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Salaries. Allowances etc. Paid from the General Count~ <br /> <br />Willie Copeland <br />George Hancock <br />B. J. Banks <br />Winston Maynard <br />Geo. W, Moore, Jr. <br />H. B. Walker <br />Ernest p. Gates <br />Frances Stone <br />O.'B. Gates <br /> <br />Watchman at County dump <br />Janitor <br /> # <br /> <br /> # <br /> <br />Treasurer and Office E~l~enses <br />Commissioner of Revenue and Exp. <br />Commonweal th's Attorney <br />Substitute Sec, y. <br />Sheriff and deputies <br /> <br /> $30. O0 <br /> 190.00 <br /> 100,00 <br /> 165.oo <br /> 1225.75 <br /> 1178.03 <br /> 270.84 <br /> 75.00 <br /> <br />$21,'007.26 <br /> <br />Miscellaneous Claims Paid from the General County Fund: <br /> <br />Atlantic Varnish & PEint Go. <br />A.P.& W. Trucking <br />Amos & Garrett <br />J=seph A. Adams <br />M.' W. Burnett <br /> <br />Bi'ngham Truck ~ervice <br />Baker Equipment Eng. Co. <br />Building Equipment & SupplNCorp. <br />Bernard BoStoms <br />B~rry-Burk & Company <br />B. I. Bell, M .D. Sr. <br />B; 1. Bell, M.D. Jr. <br />M;W. Burnett. Exec. Sec'y <br />Mrs. Ruth B. Bledsoe <br />}~rroughs Corporation <br />Burroughs Corporation <br />Ci~k's Mobile Service <br />U~B. Carpenter, Jr. <br />H~C. Canada, Jr, <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Cook's Amoco Service <br />C&P Tel. Oompany <br />C & P Tel. Company <br />CAp Tel. Company <br />CdP Tel. Company <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />Colgin Auto S ~vice <br />The Columbia Carbon Company <br />Colgin's Auto Service <br /> <br />Mrs. Thee T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />C & P Tel. Company <br />Stephen A. Catlett <br /> <br />E~Tucker Carlton <br /> <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />The Cott Index Company <br /> <br />M~s. Theo T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />The Council of. State Government <br /> <br />Marshall F. Driskill <br /> <br />Division of Planning and Economic <br />Development <br /> <br />A; L. Davis <br />Dale Esso Servicenter <br />W~S. Donnan Mdwe. Co. <br />Electrical Equipment Co. <br />James E. Easton <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />E~triok ~ulf. Station <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />Emeloid Mfff. Oompany <br />Epee-Fitzgerald Paper Co.Inc. <br />Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Ce. Inc. <br />Fire Control Equipment Co, <br /> <br />Firestone Stores <br />Flippo E~dy and Fender Repairing <br />Ferebee~s <br />Featherston~s Set. Station <br /> <br /> Paint $ 7.76 <br /> Refund on unused auto l£cense 5.00 <br /> Work on Manchester Fire truck 17.45 <br /> Refund on unused auto license 2.50 <br /> Registration, transportation and <br /> food-meeting in Charlottesville 24.50 <br /> Refund on unused auto license 12.50 <br /> ()ne switch 1.13 <br /> 1 del, brooms 17.50 <br /> Refund on unused auto license 2.50 <br /> Suits-Police Dept, 50,00 <br /> Lunacy commission 10,00 <br /> " " 10.00 <br /> Petty Cash 25.00 <br /> Refund on unused auto license 2.50 <br /> Comm. of Revenue -Repairs to machine 20.~0 <br /> ' " " " " " .3.~5 <br /> Gas - Forest View Fire Dept. 18.20 <br /> Refund on unused auto license 2.50 <br /> , , , ,, , 2.50 <br />Dale, Bon Air, Manchester. Fire Dept$. 73.83 <br />Gas - Police Dept. 22.50 <br />Ettrick Fire Dept. 12.65 <br />Forest View, Wagstaff,Bensley 7~,85 <br />Courthouse 113.90 <br />Midlothian Fire Dept. 16.~5 <br />Matoaoa Fire Dept. 12.75 <br />Adjusted headlights, gas, bulbs 8.14 <br />Comm. of Revenue 141.75 <br />Cleaned and set plugs, oil, spark <br />plugs, gas, adjusted points, grease, <br />job, adjusted brakes, brake fluid 53.7~ <br />Stamps 27,00 <br />Clover Hilland Courthouse 582.63 <br />Refund on erroneous assessment of <br />pro]~y for the year 1954 29.92 <br />25~ of the estimated to%al fee <br />for the new office building <br />Enon Fire Dept. <br />Chester Fire Dept, <br />Ben ~r-Southampton. <br />Civil Defense <br />For work on Grantee-Grantor Index in <br />Clerk's Office <br />i roll 3d stamps <br />The States and Metropolitan <br />Problem PB 2.5 <br />Regist~ation, housing, transportation, <br />meeting in Charlottesville 15.1. <br /> <br />51o5.70 <br /> 17.5o <br /> 8.25 <br /> 16.85 <br /> 23.45 <br /> <br />2000.00 <br /> 15.oo <br /> <br />Chesterfield County index maps for <br />State Dept. of Taxation and Assessor's <br />Office 1.57 <br />Rental on space at Holly Inn 85.00 <br />Dale Fire Dept. 30,41 <br />Staples, padlocks, proof chain 18.3t <br />2 ~ 12 Welch fans 62,80 <br />Refund on unused auto license 2.~0 <br />Gas ~xpenses toMarion, Va. 7.88 <br />Police Dept.-Oil, car washes, gas 10.45 <br />Ettriok Fire Dept.-Gas, oil 7,74 <br />~ivil Defense-Bands 9.39 <br />Mimeo bond paper-du~licator paper 100.20 <br />i case cups 12.23 <br />1-15 lb. CO Ext. tested and <br />recharged 12.34 <br />Ettrick Fire Dept,-Tires 364.ZZ <br />Police Dept.-Balancin~ front wheels Z.60 <br />Police Dept.-Gas, tire repair 7,59 <br />Gas 3.63 <br /> <br /> <br />