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~Iiscel. laneous Claims Paid from tb.e G~neral County Fund: <br /> <br />Wgst~rn Auto Supply Corp. <br />W.G. Speeks <br />Safety ~irst Co. of Richmond <br />Helen ,~I.Roma ine <br />q~e Penitentiary Indus%. Dept. <br />O.E.Norgell <br />McCoy Notor Company <br />~{obert A. Ivey <br />Federated Mutual <br />MFS. Theo T. Oo~bill,P.M. <br />}{ic!~mond Times-Dispatch <br />Richmond Rubber <br />Richmond Office Supply go.Inc. <br />R~.~msey~s Esso Se~vicontem <br />E.W.P~rkins, <br /> <br />N~tional Snal Works, Inc. <br />Chas. Leonord I{dwe. go.Inc. <br />!%. F. Goodric~ Company <br />E. F. Garne,~ <br />E. F. Cr~r net <br />OAJ' Tel .Company <br />C~P T~I. Go,npany <br />Virginia Electric ~ Power <br />Virginia ~ssociated Plumbing <br />ilea ting <br /> <br />Underwood Corporation <br />Esso 5taud~rd 0il Company <br />~pes-FitzgeFald Paper Co. <br />0hestDr Motor Company <br />M. W.~½urnett,Exec. Sec~y. <br />C&P T~I. Company <br />Virgi~ia Electric ~ Power Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />~rs. P.)I. Weisiger <br />Virginia Electric Re, Power Co. <br />-Treasurer of Virginia <br />Harry N. ]'hillips, Jr. Mr. Justice <br />~lichmo ~d Timos-D~sDa %ch <br />6hel~erin~ Arms Hospital <br />t{edical Oolle~e of Va. <br />Peters bup~%]{o spi%~ 1 <br />0on~s~ Pure Oil 5t,~tion <br /> <br />~]a nuel Hernamdez, <br />i{owu rd Lanes, <br />Oole, Hardin~ & James, Inc. <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />C~P T~I. Company <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />~Bomah~wk ~illing Station <br />Underwood 0orpora tion <br />~vere~ Waddey Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power <br />~ili~ies Departmen~ <br />~outhemn S~amp ~ Stationery <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />Nestom Loyna z, <br />~lippo ~!ody & FendeF Re~irin~ <br />-Fire 0ontrol Equipment Co. <br /> <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br /> <br />Dixie Wheel Co. of So. Richmond <br />C&P Tml .0ompany <br />C&P T~.i Company <br />C&P T~i. Company <br />American Sanitary Supply Co, <br />.W~tkins-Co~trell Company <br />.5%uar%s Amoco <br /> <br />· Pike Auto Wrecking Co. <br /> ~;eo. W.Moore, Jr. Treas. <br /> <br />~I&S Auto .Service <br />Lynch Auto Service <br /> <br />Jenkins Auto ilepairs <br /> <br />JAW Auto Parts <br />-Hunter & Thurston <br /> <br />F.D. Gordon Esso~s Servicenter <br /> <br />1 battery-Police Dept. <br />GasolineIWagstaff Cir. Fire DePt. <br />R~fill of fire extinguisher <br />Meals for prisoners in jail <br />1956 Go.Auto License plates <br />F&M I~ond (Surety <br />Repairs-County Eng~s car <br />F~D Premium-Liability Ins. <br />Ins. on Fores~ V. Fire D~p~. <br />Po's ~a ge <br />Advertisi,g <br />R pairs-Fire W~rden~s. truck <br />S~encils <br />P~lice D~p%.-Ga~. oil.ere. <br />R pairs to Eyeglasses of ~.H. <br />Oo~:bxll while transporting prisoner <br />Treas. Office-Ink and Pads <br />Fluorescen% starters <br />1 tire-Clover ]{ill Fire Dept. <br />Grea~e job. oil-Clover Hill <br />Gas. oil. <br />T~lephone-Manchester and ~on Air <br /> " -Enon Fire <br />(~rousd Observer <br /> <br />50 copies "Va. Sta%ewide <br />Plumbing Code" <br />~ Underwood Nibbons <br />Fuel oil-Clover Hill Fi~ Dept. <br />Towels and toile% tissues <br />Fire Warden's tr, ok -Repairs <br />Peggy 0ash <br />Manchester Fire Pep%. <br />Forest View Fire Pep%. and <br />Wa~staff Circle Fire Dept. <br />Dale and ;% ns]ey Fire Deer. <br />Registrar gf Vital Statistics <br /> Street lighting <br />Workmen ~ s 0ompensa glen <br />Lunacy commission <br />Advertising <br />Hospitaliza lion <br /> <br />Gbe~t-r Fire Dopt.-Gas. oil.etc. <br />Lunacy commission <br /> <br /> Ins. on Ettrick Fire <br /> Drafting tape <br />k%trickFire D~pt.-Telephone <br />~ouFd of Assessors <br />~{ensley & Wagstaff Fire D,pts. <br /> Dale Fir~ Dept. <br /> Fire Warden's truck <br /> Troas.Office-Repairs ~o typewriter <br /> Comm. of R venue- 1 sheet holder <br /> Clover Hil~ Fire D,p~. <br /> Hydrants <br /> 0ivil Defense-1 rubber st~mp <br /> PoliceDept.-Repairs %o car <br /> Coroner's Fee <br /> Police Dept.-i{epairs <br /> ~este~ Fire Dept.-2 pike pole <br /> handles, 1 bean gun No.29 ~epai~ed <br /> Matoaca FiFe,filte~ <br /> <br /> Police Dept.-Set air lif~ <br /> Forest View Fire Dept. <br /> Matoacu Fire D~pt. <br /> Courthouse <br /> }%rooms with metal handles <br /> Police ~)ept.-Special ca~tFid~es <br /> Police DeDt.-C. es, lubPicution~ <br /> Police Dept.-Chocked speedomete~ <br /> ])Five ~ea~, etc. <br /> Ford wheel <br /> Paid Curtis <br /> of Vital Statistics <br /> Police Dept.-Repairs <br /> Police DeDt.-Pipe, <br /> Exchan{I,~, etc. <br /> Police Dept.-Cha,~:ing ti~e and <br /> <br /> Police 0ept.-lnstalling plu~ <br /> Police Dept.-Cas, o~l-FepaiFed <br /> time, balancing wheel <br /> Police Dept.-Wash, gas, battery <br /> charged, etc. <br /> <br />S 9.95 <br />35.07 <br />3.5~ <br />38.35 <br />160.0~ <br />60.00 <br />7.67 <br />81.0~ <br />26.75 <br />27.0~ <br />2.00 <br />8.69 <br />20.4~ <br />34.99 <br /> <br /> 4.00 <br /> 3.02 <br /> 8.3Z <br />35.9~ <br /> 4.20 <br /> 4.86 <br /> 32.70 <br /> 17.~8 <br /> 5.00 <br /> <br />5.00 <br />.32.80 <br />23.~0 <br />.65.59 <br />7.09 <br />25.00 <br />12.50 <br /> <br /> 12.80 <br /> 28.20 <br /> 10.O0 <br />205.00 <br /> 26.~8 <br /> 10.00 <br /> 42.00 <br /> 16.5.00 <br />160.00 <br /> 32.00 <br /> 18.73 <br /> 5.00 <br /> 5.00 <br /> <br /> 6.$1 <br /> 13.95 <br /> 13.~5 <br /> 31.65 <br /> 21 <br /> <br />1~.#5 <br />3.75 <br />1,60 <br />~20 .oo <br />2.51 <br />72.25 <br />10.00 <br />10~ .31 <br /> <br /> 32 .o6 <br /> <br /> 12..15 <br /> 1-7.70 <br /> 2-3.9o <br /> 12,75 <br />lO6 <br /> 1.0,50 <br />.1 lO <br />. 23.26 <br /> <br />g,.35 <br />3.50 <br /> <br />.14..~o <br />.4o..88 <br /> <br />1~,80 <br /> <br />3.00 <br />2.I8 <br /> <br />14.76 <br />4o.81 <br /> <br /> <br />