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Miscellaneous Claims Maid from the General County Fund: <br /> <br />R.B.A~gustine Xnsurance Agency <br />American Sanltary Supply Co. <br />Mrs. L. M.Applewhite <br />W. H. Allison <br />M.W.Burnett, Exec. Sec'y <br /> <br />M. W.B~rnett, " " <br />D.L.Beddoe, M.D. <br />A.T.Brickhouse, M.D. <br />Baker Equipment Eng. Co. <br />Bensley Fire Dept. <br /> <br />Bishop Electric Go. Inc. <br /> <br />Mrs. Thee T.Oogbill, P.M. <br />Gener&l Belting Hose & Rubber Co. <br />Mrs. Thee ~. Gogbill, P.M. <br />Cavalier Press Printing <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Go[gin Auto Service <br />Cooper Trent <br />An~e R. Gnnfer " <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />GmP T~i. Company <br />C&~ Tel. Company <br /> <br />Mrs. Alice Gogbill <br /> <br />The Columbia Carbon Company <br />W.' F. Hobart <br />Home Equipment ComDany <br />Fred R.Hughes Set. Station <br />J ~. W.Auto Parts <br />Robebt A. Jackson <br /> <br />Johnson & Company <br /> <br />N.H.Kennedy <br />LaPrade & Bros.Inc. <br /> <br />T.~. Lateen, M.D. <br />J.Louis Longest <br /> <br />Fred Lord's Base Servicentor <br />Medical Gollego of Virginia <br />Mo~ton Marks,& Sons, Inc. <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />Maul~s Auto Service <br /> <br />Gebrge W. Moore, Treas. <br /> <br />T.'C.McCoy <br /> <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />M&S Auto Service <br />M&S Auto Service <br />Ja~es E. Martin <br />Manchester Fire Dept. <br /> <br />Hatoaca Fire Dept. <br /> <br />Bill Murphy Sons <br />McCoy Motor Company <br /> <br />Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. <br />Petersburg General tfospital <br />Printoraft <br /> <br />Pr0ffitt Dry Cleaners <br />Petersburg Motor CompanF <br />Ha~ry N.Phillips, Jr. <br />Pitney-Bowes, Imo. <br />~elen M. Roamine <br />Ribhmond Rubber Ce.Inc. <br />RiChmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />RiChmond Tire and Rubber Ce.Inc. <br /> <br />Richmond Gillette Tire Co. <br />Ribhmond LlueneService <br />State Forester of Virginia <br />Swansboro Motor Company <br /> <br />Clarence Curtis <br /> <br />5~anley M. Crump <br />C~P Tel. Oompany <br /> <br />Bond-ExecutiveSecretary <br />Wax <br />Refund on unused auto tag <br />309 registrations <br />Advertising and Registering <br />(Petty Cash) 25.00 <br /> . . 25.00 <br /> Coroner's fee 10.00 <br /> ,, . 20.00 <br /> Police Dept.-Panel truck 33~.23 <br /> For issuing Co. motor vehicles' <br /> licenses 327.25 <br /> Repaired motorized valve on <br /> hearing system 10.75 <br /> One roll 3d stamps 15.00 <br /> Police Dept.-Boots 12.8~ <br /> 200-6~ stamps'~ 12.00 <br /> Official ballots, special election ~8.~0 <br /> Enon Fire Dept, 17.15 <br /> Fire Dept.-Telephones ~5.50 <br /> Grease job - Police Dept. 1.90 <br /> Scales-drafting machine 1i~.~6 <br /> Postage, demonstration s~ppli~s 3.86 <br /> Bensley and Wagstaff Fire Depts. 35.50 <br /> Forest View and Dale Fire Depts. 56.65 <br /> Courthouse, Matoaoa and Ettrick <br /> Fire Dept. <br /> <br />$ 25.00 <br /> 85.25 <br /> 2.50 <br />108.15 <br /> <br />i 26.3o <br /> <br />Purchase of 3/~ acre of land <br />on Rt. ~10 <br />Carbon Paper 16.50 <br />Board of Assessor 5-50 <br />Chester Fire Dept. 9.79 <br />Bensley Fire Dept. 12.05 <br />Mol{ce Dept,-Wrecker service ~,00 <br />Oompensat£on ~or ipsuing Oo motor <br />Vehicle licenses 101.50 <br />Enon, Ma t(aca and Bensley Fire Depts. <br />(Fuel oil) 85.26 <br />Refund on unused auto tag 2.50 <br />Revising map of laud surveyed <br />for conveyance from Alice L. <br />Cogbill to County of Chesterfield <br />Lunacy commission <br />CommissioOer appointed by the Court <br />in suit of Co. Vs. J.P.Hudson 10.00 <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire DeMi, <br />Hospitalization 2~0~00 <br />Secretarial desk 1~5.00 <br />Police Dept.-Repairs 18.58 <br />Sheriff's car - repairs 2~?,~0 <br />Wagstaff Circle Fire Dept,-Gas, 25.89 <br />brake fluid, grease job, <br />Postage used by Treas. for Dec. <br />Through April, 1956 27.~? <br />Commissioner a~pointed by Court in <br />suit of Co. Vs. J.P.Hudson 10.00 <br />Repairs-Trash Dept. truck 72.33 <br />Police Dept.-Gas, oil, repairs 67.96 <br />Fire Warden's truck ?,0~ <br />Maintenance for April 153.90 <br />Compensatign for issuin~ Co. motor <br />vehicles licenses <br /> <br />1~82.50 <br /> <br />Hospitalization <br />Real estate notices, state income <br />Tax Notice, ~rsonal Property forms 48,~0 <br />Laundry for jail <br />Repaired Ettr~ck Fire truck <br />Lunacy commission 10.00 <br />Rental on postal meter 36.00 <br />Meals served prisoners in jail <br />~agstaff Circle Fire Dept. 1.?~ <br />Rezoning, budget, cars advertised 25~.~ <br />Dale Fire Dept.-General alarm control <br />for siren <br />Repairng flats-Trash truck ~.00 <br />L~undry for towels 11.70 <br />Forest Fire control services Z00.36 <br />Police Dept.-Replacing pointsand <br />condenser, tuned engine, etc. 15.00 <br />Commissioner appointed by Court <br />in suit of Co. Va. J.P.Hudson 10.00 <br />acquiring land on Short Providence Rd. <br /> " " " " " 10,00 <br /> Midlothian Fire Dept. 16.15 <br /> <br />13~.po <br /> <br />Compensation for issuing Co. motor <br />vehicles licenses 134.~5 <br />Chester Fire Dept.-Fuel oil 37.~5 <br />Enon Fire Dept.-Road service,replacing <br />fuel pump 13.~9 <br />Civil Defense Tower -General liability 39.02 <br /> <br /> <br />