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~ec, 2. )!ONTHI.¥ tdCPORT. = He shall make a monthly written <br />report to the ~o~rd o~ Supervisors showi~< ~uch activities of the Police Ilepart. <br />ment as it ~hall, by resolution, direct, <br /> <br />Supervisors on er bef'ofe May 1 of each year a re.crt which shall conform to <br />ge,erally recognized standards fo~ law enfore~,ment agencies, <br /> <br />Sec, g, I{LI)(~E'[' ESTI~.IATIg - tb~ shall submit to the }loard of <br />Supervisors on or before March 1 of each year a complete report of the estimate( <br />financial re(~uirement~ of the ])enar~ment for the ensuin~ year, <br /> <br /> sec, 5- POI.ICE E()UZPMENT - il~ ~bal]have charge of 3~d iSStle <br />all equip,]ont to the Members of the l)eDartment and shallkeep, a written record <br />of all equipmant issued to each member, <br /> <br /> ~ec, 6. [(E(~.IIIS]TIONg AX'q ]~1 LIS - ~[e shall sign a!l requisition~ <br />for e(luipmen~ and supplies and c~rtify to the correctness of allbills incurrRd <br />by the t)epartmen~ by affixin{~ his initi.als, <br /> <br /> qeo, 7, PERS()~NEI. - He shall have the authority ~o promote, <br />assign and reassign, any member of the Department; also he may damo~e~ suspend <br />without pay for a Defied not exceeding ~0 days, cancel o~e or more vacation <br />days or compensatory time (lays of any members for violation of the Rules <br />and Regulations of the Department. <br /> <br /> %cc. 8. T~.MPOIG, RY [(ULE5 AND R}~(~UI.ATIONS - He shall have the <br />authority to put into effeci, for a period not exceeding three (D) months, <br />temD,)rary rules ~nd ~agul~tious ~hicb shall have the same force and effect <br />as if adopted by the Board of Supervisors. <br /> <br /> Rules and Regulations put into effect under authority of <br />this ~ectio. sh~llbeeome null and void three (D) months from effective date <br />unless they sh~ll have been adopted by the t{o~rd of Supervisors. <br /> <br /> Sec. 9. ~(YPI~G CH~F ()F POLICE - The Chief of Police sim}l, <br />when he is absent from the C~,unty and/or unable ~o attend 'go-his duties, <br />designate an ~c~ing Chief ef Police. Such .,~c~ing Chief of Police ~ball <br />l)e reg~rded as the represen2a~i~e of the 0bier, and I~is la~ul co~mands shall <br />be obeyed th~ou~fhoufi the ])enariment. <br /> <br />CHAPTER II. <br /> <br />COMMAN})ING oFFiOERS <br /> <br /> Sec, 1. DEFINITION - A CommandinE Officer 'is any member of <br />the !)epartmo, nt assi~ned by the Chief of Police to com.~and a 'Division, [%ufo. au <br />or other []nit of the Police ])eDartment. <br /> <br /> · Sec. 2. GENER~%L POWERS 2\ND I)UTIK$ - A Commanding Officer is <br />responsible for the enforcement, within his command, of alllaws, ordinances, <br />rules and regulations, and general and special orders. ' He is held accountable <br />for the order, efficiency and discipline of tile force under }]is command, lie <br />will see that each member is proDer].y instructed in his duties and performs <br />them Jn such a menner as to render effective police service. <br /> <br /> Sec. ~. Rt'iCOitD5 - He is responsible for the prompt service <br />and returns of all papers and reports originatin{; in or sent to bis command. <br /> <br /> ,~ec. 4. INSP]~CTION.5 - ne shall, monthly, inspect the attire <br />and equipment of the office~s under his command. A report, in writing, as to <br />the results of each inspection shallbe ~;iven to the Chief of Police. <br /> <br /> .Sec. 5. iiEI.IEVING SUI~)RI)iNATb~S - He may, in his discretion, <br />relieve from duty any member under his command for ~ny violation of his order <br />or of ~he iiules and Regulations or general or special orders of the Department. <br />i~e ~bal] immediately report such action to tile Chief of Police, in writingS, <br />and shall pro;.ply fore, ertl to him the charges against the member relieved, <br />with names at~(l ~(idresses of allwitn~sses. <br /> <br /> Sec. 6. 'F~tKiNG UP }{AI)GES, ETC - He may require a member <br />of the Denartment wl]() has ,[~een relieved from duty to surrender to him the <br />member~'s revolver, badges and 1.1). 0ar(l, ~ben such a member has oeen <br />suspended by the Chief of l)olice, he will surrender to his 0ommanding Officer, <br />in addition t~) the articles listed, any other police property in his possession <br />when so directed by the Chief <br /> <br /> qec. 7. AOq'IN¢~ C()~P!ANI)]N(; OFF1CERS ~ !)urin:; the temporary <br />absence of a Commandint,, Officer, %~'hen ~o otho. r provisions are made by competent <br />authority, the command devolves upon the subordinate present who stands next in <br />seniority to such Commandin.~.. Officer. <br /> <br /> Sec. 8. POWERS ?,NIl I)UTIES.-ADy member of the Department, <br />who, by operation of this rule or by order of a Commanding Officer, may be <br />required to perform the duties of an officer of higher rank temporarily or <br />at regular intervals, shall exercise the authority, perform %he duties, and <br />bear a]lthe responsibilities of such higherofffcer as though he had been <br />regularly promoted to the hi~;her rank or position. He shall, however, be <br />particularly careful to carry out the orders of the officer whose duties he is <br /> <br /> <br />