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From S. end maintenance on Rt. 1736, .10 Hi. So to Ranniste~ Lane then ,22 Hi. S. <br />to Channing Lane - Clarendon Drive,Wayland Subdivision, Length 0.32 mile, <br />Bloomfield Rd,Orestwood Farms Subdivision - From Rt.686, .16 Hi. E. of Rt. 1712, <br />0~10 Hi, North to Yarmouth Brive, then °20 Mi, N. to Whittington Drive, Length <br />· 39 mile. <br />Yarmouth Drive - Grestwood Farms Subdivision - From a point on Bloomfield Rd. <br />0.10 Mio N. of [nt. Rt. 686, °06 Mi. E. then 0.10 Hi. N. to Yarmouth Circle, then~ <br />.22 ~i. Eo to turn-around. <br /> From a point on.Yarmouth Brive, 0~16 Mi, from Int. of Bloomfield Rd,, and .06 <br /> to Dead End. Yarmouth Girole-Grestwood Farms Subdivision. Lengt~ 0o. 0~ <br /> From a'point on Bloomfield Rd. 0,39 Mi, N, of Rt~ 68~, 0037 Mi. Eo todead end, <br /> Whittin§ton Drive, Grestwood Farms Subdivision. Length 0~? mile, <br /> From Ri, 673, 11,0 ~i, N. of Rt,?4~ and running 0°26 Mi. E. to turn-around. <br /> Arsenal Drive~ Arsenal Hills Subdivision. Length 0.26 mile. <br /> From a point on Ri, 16~, 0,11 NS, S. of 16~2 to Hey Road Rt. 16~0° Length <br /> ~ast Drive - HutheGavdeds Subdivision, <br /> FrOm Rte 36 0°06 Mi. W. of Ri,?52, 0,~ Mio N, to Turn-around, length 0.2~ mll®o <br /> Rob,risen Avenue. Rob,risen Place No,2 Subdivision, <br /> From end of Rte 8~8 running 0,20.Mi, to turn-around. Length 0.2q mile, <br /> 14agnolia Avenue - Nowe~a Gardens.Subdivision, <br /> <br /> This day ~r, Robert PaS, let, County Engineer, ~ave a report of the condition <br /> of the sewerage treatment plant in the ~orrisdale area, Upon consideration <br /> whereof and on motion of ~r. Goyne, seconded by Mr,Hague~ it is resolved that <br /> Board request the owner of the Norrisdale ~ewera~e treatment plant to comply <br /> with the terms of the contract with the County. <br /> This day again the ma~ter of accep~in~ the Kenmore Ridl~e Sewe~R~e Treatment <br /> Plan came before the Board and it was generally agreed that this matter would <br /> be deferred to July 2~, <br /> On motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Fa-, Hague, it'is resolved ~hat the Executive <br /> Secretary be and he here~y is authorS=ed to haVe the Chester dump cleared of all <br /> open trash at an expense not to exceed ~2~0,00. <br /> And be it further resolvedthat the Treasurer of the County be and he hereby is <br /> authorized to transfer from the unappropriated surplus of the County the sum of <br /> $250,00 lethe budgetary code 10a-1~, <br /> <br />This day the revised Building Code having been duly adve~tised according to law, <br />came before the Board for further consideration° Came also ~r. A,[. Missimer <br />requesting certain changes for DuPont and other heavy industries, <br />Game also Mr, Rathbun and others from the Richmond Home Builders~ Association <br />offering suggested changes to clarify the proposed building code, <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ~r, Britton, seconded by Mr°Driskill <br />it is resolved that the Building Code as amended be and the same is hereby <br />adopted as follows: <br /> <br />An Ordinance to repeal Sections 1 to 21, both inclusive and <br />Sections 203 and 20t~ of an Ordinance designated as the Building <br />Code of Chesterfield County adopted Hay ~, 1~0; to readopt <br />Sections 100 to 107, both inclusive of the Ordinance passed <br />~ay 9, 1~50, providin~ for ~he required,hiS of certain standard~ <br />and specifications for the installation of electrical wirin~ <br />and fixtures in any buildi~ in the County of Chesterfield <br />known herein as the electrical Code; to readopt Sections <br />200 to 202 both inclusive, af the Ordinance ~ssed ~ay 9, 19~0, <br />providin~ for .the requirements of certain standards and <br />specifications for the installation of water pipes,sewer pipes <br />and heating pipes and fixtures in any buildin~ in the County <br />of Chesterfield, known herein as the Plumbin~ Gode~ and to adopt <br />regulations for the location, construction, emection, alteration, <br />of any buildin~ fn the County of Chesterfield, settin~ up certain <br />rules, regulations, specifications, standards and requirements <br />providin~ for the appointment of a B uildin~ lnspector; setting up a <br />Bureau of Buildin~ [nspection~ providin~ for ae~ain fees tube <br />paid the County ~easure~; designa~in~ this Ordinance as the Building, <br />Electmical and Plumbin~ Code of Chesterfield County; and providing <br />~enalties for the violation of .this 0rd[nance and providin~ <br />app~opmfate action or proce~d, in~ ~o p~event ~he unlawful location, <br />emection, and construction, alteration or repai~ of any building, <br />or the unlawful i~s~al~i~n of any watpr p. ipes~ .sewer <br />hea~a~lpipes or. fixture.s in any bui.ldin~ and prov[din~ .fo~ the <br />re~oval or condemnation of unsafe buildings in the County of <br />Chesterfield. <br /> <br /> <br />