-Dispatch <br /> <br />Lumber & nails to repair steps <br />at Courthouse Ruildihg <br />Manchester Fire D,pt,-Kerosene <br />Police uniforms <br />Petty Gash <br />Police Dept,-Gas a~d oil <br />B~nsley 7:and Ben Air Fire Bepts, <br />Ben Air Fire Dept, <br />(PlunGer packing, cartridges) <br />Midlo{hian Fire DePt, -Siren <br /> " " " 3,00 <br />Registrar of Vital Statistics 21.50 <br />Prints of Shirley Hills 2.00 <br />] case 300 watt bu~s 14.47 <br />24 pkgs. Rgcord DeVeloper 18,50 <br />Mimeograph Paper & 'Env.elopes ~4.83 <br />AUto Licenses 187,11 <br />Ettrick Town }{all 20,80 <br />Meals for prisoners 42.25 <br />Stencils and ink 12,60 <br />Wrecke~s0rVice-Deputy Sheriff <br />Matoaca Fire Dept. 19.20 <br />Chester Fire 'Dept. 22.80 <br />CoUrthouse 116.60 <br />Courthouse 250,00 <br />Gaap Baker '3. t~0 <br /> <br />$ 3.48 <br />17.'25 <br />181,80 <br /> 25.00 <br /> 34.36 <br /> 9.93 <br /> 33.85 <br /> <br />oil and bulb -(Ettrick Fire Dept)26.57 <br /> <br /> Enon Fire Dept, . 17,55 <br /> Clover HiI1 Fire Dept. 4.~0 <br /> Lunacy commission 5.00 <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire D,pt, 19,15 <br />Repair to front door lock 15.00 <br />J~dgment Lien Docket No. 13 75,87 <br />Repair on ~estetner machine 6,40 <br />Printing machine motor 14.22 <br />I,unacy commissions 10,00 <br />Hospitalization 272.00 <br /> " 672j00 <br />4 forms of Payment Bond 2.80 <br />Lunacy commission 5.00 <br />Labor and materials in connecting <br />machine in Clerk's Office 36,05 <br />Insurance on Fleet policy ~550.~3 <br />1 doz, mops 12.69 <br />61 transfers, registrations 21,35 <br />Treas, Office-100 trip books 52.00 <br />Street li~ting 20~.00 <br />Audit of County records for year <br />ending June 30, 1955 1650.00 <br />Maintenance Police Radios 286,00 <br />Manchester Fire Dept. 26,05 <br />l%ensley Fire Dept. 23.08 <br />Wagstaff Circle Fire Dept. I6,'35 <br />Bensley Fife Dept, 16,'60 <br />.Forest View Fire Dept, 32.27 <br />1 Ford truck fuel Dnmp 3.50 <br />Clover }Jill. Fire Dept.-Fuel oil I9.20 <br />Mancheste~ Fire Dept, 2,60 <br />Police Dept,-Police suits 206,00 <br />Police Dept.-Oil, gas, wash 19,75 <br />~dvertisin~ 1.16 <br /> <br />· Richmond-Petersbur~ Freight Lines '1 carton sales tickets <br /> <br />· The Haloid Company <br />F,D. Gordon <br />'M.W.Burnett, Exec. Sec~y. <br />'Richmond Gillette Tit6 Co. <br />~orton Marks, inc. <br />C&P Tel. Gompany <br />~&P Tel. Company <br />'Jones? Pure Oil Station <br />~ill MurDhey & Sons <br />'C&P Tel. Company <br />~&P T§I. Company <br />~sso Standard 0il Go. <br />~.B. Pope, M.'D. <br />~iss G~ace Pond <br />'H.N. Nachman, M.D. <br />Moore ~%usiness Forms, Inc. <br />~cOoy Motor Company <br />~ouble Esvelo~e <br />~avalier Press <br />iii. shop Electrical Go, <br />~.L.Beddoe, M .O. <br />~outhside Hdwe, Go.Inc, <br />Chesterfield Auto Parts G~. <br />Goodall Service C~ntir <br /> <br /> 2.50 <br />Frefght c har~es on Fete Flo Recorder lO0.1? <br />Police Dept,-Gas, grease, fuses ~0,'43 <br />Petty Gash 25.00 <br />Bensley Fire Dept, 62.10 <br />1 arm ohair-~ax Assessor 50,5? <br />Courthouse 100,40 <br />Matoaca and Ettriok Fire Dept. 26,35 <br />Chester Fire Dept. 12.58 <br />Chester Fire Depte-Fuel oil '37.49 <br />Tax Assessor-Telephone 11.75 <br />Dale ~nd Forest View Fife })epts, 29.20 <br />Clover Hill and Manchester Fire DePtS.42,45 <br /> <br />Coroner's Fee 10,00 <br />~egistrar of Vital statistics 22.50 <br />Coroner's fee 10,00 <br />Treas. Office-25? books of Receipts <br />Six Fords 1956 9752,52 <br />Tmeas. Office-Kraft Envelope's 38,61 <br />~ellots for S~ecial election 63.00 <br />Wired new photostat machine 30.39 <br />Coroner,s fee 10.00 <br />1 front door lock 11,50 <br />Towinz car - Asst, Bld~.Inspector 5,00 <br />One desk-Civil Defense Goordinat0r 10',00 <br /> <br /> <br />