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}ienrico. One of the members appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Chester- <br />field shallbe a member of its Board of Supervisors~ one shall be a member of its <br />planning commission and one shallbe a citizen and resident of Chesterfield who <br />holds no office of profit under the government of Chesterfield. One of the <br />members appointed by t~e Council of Richmond shallbe a member of it~ Council, <br />one shallbe a member of its planning commission and one shallbe a citizen and <br />resident of Richmond who holds no office of profit under the ~overnment of <br />Richmond. <br />The terms of office of the members appoit, ted by the Boards of Supervisors of <br />Henrico and Chesterfield and the Council of Richmond whoare membnrs, respecitvel <br />of their [~oards of Supervisors and Council sballbe coincident with their terms <br />.of office,as members-of such Boards of Supervisors and Council. The'~erms of of <br />of the members appointed by the ~oard of Supervisors of ~enrico'and Chesterfield <br />and the Council of Richmond wheare members, respectively, of'their planning <br />commissions sha llbe coincident with their tetnns of office as members Of such <br />planning commissions. The terms of office of the citizen'members so appointed <br />shall be for three years; provided the term of office of the first citizen membe <br />appointed by the t~oard of Supervisors of Chesterfield shall be until the first <br />day of January of the second year following such appointment, the ternn of office <br />of the firs~ citizen member appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Henrico <br />shall be until the first day o~ January of the third year followin~ such appoint- <br />merit, and theterm of office of the first citizen member appointed by the Council <br />of Richmond shallbe until the first day of January of the fourth year following <br />such appointment, and thereafter such citizen members shallbe appointed for <br />terms of three year beginning on the first day of January following the expiratio <br />of ~heir terms of office. Each member of the Commission before enterinc upon <br />the duties of his o£fice shall take the following oath. <br /> <br />ce <br /> <br /> "X, ............................. . .... do solemnly swear (or affirm) ~hat X will <br />suppQr~ the Constitution of the United States, and the Cons~itution of the State <br />of Virginia, and that X will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform <br />all the duties incumbent upon me as a ~ember of the Richmond Regional Planning <br />and Economic Development Commission. according to the best of my ability, so <br />help me God". <br /> <br />Whenever a member of the Commission, other than the citizen members, who ceases <br />robe a member of ~be ~oard of SupervEsors ~f Henrico or Chesterfield or of the <br />Council of Richmond or of the planninc commission of Henrioo, Chesterfield or <br />Richmond, as the case maybe, he shalleease to~e a member of the Commission~ <br />and wnever a citize~ m~mber of-the Commission ceases to be a citizen or resident <br />of the political subdivision whose governing body elected him, he shallcease <br />to be a member ~f theCommission. A vacancy occurring in the membership of the <br />Commission for any cause sha.ll be filled for the unexpired term by the authority <br />makin~ the appointment for the fullter~. The members of the Commission shall <br />serve as such withou~ compensation, a~d within the limitation of funds that maybe <br />provided for the purpose, they may be allowed necessary travelin~ and other expen~ <br />while engaged in the work of or for the Commission. <br /> <br /> 2. The Commission shallelect from its membership a chairman and a vice- <br />chairman whose terms of office shall be fixed by the Commission at not less than <br />one year nor more than four years. The Chairman shallpreside over the meetings <br />of the Commission and shall have the same right to vote and speak therein as ethel <br />members. The vice-chairman shall in the absence or disability of the chairman <br />perform the duties of the chairman, andif a vacancy shall occur in ~he office of <br />chairman shallbecome chairman for the unexpired portion of the term of the <br />In the absence or disability of both the chairman and vice- chairman, the Commies <br />shall by a majority vote of those p~esent choose one of their number to perform <br />the duties of chairman. <br /> <br /> 3. The Commission shall appoint an executive director who shallhold office <br />at the pleasure of the Commission, The executive director shall keep a record <br />of allresoluti~ns, proceedings and actions of the Commission. ' The Comm ~sion ma, <br />create and fillsuch other offices or positions as it may determine, and the <br />ployment of persons therein shall be for such periods of time and upon such terms <br />and conditions as the Commission may prescribe, within the limitation of funds <br />available to tko Commission for the purpose. The Commission ~ay contract with <br />planners, en~ineers, arahiteots and other consultants or for other professional <br />or other specialized services as it may require, within ~he limitation of funds <br />available fo the Commission for %he Durpose. <br /> <br /> ~. At least two-thirds of %he entire membership of the Commission shall <br />constitute a quorum for the transaction of its business or for the performance <br />of its function. The Commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of its <br />business or performance Of its functions, whichshall provide for the time and <br />place of holdin~ regular meet£n~s, which shall be held not less freqbently than <br />once in each. quarter. They shall also provide for the callin~ of special <br />by the chairman or by at least one-third of the entire membership of the Commissio <br />The Commission shall Eeep a record of its resolutions, proceedings and a c~ionso <br />The Commission shall submit a quarterly report of its activities to ~he Commission <br />of the Division of Plannin~ and Economic Development of the Commonweal%h of <br />Virginia and the Boards of Supervisors of f[enrico and Chesterfield and the CounCil <br />of Richmond. <br /> <br /> 5. The executive director shall trsnaot the business and execute the functio <br />and policies of the Commission durinc intervals bet;ween meetings of the Commission <br />provided, however, the executive director shall nothave the power to establish any <br />policy for the Commission or to authorize or direct that any~hinc be done that <br />adversely affects.any action ~Een by the Commission, nor shallthe executivo <br />director have the power to expend or authoriz e the expenditure of any funds or <br />incur any boli~ati0n for and one behalf of the Commission unless specifically <br />authorized so to doby the Commission, whichshall be spread upon the records of the <br />Commission. <br /> <br /> <br />