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.Salaries.! etc. Paid from the General County Fund: <br /> <br /> George Baskerville <br /> Clifford B. Robinson <br /> Leonard Fisher <br /> Lonnie C. Oxendine <br /> Willie Copeland <br /> George Hancock <br />· B. J.Banks <br /> <br /> George W.Hoore, Jr. <br /> H, B.Walksr <br /> Ernest P. Gates <br /> Frances B.B~own <br /> 0.B. Gates <br /> <br />Truck driver <br /> # # <br /> <br /> " "helper <br /> # <br /> <br />Watchman at County Dump <br />Janitor <br /> <br /> # <br /> <br />Treasurer and office expenses <br />Commissioner of Revenue and expenses <br />Commonwealth's Attorney <br />Secretary <br />Sheriff and Deputies <br /> <br />$19o.o0 <br />19o.oo <br />185.oo <br />205.00 <br />30.00 <br />19o.oo <br />100,00 <br />165,00 <br />lZ79.3~ <br />9O9~27 <br />z70.84 <br />105,00 <br />4?7.23 <br /> <br />Miscellaneous Claims Paid from the General Count~ Fund: <br /> <br />S.B.Adkins <br />American Sanitary Supply Co.. <br />Archer's Garage <br />M..W.Burnett, Exec. Sen'y. <br />Buildings Equipment & Supply <br />M.W.Burnett, Exeo. Sec*y. <br /> <br />Bishop's Garage <br /> <br />Burroughs Corporation <br />Vernon D. Claiborne <br />Mrs. Then T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />Central National Bank <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Cawalier ~ress <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Tb.e Colt Index Company <br /> <br />C~ Tel. Company <br />Mrs. Then T.Ooghill, P.M. <br />C&P Tel. Company <br /> <br />Ce~P Tel. Company <br />M.. go Clarke, <br />C~P Tel. Company <br />Oolgin Auto Service <br /> <br />MrS. Thee T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />Central Heating, Hose & Rubber <br />Company <br />C&P Tel. Company <br />Mr~. Thee T. Co,bill. P.M. <br />B.T.Cru~p & Co. Inc. <br /> <br /> O&? Tel. Company <br /> <br /> Cl~rk's Pure Service <br /> Cr.ippled Children Hospital <br /> Cole' Harding and James, <br /> i.L.Davis <br /> <br /> C,~.Dorset Hdwe, Covp, <br /> ~.~.Darley & Company <br /> ~p~s-Yitzgeraid Paper Co, <br /> ~ttrick Gulf Service <br /> E~es-Fitzgerald Paper Go,Inc, <br /> Ettrick Gulf Service <br /> <br />~inding books $84.00 <br />Mop heads, 1 ca~e Babe 13.90 <br />Police Dept.- Repairs tocar 28.50 <br />Petty cash . 25.00 <br />Hibroc towels-Health Bldg. 17,~2 <br />Petty Cash - Rezonln~, registerin~ <br />letters, inc. 25.00 <br />Ad~USti,g brake~, inspection, etc. <br />Sheriff's oar 4.60 <br />Comm. of Revenue-Repairs to machine <br />Refund on unused auto license 1,67 <br />One roll 3~ stamps 15,00 <br />Principal and interest 100,395.8~ <br />Ben ~ir-Southampton Fire Dept. <br />Official ballots - special elecZion 18.~0 <br />Manchester - Fire Dept, <br />Second paymen% on re-indexin~ <br />contract (Clerk,s Office) . 2000.0. <br />Telephone-Ettrick Fire Dept. 12.6 <br />I roll 3¢ stamps 15.00 <br />Dale, Wage,afl Circle, Bensley, Forest <br />View and Assessor's Office <br />Courthouse, Matoaca Fire Dept. 118.80 <br />Refund on unused auto license 3.33 <br />Midlothian Fire Dept. 16.00 <br />Police Dept.-State i~spection, oil, <br />set lining, etc. 2~.25 <br />Civil Defense-3~ stamps 3,00 <br /> <br /> 6,00 <br /> <br />Police Dept,- ? pts. boots <br />Clover Hill Fire Dept. <br />100- ~4. stamps <br />Police Dept.- Supplies, belts, cartridge <br /> <br />Chester Fire Dept.-Civil Defense <br />Courthouse <br />Forest View Fire Dept.-Gas <br />Donation <br />Clips., one ~allbracke~, etc. <br />Rental on office space at Holly Inn <br />(Assessor's Office) <br />I rim lock <br />6 holsters <br />Paper towels, tissue <br /> <br />610,47 <br />2.55 <br />250.00 <br />30.20 <br /> <br />85.00 <br />1.35 <br />85.06i <br /> <br />Police Dept,- Cas, oar wash, seal beam,oil 17.85{ <br />Hammermill Bond Paper 47,63 <br />E~tr/ck F~e Dept.-Gas 19.~1 <br /> <br />Fl.ippo Body and Fender Repairing Police Dept.- Parts, Lbbor <br />Federal Laboratories, Inc. Police Dept.-Badges <br />Fire Control Equipment Co. Dale Fire Dept.-Cloves and badges <br />Featherston Service Station Co. 14 gallons gas - Police Dept. <br />General Electric Supply Co. Bld. Inspoction-Llgh~ fixtures <br />Gordon and Hinton Photo Print Co. Road maps <br />Gordon's Esso Servicenter Police Dept.-Gas, 'o~l, etc. <br /> <br />E,F.C,~rner <br />N,B.Ooodwyn & Sons <br />Walter A. Hash, Jr, <br />Fred R, Hughes Service Station <br />Florida W. Henderson <br />Fred R.Hughes <br />Hunter and Thurston <br />~erman W. Hess, Jr. <br />Ed]warddHawks, Jr. <br />Home Equipment Company <br />~red R.Hughes Service Station <br />Manuel Hornandea <br />H,A,Hawkins & Go, <br /> <br />Gas - Police Dept. <br />2 pcs, $x$-10- Oak <br />Expenses incurred in appraising <br />Bensley Fire Dept.- Gas <br />Refund. on unused auto license <br />PSlice Dept.- Oil, ~as <br />Police Dept,- Oil, gas, car <br />Refund on unused auto license <br />Mileage in Civil Defense meetings <br />6heater Fire Dept. - Gas and oil <br />Bensley Fire ~ept. <br />Lunacy coca, lesion <br />To cleaning furnace, oil motors,and <br />ad~usting b~nor <br /> <br />153.07 <br />53.zo <br />~6.65 <br />4.88 <br />36.35 <br />21.12 <br />- 88.91 <br />6.13 <br />2.28 <br />100.00 <br /> <br /> 1,6 <br /> 11.8, <br /> 20.81, <br /> 1.67 <br /> 22.12 <br /> 11.99 <br /> 3o.~8 <br /> 10,00 <br /> <br />10.90 <br /> <br /> <br />