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the first billing date following adoption of this resolution in accordance with <br />following rates, which may be revised from time to time as conditions warrant: <br /> <br /> Each single family dwelling two dollars ($2.00) per month; commercial <br />es%ablishmdnts 100 pc? ~ent of the water bill --(credit for commercial users). <br /> <br />Be it further Resolved, that the charges for sewage service willbe rendered with <br />the water bill, and payment of sewage charges will be subject to the same rules <br />and regulations governing water bills. <br />Be it further Resolved, that all money collected shall be deposited to a separate <br />sewer account. <br />Be it Further Resolved, that application for allfuture sewage co~ne~tio'ns shallbe <br />made with the Utilities Department, and that all sewers and connections shall:,be <br />installed in accordance with present or future specifications. <br /> <br />Be it Further Resolved, that this resolution shallbecome effective with the <br />adoption of this resolution. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Britton, seconded by Mr. Driskill, it is resolved that this <br />Board grant permission to the Southern Materials Company to connect to the City <br />of Richmond water supply to its location on Gofer Road, <br />And be it further resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is <br />authorized to write the usual letter to the City of Hiohmond informing them <br />of this action. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary ~ad a letter from the Clover Hill Fire De <br />requesting an additional fire siren be placed in the 'vicinity of Bethia or <br />Winterpock, It was generally agreed that the Executive Secretary be request, <br />to inform them that such a siren is available in Manchester and might possibly <br />be used in that area. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter from Senator Bird and Mr. Minetree <br />Folkes concerning the Welfare Department in the County, which letters are receivd¢ <br />and filed, <br /> <br />This day the matter.of appoin%ing a trdstee and paying agent fop the Water Revemul <br />t~nd Issue came before the Board and Mr. Nar$ A. Smith of the F.W.Oraigie and <br />Company recommended in writing that of the proposals received, the Central <br />National Bank had by far the best pr6posal ~or the County. Upon consideration <br />whereof and on motion of Mr. Britton, seconded by Mr. Driskill, it is resolved <br />that the Central National Bank be and it hereby is appointed as trustee and <br />agent for the County of Chesterfield for the $4,~00,000 bond issue t. obe sold in <br />the near future, <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Driskill, second by Mr. ~a§ue, it is resolved that the Executiv{ <br />Secretary be and he herebyiis authorized to pay tothe firm of E. Tucker Carlton <br />~5105,?0, which amount is ZS~ of the est&m&ted total fee for the new office <br />building, <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Hague, seconded by Mr,Driskill, it is resolved that this Board <br />approve the request of Mr. Geo. W.Moore, Jr,, Treasurer of the County of <br />Chesterfield in the amount of $9080,~2, sent to'the State Compensation Board <br />for office supplies and office equipment, <br /> <br />This day the report of the P~lice lock-up inspection was read and filed wi~h the <br />Board~s papers, <br /> <br />On motion of Mr, Dr~skil~,seconded by <br />Pinkaey Sowers, be paid the sum of $50.00 for examining the title of Lot ?,Block <br />in Ben Air Hei§hts, at the order of the Circuit Court of the County. <br /> <br />This day a Court Order concerning' the $3,500,000 School Bond Issue was read and <br />filed with the Board*s papers, <br /> <br />On motion of Mr, Hague, seconded by Mr,Driskill, it is resolved that the contract <br />between the Board of Supervisors and the Got~ Index Company for the completie~.:of <br />the closing out of the Grantee-~rantor Index, which contract is in the amount <br />of $12,~78.00, be and it hereby is approved, subject tothe final approval of the <br />Commonwealth's Attorney. <br />End be it further resolved that the Ghairmanand the Clerk of this Board be and <br />they hereby are authorized to si~n said contract. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Hague, seconded by Mr. Driskill, it is resolved that the Purchas] <br />Clerk be requested to ascertain the type of addin~ machine necessary for the Sher~ <br />and secure price on same. <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr, Driskill, seconded by Mr, Britton, it is resolved that this Boar( <br /> adjourn until September 6, 1956', at 8:00 p.m, <br /> <br />-' ~E~xecutive Secretary <br /> <br /> <br />