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V~2GI~IA: At an adjourned meetin~ of <br /> the Bosrd of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County held at <br /> the Courthouse on February <br /> 2~, 1952, at 10:O0 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> Ir'yin G. Homer, Ohairman <br /> H. T. Goyne <br /> ft. O. Gill <br /> ~. J. Britton <br /> S. R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />Absent: J. P. Gunter <br /> <br />This day the Executive S,~cretary ~resented bids on fifteen (15) police cars, <br />and it appearing that the Chief of Police, C. W. Jnlith, had ori~]inally re- <br />cc~,~n~,nded that the County purchase eleven Fo~'ds and four (4) Chevrolets, upon <br />consideration whereof ~r. H. T. Goyne made the following ~otion, which was <br />seconded by 17. R. J. Britton: That the County Board of Supervisors purchase <br />eleven (11~ ~ords and four (g) Chevrolets. I,~. Goyne and ~,~r. ~ritton voted <br />"Aye". Mr. Horner, Mr. Ha ~ue and Dr. Gill voted in the ne!.~ative. <br /> <br />Or~ mo%ion of Mr. Ir'vin G. Hornet, seconded by i,~. R. J. ~J~itton, it is resolved <br />that the Board of Supe~visors ~urchase (15)fiifteen Fords from the idcCoy Motor <br />Company, at his ~uoted price of ~1~+75.00 each. <br />Mr. Homer, Mr. Ha!]ue, and ~.'~r. Britton voted "Aye." <br />i-re. Goyne and Dr. Gill voted in the negative. <br /> <br />Ordersd that the ~eetin ~ be adjourned until 10:00 a.~a. l~iarch 11, 1952 <br /> <br />Chairm~m <br /> <br /> <br />