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~oknowledge and deliver on behalf of the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, a <br />proper instrument cenveying title to the Trustees of the ~on Air-Southampton <br /> <br />by ,]}~mes W. G~)rdon, Jr., and Harborer C. ~,)rdon~ his wife, by deed r~coPded <br /> <br />i~F 1T '~lJl{T~q~?. R]':$0i.VEI): That the Commonw.alth~ Attornoy of this <br /> <br />On moti. on of :)r. Gil], seconded by Mr.1)riskil], ii; ts ~esolved that %he E~ecutive <br />S~crei,ary 1)e anal be hereby is authorized to obtain bids on 11 c~rs mod 2 %Frocks <br />~oF the fol]owi~lg offices: 8 c~m~ for the Polic~ DenaFtment, 1 ca~ for Sheriff's <br />~ffice, 1 car for Lic~n~ ~[n~n~ctor, 1 car for Ihiilding Inspector, 2 tru~ks for <br />Schoo ~ Board. <br /> <br />~t was generally agreed that the Executive Secretary investigate the possibility <br />of obtai~ing decals for all County-owned vehicles. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. }{ritton, seconded by Mr. Dr~sk~ll], it is resolved t:hat this <br />|{oar~l appropriate $~1,~6g.87 from ~he unappropriated surplus of the C. enel~al <br />Fui~d to l,he School Fund to finance the School System during the first part <br />of ~ctober, 1956. <br /> <br /> Wt{I,iRLAS, there %s now a secon(b~ry main line of the Atlantic Coast <br /> <br />serving aD industry, both of which tracks ~,ross lit. 161, a heavily traveled <br />primary road in Chesterfield 0ollnty, and <br /> <br /> WI!EI{~:}I.~, tO the best interost of tho Orulnty of Ohostepfield, the <br />~hnuld be installed at this location. <br /> <br /> NOW, THI{I<EFORr, PE IT RESOI.V~I), on motion of Mr. ;%ritton, ~econded <br />ment of ~ghways and the Atlantic ~oast l,ihe I{R. Cr, mpany to have inst,,lied <br /> <br /> W}{E!IEAS, there i_s now a main line of the Atlantic Coast 1 Joe <br />used by many fas~ ~rains and a!] CFnssi~I{~ Ri. ~6, a heavily tr~,veled primary <br />road in Matoaca District, Chesterfield County, and <br /> <br /> ~{~{EI{E~%H, the ~nter~ection of this tr(,ck and primary road is pro- <br />t(~ctec[ o~ly by flashing liffh~s~ <br /> <br /> NOW T}IEI(RFOIL~, ~E I'[' RESOI.VEI), on motion of Dr. Qill, seconded by <br />Hr. i)riskill, that this Hoard of Supervisors requ~st the Virginia I)ep~,rtment <br />[!~.':}lW~y~ aDr~ the ntlantio Coast I.ine R*¢. Company to have installod swinging gates, <br />barring t~affio f~om the appro~.%cbiDg t~ai~se <br /> <br />On i.otion of Dr. Gi].I, seconded by Mr. }%ritton, it is resolved that th~ '~ea~ureF <br />of the Gf, unty be and Itc hereby is attl;hor~zed to t~aosfer $5,000~00 from the <br />unappropriated surplus of ttl~ County to budge%cry item 18-118. <br /> <br />This d,~y Lt~e Bxecutive ,Secretary read a letter from the Petersburg Chamber of <br />(lommerce requestin[[ the Cadbury's aid i~ opposiu[~ the discontinuance of six trains <br />ba*wee~ the [~ichma~d-Z'eter~;bHrg ar~as by the Atlantic Coast Line ~R. Co~paDy. <br /> <br />it ts resolved theft the g~ecutive ~ec~etary and the Commonwealth's Attorney <br /> <br />the Connty~ opposition to th. rliqoontinuance of these trains. <br /> <br />This clay the Executive Secretary presented a lis~ of names compiled by the County <br />En~ineer of }%uilde~ and developers who have contracted with the W~fer DepaFtm.n% <br />for the installation of wnter lines and for outstanding amollnis yet nnpaid. <br />Upon consideFa%ioD wheroof and oD mo%io~ of [)F. Gill, seconded by Fir. DFisk~]l, <br />Jt is resolved that the COllnty Engineer be and be hereby is authorized to inform <br />the v~Fious developers who presently owe the County mopey for the i~stallatio~ <br />of water lines that unless the account is paid within fifteen (15) days, said <br />aoonun~ will be tnrned over to the Commonwealth's Attorney to collect by legal <br />proceed ings. <br /> <br />On motion of Hr. l~rklsil], seconded t)y ~qr.l~ritton, it is resolved that the <br />following resolutiol] ,~o a!~proved: <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Dr~skill, seconded by ""r. 1½titian, Bm it Resolved: it is <br />h~re found ;~Dd determined th,~t; it is necessary; for the water line to be installed <br />in section D, Subdivision of 5~ottingham, %abe si~ inches (6") in diameter. <br /> <br /> <br />