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This day again the matter of special taxes came before the Board and a pol.t was <br />taken as follows: <br /> <br />An amuse~ent tax of not more than lOad--Five of the Supervisors were in <br />favor of I-.his--Mr. ~oyne was not. <br /> <br />A motor vehicle license tax not to exceed the State rate--Five of the <br />Supervisors were in favor of this--Mr. Goyne was not. <br /> <br />A ~otel occupancy tax of not more than 5~ of the room rental. <br />The Board as a whole did not endorse this. <br /> <br />A capitation tax for school purt~oses--Five of the Supervisors were in favor <br />of this--~Ir. Goyne was not. <br /> <br />A tax on the extraction of sand and 5ravel was not favorable to the Board. <br /> <br />A utility tax was postponed for consideration at some later date. <br /> <br />A business and occupational tax was accepted by five Supervisors--~. Goyne <br />was not in favor of this. <br /> <br />A tax on trailors used as residences was favorable to five Supervisors-- <br />~. Goyne was not in favor of this. <br /> <br />Upon consideration of ti~ese, ~ir. ~. T. Goyne offered th~ following ~]otion: <br /> "That a ~ublic meeting be called on the five (5) forms of taxes <br /> favored by this ~oard and on any other tax matters." <br /> <br />This motion died for the want of a second. <br /> <br />Upon 2~urther consideration oft ax matters m~d on motion of Mr. S. R. Hague, <br />Jr., s~.~conded by Mr. J. P. Gunter, it is resolved that this Board study this <br />matter and defer action until the night of January 31, 1952, at 8:00 p.m. <br />at an adjourned meeting. <br /> <br /> On motion of ~4r. J. F. Gunter, seconded by Dr. i{obt. O. Gill, it is resolved <br />that this Board is desirous of bcin~] ?ermitted to participate in the <br />000.00 State School Constr'~ction Fund. <br />And be it further resolved, that the i'~epresentatives of Chesterfield County in <br />the Virginia Legislature, be, and they are hereby requested to work to that end. <br /> <br />On Motion of Dr. ~obt. O. Gill, seconded by Mr. il. J. '~ritton, it is resolved <br />that the Representatives of Chesterfield County in the Wirginia Legislature, <br />be and they hereby are reeuestedoto have amended Item 186 of House Bill No. 56 <br />and Para:~ra~-~h A of said I6em by otriking out the L'~ st six words of Paragraph <br />A to-wit:~'' ~nd Paragraph (b) of Item 187". <br />And be it further resolved that this ~oard doth approve the ~Jovernor ~attle <br />Plan as expressed in House Bill No. 56 in its general terms. <br /> <br />This Board being cognizant of the crowded condition of' the docket in the Oircuit <br />Court of this County and of the consequent diffi, culty in obtaining a final <br />hearing on the matters o~ said docket and also, being aware that the growth of <br />the population in said County and its location have caused this docket <br />congestion. <br />It is, on motion of Mr. H. T. ~oyne, seconded by Mr. J. P. Bunter, resolved that <br />this Board request the ~epresentatives of Chesterfield Oounty in the firginia <br />Le.%islature to seek legislation establis!~ing a new Circuit Court to be carved <br />out of the l~resent Fourth Circ~it, or to obtain legislation which will effective- <br />ly clearvue aforesaid court docket and keep the sa~e current so that litigants <br />may have speedy trial of their controversies in aaid County. <br />And be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be certified to H~n. <br />L~.oyd C. Bird and Hon. Ed~ard RI. Hudgins. <br /> <br />This day again the matter of an Assessin~l 3o~i~rd came before t}~is Bosrd and, <br />'~ereas, tile present Assessin~ Board was a~?ointed for only one year, and upon <br />consideration whereof and on motion of ~h~. X. J. Britton, seconded by ~.~r. <br />S. R. Hague, Jr., it is resolved that ~r. i}eo. ~. ~oore, Jr., Commissioner of <br />Revenue and Mr. B. ~. bavis, Buildin.% Inspector, be and they hereby are a~_~point- <br />ed as the Assessin.~ Oo~rd until the further order of this Board. <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. I1. ~. ~oyne, mt is resolved that this Do~rd be <br />adjourned until January 31, 1952, at 8:00 P.[1. <br /> <br />· Ex&c~tiv~ ~ecretary <br /> <br />Shairma~ <br /> <br /> <br />