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This day a discussion of the overhead tanks came before the Board and upon <br />recommendation of the Water Committee it was generally decided that the tanks <br />previously authorized to be painted robe kept in service until the fall months <br />at which time the necessary repairs could be made, <br /> <br />This day the County Engineer presented a letter from the Durrette Construction <br />Company offering to pay the total cost of the extension of a 6~ line is a part <br />of a Master Plan adopted by the Board, with the provision that the funds advanced <br />by the Durret%e Construction Company will be refunded to the Durrette Construction <br />Company when the bonds for the waCer improvement have been soldand money is <br />ava£1able. Upon consideration whereof andon motion of Hr.BPitton, sdconded by <br />Hro Drisklll, it is resolved that this Hoard approve the request'of *M~.' Duffer%e, <br />And be it further resolved, that the County Engineer be and h~ hereby is authortze¢ <br />to construct a 6" line on the Bliley Road from Westlake Hills to Forest Hill <br />Farms. using funds advanced by the Uurrette Cons~ruction Company, and ~uthorized <br />further to construct an 8" line on the Bliley Road from the Jahnke Road to the <br />~" line now serving the general area° <br /> <br />On motion ~f Dr. Gill. seconded by Mr. Hague, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary he and he hereby is authorized to purchase a movie projector and <br />arm bands requested by the Civil Defense organization in the County. <br /> <br /> On motion, the meetfng is adjourned until 8:30 p.m. on the 22nd Eay of <br />~ay, 1956. <br /> <br />Executive Secreta'ry <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br /> <br />