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On motion om }Ir. t~ritton, seconded by Mr. Goyne, it is resolved th,,t this l~oard <br />rescind il, s former resolution of March lJ, 19~6, requirin~ ~he right of way on <br />the Roams Road to be ~0 feet. ' <br />Upon further consideration of this molter and on motion of Mr. Britton, seconded <br />by Mr. Ha[~Lle, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary requost Mr, LaPrado, <br />Coungy Surveyor, ~o re-plag Reams ~(oad on a ~O-foob right-of-way and the acquisi- <br />tion of ri~hts of way be obiainod as soon as ~ossible, <br /> <br />This d~,y Mr. L. ~. Gauthorne requested by letter an extension of time on a build- <br />ins permit on lot ~, }+lock J., Section C-J, of ~¢oodstook. <br />U~on consideration wtmreof and ~n ;notion ef 2.1r. l/litton, seconded by )Ir. Driskill: <br />it is resol~ed tl~:t a 6-months extension of time be granted to Mr. ~. W. Oauthorm <br /> <br />on motion of ?,Ir, J~ritton, seconded by Mr. Driskill, it is resolved that ~his <br />Bo~rd apT>rOVe tho c,,ntract for ~he engineering services with the engineering <br />firm of C~,usey anti Weeks and authorize tho Ghaimnan of this ~toard and the ~lerk <br />to skgn said o~ntract. <br /> <br />On motion ef Mr. }{ritton, seconded by Mr. Driskil], it is resoJved that this <br />[½o~.rd h~reby esta, blish a policy to encourage Developers in the Go~nty to make <br />application for total water meters required in a O~vo]opment. at on~.. time and ~o <br />~his end, Mne board doth deterc~ino that monthly ~in[mum ohar~es will no~ be made <br />for a DeFied of s%x (6) months after installation of the meter, if six (6) meters <br />oF more are ink, tailed at one time. if wat~F is served ~hrough t]t~ me,er after <br />installed, then regnl~r water charges shall be in full force and effect. <br /> Nothin~ in this resolution si!all in any way effect prior contracts made <br />w~th Developers who have hereto fn~e agreed to guarantee that the County sh~ll <br />~ec~ive ~ sLipulated De~centage of Che cu~ ta] outlay monthly. <br /> )]xcept as provided hArein, all resolutions nr na]~ts of resolutions in con- <br />flict herewj th be, and the sa~e are hereby repealed insofar as they are in <br />flict hero, with. <br /> <br />0n motion of }.Ir. Britton, seconded by Mr. t{a~;ue, it is resolved that this Board <br />a~yprove contracts for the instal]alien of water ]ir]es in Shirley }{ills, McGuiFe <br />0orDopat.,ion, Forest }Jill ~arms and Fall got]Ft. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. tlague, seconded by Mr. l~ritton, it is re~olved thjt thi~Board <br />approve th~ form of a water co~ltract between tile (J~unty and subdivider who wishes <br />to install water lines in a sub(Ii, vision which contract provide~ fei~ partial pay_ <br />ments for col~tr'a cted ])clitOris of th(~. over'~]l project. <br /> <br />0n motion of Mr. I)riski!]., ~econcled by Mr. llague, it is resolved that proposals <br />be prepared for bids per foot on ~", 6", a;ld 8" water pipe be invited, said bids <br />to be let on a six-months basis for all subdivision work being ~lecessary to be <br />installed by private co,lira, cleFs by tile County E~U;ino. er. <br /> <br />This d,~y tim ~xecutive .~ecr(.tary re~d a letter from Judge J. (~arlanJ Jefferson <br />thankin~ t!;e i~oard for its expression of anpreci.,tion for his services to the <br />County dtlri~ his 1Otl~ tenue of office. <br /> <br />There was r~;ad a re~)ot-t from tile County ~kssessor for the first three months of <br />his office of 1956. <br /> <br />0n motion of Mr. Driskill, seconded by Mr. Britton. it is resolved that the <br />roxecutive 5ecret~ry b~, and he hereby is requested to draw up a resolution in <br />conjnnction with the Copmtonwealth's i%ttorney setting up the Deourtment of <br />]ns~)ectoF for the G~mnty of Chesterfield. <br /> <br />On moti~,n of Mr. llrisl.:ill, seconded by lit. I{ritton, it iv roso].ved that this <br />I~oard emp]oy )Ir. John ~1. i~i]liams, ].~05 Pine ~{o,:,tl, as Cm~nty License Insnector, <br />at a salary of $4,000.00 l)o~innin~; June 1st, if l>ossib!e. <br /> <br />0n motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Hr. i)~'iskill, it is resolved that this t%oard <br />receive the School BudL~et as pre.,se.ted by letter on March 29, 1956. <br /> <br />This clay the Executive Secretary read a lett~r from Mrs. George Shropshire thank- <br />lng tb~ ]%(~rd for flowers send chlrin,.~, hot recent i]lrless. <br /> <br />Thi~; day, Warren i. Ct!nninF. ham, came before tile tSoard by Frederick T. Gray, his <br />Attorn,.?y, and fi lcrl his petition re,lU~stinL~ that the lt(~,ra abandon under the <br />proviskons of TktI. e 33-76, ]3=76-20 of the (Jode of Irir~,~illia of 1930, certain <br />~treei;s and alleys or portions of streets and alleys in Home Acres, }½eF;,luda Dis- <br />tl-j. ct of thi~; C. ounty, mere particul~rly described ill said Petition. <br /> <br />Whereupon, on motion of .qr. Goyne, seconded by .al'. tSritton, it is unanim.)usly <br />rose] veal: <br /> <br />l'h,~t tl~is t~oa rd do consider a,,d act or~ tho Petition of ~,'arrer, J_. <br />~tl;ltlin~ha;!l, at its regular meeting to be held on June 12, 1956. <br /> <br />'J'hat tho followin~'~ notice be posted I)y the Sheriff of t,!'m County <br />at tl'll~ front door of the OotlFtho!l~e and on at lea, st three <br />places alOll{l and on each of the said roads proposed to be abandoned <br />~r~d iH'tat the potitiol!i~r do c.,use said notice to b~ published twice <br /> <br />lion in the County; said pestling and ~>ubli. cat~on to be done at <br />least thirty (~0) days prior to ~une 12, 1956: <br /> <br /> NOTICE <br /> <br /> The i½oard of Supervisors of Ollesterfie]d County Imrsu~nt to the previsions <br />of fitle J3-76.13-76.20 of tile Code of Virginia of lpS0 ag amellded hereby <br /> <br /> <br />