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Miscellaneous Claims Paid from the General County Fund: <br /> <br />The American Red Cross <br />American Sanitary Supply Go. <br />Robert ¥. Almond <br />Addressograph-Multigraph Corp. <br />Billie M. Furnott <br />M. W. Burnott, Exec. Sec"y. <br />Baker Equipment Ce.Inc. <br /> <br />Berry-Burke & Company <br />Edith Bau~h <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Mrs. Then T. Co,bill, P.M. <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Mrs. Then T. Cogbill, P,M. <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />cS~P Tel. Company <br /> <br /> C~.~ Tel. Company <br /> C&P Tel. Company <br /> C&P Tel. Company <br /> Lauise L. Clark, M.D. <br /> Mns. Thee T. Cogbill, P.M. <br /> W.F.Clements, Sr. <br /> C&P Tel. Company <br /> C&P Tel. Company <br /> Mrs. Then T. Oo~bill P.M. <br /> The Cott Index Company <br /> Mrs. Then T. Cogbill, P.M. <br /> C.H.Dorset Hdwe. Corp. <br /> <br />Expenses for food during Alert <br />1 case Babe, 1 case Ivory soap <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Masters - Treas. Office <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Petty Cash <br />Latch pin, washer, bolt. lock-nut <br />and handle assembly <br />Police Dept.- 5 suits <br />Refund on un, sod auto liconlse . <br />Ben Bi~-Southa~pton lire Dept. <br />1 roll 3~ s.tamps <br />Enon Fire Dept. <br />2 coils- 3~ stamps <br />Matoaca Fire Dept. <br />Dale, Wagstaff, Bensley and <br />Manchester Fire ~epts. <br />Tax Assessor's phone and Forest <br />View Fire Dept. <br />Courthouse and Ettrick Fire Dept.. <br />Clover Hill Fire Dept. <br /> Civil Defense telephone <br />Lunacy commission <br /> 1 roll 3~ stamps <br /> Refund ~n unused auto license <br /> Midlothian Fire Dept. <br /> Courthouse and Chester Fire Dept. <br /> I roll 3~ sta~ps-License Inspector <br /> For work on Grantee-~rantor Index <br /> Tax Assessor - lroll 3~ stamps <br /> Sect&on gate hosg, garden hose~ <br /> <br /> 1 sprinkler <br />Division of Purchasing & Printing 1 mobile radio link-Civil Defense <br />A. L. Davis Rental onspace at Holly Inn <br /> <br />S. Lee Dance <br />Epes-Fitagerald Paper Co. <br />Emeloid Mfg. Company <br />Epes-Fitzger&ld Paper Cooinc. <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />Epee-Fitzgerald Paper Co,Inc, <br />Epes-Fitz§erald Paper Co,Inc. <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />Ferebee~s Service <br />Fire Control Equipment Co, <br /> <br />Ernest P. Gates, Comm. Atty. <br /> <br />Gordon,s Esso Servicenter <br />mrs. Lura G. Griffin <br />Goodall Service Center <br />H, T.Goyne, Sr. <br /> <br />Altan L.Greenwood <br />Walter A. Has, Jr. <br />Harwell~s Hdwe. <br />Albert 0. Hines <br />Home Equipment Co. <br />W.L.Hovatter <br />Prod R.Hughos $or.~tation <br /> <br />Hunter and Thurston <br />Edward F. Hawks, Jr. <br />B.I.Hamm <br />S.R. Ha§ua, Jr. <br /> <br />J.J.Jewett <br /> <br />Jack King <br />Lyttle & Barnes Sanitation Co. <br />Lynch Auto Service <br /> <br />Fred Lord*s Esso Station <br /> <br />T,M. Leete*s Store <br />Mary I. Lindsey <br />H.B. Lea <br />Norman M.Meeks <br />Thomas Miotke <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />Mid-Ci~ies ~orvico Center <br />Edith M. Mills <br />McCoy Motor Company <br /> <br />James E. Martin <br /> <br />Registrar, posting notices, <br />Mimeo bond paper, indes cards <br />Oval bands-Civil Defense <br />Bond Paper <br />Police Dept.-Gas, oil, changed tire <br />Health Dept.-Towols <br />Mimeo bond, onion skin <br />Ga s-Ettriok Fire Dept. <br />PolioeDopt.-Gas, car wasa,oil,etc. <br />Bensley Fire Bopt.-Battory, hose, <br />recharged battery <br />For examination 6f title to land <br />of Mrs. Alice Co~bill <br />Police Bept.-Gos, wash, tubes <br />Vocational training supplies <br />PoliceDept.- 1 car wash <br />Expenses incurred in attending <br />Jamestown Festival meeting <br />R~fund on unused auto license <br />Expanses incurred in appraising <br />Trash Dept.-bolts, washers, keys <br />Refund on unused auto license <br /> Cms, oil, grease-Ohest-r Fire Bept. <br /> Labor and materials <br /> Police Dept.-Repaired tire, gas, <br /> grease and oil <br /> Police Dept.-Car, wash, grease job. <br /> Civil Defense-Mileage <br /> Manchester Fire Dept.-G~s, oil <br /> Meals while attending Jamestown <br /> Festival meeting · <br />Enforcement of lio~ for taxes against <br />lien of H.P.Johnson <br />Suit. of Comm. of Va. and Co. of <br />Chesterfield Vs.H.P. Johnson <br />Work at County dump <br />Cleaning septic tank <br />Police Dept.-Adjusting brakes, <br />generator, recharging battery,etc. <br />Ben Air-Southampton Fire Dept.-Gas, <br />batte y, recharged, oil, otc. <br />Police Dept.-Gas <br />Refund cn unused auto license <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Work at County dump <br />Sheriff's Office-inspection <br />Gasoline <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Police Dept.-Replacing gaskets,over- <br />imulinK generator <br />Maintenance Police Radio <br /> <br />$11.~2 <br />12.55 <br />2.50 <br />8.55 <br />2.~o <br />25.00 <br /> <br />2~.92 <br />250.00 <br />2.50 <br />22.~o <br />15.00 <br />17.15 <br />30.00 <br />12.75 <br /> <br /> 85.30 <br /> <br /> ~1.~2 <br />118,32 <br />7.15 <br />18.~5 <br />5.~0 <br />10.~0 <br />2,~0 <br />16.~o <br />5~9.~5 <br />!5.~0 <br />200~,q0, <br />15.q0 <br /> <br /> 50.90 <br /> ~5.qO <br /> 19.~o <br /> 60.30 <br /> 1~.82 <br /> lZ0 ,~3 <br /> 18.18 <br /> 9.21 <br /> ~71 <br /> <br /> Z~.q5 <br /> <br /> lS.f <br /> 5o~oo <br /> 31.05 <br /> ..88 <br /> 1,50 <br /> <br /> i?.01 <br /> 2.50 <br /> 100.q0 <br /> ~l.q6 <br /> 2.50 <br /> 9.95 <br /> 20~.51 <br /> <br /> 15.~3 <br /> 12,6~ <br /> 28.07 <br /> 18.99 <br /> <br /> 3.50 <br /> <br /> ~8.oo <br /> <br />Z,O0 <br />30.00 <br /> <br />28,75 <br /> <br />12.25 <br /> 5,10 <br /> Z,50 <br /> 5.00 <br /> 2.50 <br /> 2.00 <br /> 3.15 <br /> 5.50 <br /> 2,50 <br /> <br />26.98 <br />1~3,0o <br /> <br /> <br />