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Salaries! A]lowancest etc. ]'aid from the General County Fund: <br /> <br />B.J.k~ nks <br />WinstOn Maynard <br />(%eorge W.Moore, Jr. <br />l{.~. Walker <br /> <br />Ernest P.~ates <br />Frances B. Brown <br /> <br />Jani <br /> # <br /> <br />Treasurer and office expenses <br />Commissioner of Revenue and <br />Office expenses <br />Commonwealth's Attorney <br />Secretary <br />Sheriff and deputies <br /> <br />$100.00 <br /> 165.00 <br />5511.48 <br /> <br />2726.5~ <br /> 270.82 <br /> 105.00 <br /> 49~.45 <br /> <br />~liscellaneous Claims Paid from the C~eneral County Fund: <br /> <br />Floyd J. Alfred <br />At]antic Varnish & Paint Co. <br />~%ddressograph-Multigraph Co. <br />Powell S. ~%lankenship <br />M.W.r%urnett, Exec. Sec~y. <br />B~shop Electric Co.Inc. <br /> <br />l)r. I.. F. I{e]ter <br />M · .W. [{urnet t <br />George ].. [~il] Jogs <br />Mable Thompson [%oyd <br />C'& P Tel. Company <br />G & P Tel. Company <br />Dorothy Oous~ ns <br /> <br />C,%ncrete Pipe ~ Products ~o. <br />O'& P Tel. Company <br />C & P Tel. Gom pony <br />Ohest;e~ Motom Company <br />O~lgin Auto Se]vice <br />~1~$. Theo T1 Oogbill, <br />Chopin & Clark <br /> <br />C & P Tel. Company <br /> <br />C & P Tel. Company <br /> <br />C'& P Tel. Company <br />Mrs. Theo T. Oogbill, P.~i. <br />C-& P Tel. Company <br />The Cott Index Company <br />C'~: P Tel. Company <br />Cavalier Press <br />C 6 P Tel. Company <br />Mrs. Thoe T. Cogbi]l, <br />Anne R. Confer <br />~{ettie C. Carter <br />C~ P Tel. Company <br />Walter V. Davis <br />Leonard H. Deem <br />A%L.Davis <br />Daniel Construction Co. of Va. <br />Ettrick G. lf Service <br />Epes-Fitzgerald P~per Go.Inc. <br />Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Go.Inc. <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />Epes-Fitzgerald PaperCo.lnc. <br /> <br />Firestone Mtore~ <br />Ferebee's <br /> <br />Fire Protection Equipment Go. <br /> <br />Gordon's Es so Servicenter <br />.~le %~elding & Machine Go.Inc. <br /> <br />Charles M. Cuthrie <br />Walter A. }las, Jr. <br />C'.L. ]{yl ton <br />Hamm's Service Station <br />}hinter (~ Tbtlrston <br /> <br />Fred N.Hughes &ervic~ Station <br />~{ome Equipment Company <br />~-.A.Ha~kins and Company <br /> <br />liarw~.ll~ s H~we. <br />Edward F. Hawks, Jr. <br />Jones~ Pore Oil Station <br />Oznnings & Palmor'e <br />Edwar~ T. Justice <br /> <br />Refund on unused auto license $2.50 <br />2eRegal tone ~789 7.20 <br />1 ribbon 1.20 <br />Refund on unused auto license 2.50 <br />Registering letters on rozoning 25,00 <br />R~.pairinK liF. hts in ]{ealBh <br />Clerk's Office and Comm. of R~venue <br />Coroner~s fee 10.00 <br />Petty Cash 25.00 <br />' Refumd on unused auto liceDse 2.50 <br />Refund oM umused auto lice~se 2.50 <br />Bo~ Ai~-Southampton Fire Dept. 22.$0 <br />E.on Fire Dept. 17.15 <br />Refund om unused auto liceose <br />R~fu~d on unused auto license 2.50 <br />C~lvert Pipe 3~-~0 <br />Manchester Fire Dept. 34.05 <br />Ettrick Fire l)ept. <br />R~pai~s to caf- Police Dept. 20.02 <br /> irs-Polio e car <br />1 rol13~ stamps - License Inspector 15.00 <br />Testimony of Thomas W. Cloak in <br />matte~ of Colooial Heights <br />Chesterfield County ~52,40 <br />Wagstaff Circle Fire Dept. and <br />J%eusley Fire Oept. 35.15 <br />Fores~ View, Dale amd }{card of <br />Assessors 60.?0 <br />Matoaoa Fire Dept. ~Dd C,ur%hnuse 128,0~ <br />100-2~ stamps 2.00 <br />Midlo%hian, Ob,stet amd Oour~house 603.8~ <br />For work on ~ran~ee-~antor Index 2000.00 <br />Clover HillFire DepC. ?.25 <br />500 sheets-A0plication for ballot 19.75 <br />Oivil Defense 13.15 <br />2 rolls 3~ stamps 30.00 <br />Rubber cement and sand paper 1.29 <br />R~u~d o~ unused auto license 2.~0 <br />Boo Air-SouthamD%on Fire Dept. 16.8~ <br />Refund on unused auto license <br /> ,, ,, . ,, ,, 2.50 <br /> Re~%al o~ office space at Holly Inn 8~.00 <br /> R fund o~ unused auto license 3~.00 <br /> P81ice Dep%.-ga~ wash, oil, ~as 6.~0 <br /> }~uildint Inspec%or-Mtmeo paper 26.66 <br /> Hammermill Bond Paper <br /> Et~Fick Fire Dep%.-(~as 1~.0~ <br /> ~anchester F~re Dept.-Esso Heat ~2 <br /> T~ial Justice-J{ond papers EXeo. <br /> Mec'y.-MJmeograph pape~ 151 <br /> Trash 1)ept.-TiFes and tubes 153.26 <br /> Police Dept.-Oil, grease,wash, gas <br /> Police Dept.-}~alancing front wheels, <br /> alighing front wheels 8.10 <br /> To ~eoharging one soda acid fire <br /> extinguisher 1. <br /> Gas, o~1, ti~e repaired 27.3V <br /> Matoaca FiFe Dept.-Weldim~ pipe, <br /> labor 25 <br /> Refund on unused audio license <br /> EXpenses iocurr~,d in appraising 100.00 <br /> Painting interior of ~%gri. Bldg. 113.75 <br /> Manchestem Fire Dept.-~as and oil 16.88 <br /> Police Dept.-~ease job,oar wash, <br /> oil, repairing tire 17.50 <br /> Polic~ ~]epB.-Tube, ~as, oil 18.38 <br /> Police Dept .-o~a s 5.00 <br /> To repairing water ]i. ne and floor <br /> drain iD l)asem~t Zo Ettrick F~re ])eDt. 39.80 <br /> <br /> 350 miles traveled at 7~ Der mile 2~.50 <br /> C}mstar ~'ira Dept.-Cas, oil 21 .37 <br /> qepairs to Police car 13.95 <br /> on unused auto ]icemse 2.50 <br /> <br /> <br />