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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chester. <br /> field County, held at the <br /> Courthouse ca September 25, 195', <br /> at 10:OO a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />J.G.Hening, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne <br />J;C.McKesson <br />Jane s W. Gordon, Jr. <br />Robt. O. Gill <br />Irvin G. Homer <br /> <br />hTbis day '~Ar. Eddie B. Dukes came before the Board requesting permission to build <br />zs home ~n line with other houses already built along Rt. lO,immediately west <br />of Chester. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of H.T. Goyne_seconded <br />by J.C.~icKesson, it is resolved that this Board grant Mr. Dukes permission to <br />build his house 50-feet from the center of Highway ~10. <br /> <br />un motion of Irvin G. Horner, seconded by J.C.~cKesson, it is resolved that this <br />Board accept the bid of the Richmond Motor Company for three (3) Ford trucks. <br />This bid being the lowest of twelve bids. <br /> <br />On motion of James W.Gordon, Jr., seconded by J.C.McKesson, it is resolved that <br />this Board give the Job of collecting water bills in the ~on Air vicinity to <br />Mrs. Waters of the Bon Air Appli~ Shop, the. fee for collecting water bills <br />to be the usual rate of 55 per ~ill. <br /> <br />This day,gain the matter of straightening Rt.63? from Warwick Road to the <br />south of Falling Creek came before the Board. Upon consideration ~hereof and <br />on motion of H.T.Goyne, seconded by James W. Gordom Jr., it is resolved that <br />this Board respectfully request the Virginia Department of Highways to again <br />seek Federal funds by which this connecting road may be straightened, widened <br />and improved. <br /> <br />This day the matter of painting the roofs of certain Fair Buildinss came before <br />the~ Board. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of J.C.McKesson,seconded <br />by H.T.Goyne, it is resolved that t his work be placed in the b~nds of the <br />and'Grounds Committee. <br /> <br />on motion of H.T.Goyne, seconded by Irvin G. Homer, it is resolved thaZ we pay <br />to Perrow and Brockenborough $6750.00 as per their contract, said sum being <br />the first payment of 25% due upon authorization of this Bo~d to proceed with <br />plans and specifications. <br /> <br />This day again the matter of the construction of Granite Road, Rt.683, came <br />before the Board. The Executive Secretary read a letter from Mr.L.E. Akers, <br />Secondary Road Engineer, Virginia Department of Highways, saying that the delay <br />was due to inability to reach an agreement with the Southern Ry. Comply. <br /> <br />1951. <br /> <br />Urdered that the meeting be now adjourned until 10:00 a.m. October 9, <br /> <br />-ecutive Secretary "" <br /> <br /> <br />