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inter(~t of said bonds as tho same mature shall be levied upon all of the pro- <br />perty subject to taxation by said County. <br /> <br /> 3, A certified copy of this resolution she1] he presented by the <br />C]erk of this ~oard. to the }~oa~d of Supervisors of Chesterfield County <br />after whioh the Cl,rk of this I{oard shall present ~ oertified copy of this re- <br />solution, together with evidence of the approval thereof by the 15card of ~uper- <br />visors of Chesterfield County, to the Judg~e of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield <br />County fo,~ his approval, and the said Judge of said Cimcuit Court is <br />~equested, if in his judgment he sees fit, to a[~prove this mesolutiom, to approve <br />the p~opos~d loa~ and bond issue, to ente~ his approval upon the ~eoords of <br />Circuit Court and to make an orde~ requi~ing the Judges of Election om a. day <br />fixed in his said o~der, not ].ess than thirty days f~o~ the date of said order, <br />to ,ppen a po~] and take the sense of the (1~alified voters of the 0Dunty <br />Chesterfield on the question whether ~sid School Bonds shall be issued fo~ the <br />purpose stated in paFat$~aph 1, of th~s resolution. <br /> <br /> ~. This re~o!ntion shall take effect i~ediately. <br /> <br /> 5. The foregoing Fesolutiom was adopted by the following vote: <br /> <br /> AYES: FloFenc. ].yne, 0. E, Curtis, <br /> R. P. Eagles, W. H. Jones, J~. <br /> <br />N~YS: C. C. Wells <br /> <br />A Copy Teste: <br /> <br />Clerk of the School Board of <br />Chesterfield Got~nty, Virginia <br /> <br /> 2. It is hereby determined th~,t it is necessary to erect new school <br />buildings, addit%ons to school buildings, to furnish and equip new school build- <br />ings or additions to school buildings, to purchase sites for school buildings, <br />or additions to school bui]d]n?,s and to erect other improvements to the school <br />system as ,nay be required on account of an increase in population or actual <br />educational needs in Chesterfield County, V~ginia. <br /> <br /> 3. It iS hereby determined that it is necessary and expedient to <br />centcact a loan on the cr~d~.% of the County of Ghesterfie!d in the amount of <br />$3,~00,000.00, in order to e~eo% new school buildings, additions to school <br />buildings, to furnish ~nd equip new school buildings or additions to schoo] <br />buildings, to purchase sites for scboo] buildings or additions to school build- <br />%mgs, and to erect other improvements .to the school system as may be requim~d <br />on account of an i. nc~en~e in population or actual educational needs in Chester- <br />field GnuntM, Virginia, and to issue School_ }{ends of Chesterfield County <br />evidence said loan, in tile amount of $3,~O0~O00.O0, pursuant to Seotion <br />of tho Code of Virginia. <br /> <br /> ~. The Clerk of this }toard is hereby authorized to present <br />Judge of the [;ircui% Court of Chesterfield County, Virginia, a certified copy of <br />this resolution, and %he Judge of maid Cir~ouit Goof% is hereby requested, ~f in <br />his judgment he sees fit, to approve this resolution and sa~ resolution of the <br />County School ~{oard, to approve %he proposmd loan and bond issue, ~o enter his <br />approval upon %he records of the Circuit Gnur~ and ~o make an order requiring <br />%he Judges of Election on a day fixed in his 4aid ordem, not less ~than thirty <br />days from the date of said order, ~o open a poll and take the sense of the <br />qualified voters of the County of Chesterfield on .~he qu~estion whether said <br />School Donds shall be issued for the purposes s~ated ~n School Board <br />included herein above, <br /> <br /> 5. This resolution shall ~ake effect immediately. <br /> <br /> 6. The foregoing reso]u%ion w~s adop%.d by %he following vote: <br /> <br /> AYES: Stanley R. Hague, Jr., Marshall F. Driskill, H. T. C~yne, <br /> R. J. Brigton, Robt. O. ~ill, Irvim G. Homer <br /> <br />NAYS: None <br /> <br />This day there was presented three (3) bids for the painting of the Pon .Air and <br />Elkhardt tanks, both interior and exterior, the low bid being the Steel and <br />~ervice Company of Charlotte, N.C. in the total amount of $2870.00. On motion <br />of Mr, }~ritton, seconded by ~fr. Driskill, it is resolved that the bid of the <br />Steel and Ta~k So.vice Company of Charlotte, N.C. to paint wate~ tanks and pea- <br />form other. ~ervices for the County as outlined in two w~itten contracts dated <br />March 9, 1956, for the total sum of $28?0.00 is hereby accepted. '~e Chairman <br />and Clerk of ~his Board are authorized ~o sign these oont~ac%s on behalf of ~his <br /> <br />On motion, the meeting is adjourned until 8:00 p.m. March 27, 1956. <br /> <br />I - 'E~ecut'ive Secretary <br /> <br />Gha irma~ <br /> <br /> <br />