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Upon consideration whereof and on motion of }dr. l{oFner, seconded by Mr. Britton, <br />it is resolved that the report of tile Committee be received and that the, recom- <br />mended resolution be adopted. <br /> <br />~is day MF. Q(~or~:e ShFopshire presented a letter of resignation f~om his <br />t}on as County Engineer. Upon oonsider~tion whereof and on motion of D~. Gill, <br />seconded by Mr. B~itton, it is resolved that this Board accept the resignation of <br />Mr. ShFop~hire with regrets and Fo([nest the Executive Secretary to write a lette~ <br />to Mr. 5h~opshire expFessin~ the thanks of the ]Joard of Supervisors for a job <br />well done. <br /> <br /> ,l~y ti]+; Go[inly ,io[~d l~tl~.,i.l~Oer in ~ccord~nc,~ with dir~ctio~s from this I{oard <br /> report ill writing ul)on }lis ex~mination of RobeFtsoD f~venuo i~ the Robertson <br /> :~,lbdivi~ion, N,). 2, in }latoac~, M~)fistc, rial District, whkch FapoFt ~hows the <br /> <br />e:~ta01isl~ed ~.$ a Dui)lie <br /> <br />,,ru~F~Hl;ee:~ a ~-iqtlt of u'.~y to tl~o ~t~,t,~ ilopartmont of HiHb,,'ays of not less than <br /> <br />fhl.s ~,,ty thc. ;ounby rto.,d :.uEilloer ill accordi, noe wigh directions from %~is l;oard <br />re. do r<~.ort in writinE upon his ex,,min;:,tion of Mast urive, in tire subdivision of <br /> <br />roqu~:~ted to %~,ke znto th.'; 5econd~ry Road ~yst~.m of Chesterfield County,Mast <br />I~rive, in tile ~ubdivision of Huth C, ardens, in Manche. ster MaEist~rial i)istrict, fro <br /> point on ~(to 1609, .12 of a mile south of Rt. 165Z, .1_3 of a mile we~t to Hey <br />I~,ad, ~bich poin~ ts .15 ef a mile south o£ tho. inter~ection of Rt.165Z. This <br /> <br /> .'3 ,y tll,.. J,,t]nLy ~ * qn';'irteor ir. acc0rtl:,nco witlx instructions £rom tl~is ~loard <br /> <br /> in I,I~{, subdivisLon of 5chloss }lanor, in 31;aq]chester Pa~gisterial Uistrice, <br /> <br />-~chloss Ro.d, extendiuc ~rorn a point ~L, the end of maintenance on tqt.].L?iO, .13 <br /> mile north (~fiit.56,3, .I. 3~ oF ~ .,lie ~'tlly to a tL1Pll--aFOUlld. <br /> <br />,lid i}o it i'ttl'L!l,,!- rcsolxro,i l,i~ t lho ~;oc;lml of .%upervisors of' Ghestorl'i{~ld County <br /> <br />Lin niotio~ of' iqr.l~rit~oB, s~cotld~;tl Uy i)r. t'.-il]., it ls r+~solv*~.d t;ht~L t,b~ Bxecutive <br />:5ecret~ry ~)o ~flCl ho hor~d)y ~s Feqtlest, e(l to receive and obt~in allaDDlico%ioDs <br /> <br />'i)t[s d,~y aF.,~in tizo luatteF o£ ;~;q>rovi,ff, a sewer ,~;e contract with the City of <br /> <br />'.~Jit-~r¢-.~S. ti~e 13XOOtlt;[V(~ .~e. orL~t, oI-y rt~colrlmi.tltl.~ tho CtDDFOV~I Of si;id Ool']tra,~,ott, and <br /> <br />il,al tl~is ~<o~,]-,, a,~prove tyro contF~ct for l'urni~;~ing SOWeF sorvice t0 t~lO ~IcQui~e <br />.3irc'lo area as amended and ~hown on i, pi. at filed with the ~oa~(l's papers of this <br />mc~ot ~ n~T. <br /> <br />'l~,q 1)o it Iiuri:heF resolv,~,d i;tu:,t tho Ghairmand arid Clerk o£ this <br />th,~y hereby aF,~ authbFiz~d l,o ~it~n s.~}tl oc)lltract fop <br /> <br /> <br />