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"Miscellaneous Cla ins"--continued <br /> <br />Hamm's Service Station <br />Chester Motor Company <br /> <br />Jones Pure Oil Station <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Morton Marks and Sons, Inc. <br />Dr. G. W. Thoma <br />Dr. H. L. Beddoe <br />Dr. T. B. Pope <br />Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Ins. Co. <br /> <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br /> <br />County of Chesterfield <br />County of Chesterfield <br />County of Chesterfield <br />County of Chesterfield <br />County of Chesterfield <br />Richmond Office Supply Co., Inc. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co., Inc. <br />Central PrintinE Company <br />Spencer Printing Company <br />S. B. Adkins & Company <br />J. P. Bell Company <br />P. W. Covington <br />Irby H. Brown <br />Southside Auto Supply <br />Colgin Auto O~rvice <br />Mid-Cities Supply Company <br />Fred R. Hughes Service Station <br />Anderson & Woodfin <br />Savedge Bros. Service Station <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />~sso Standard Oil Company <br />Esso Standard Oil ~.ompany <br />McCoy Motor Company <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />Mrs. Theo. T. Cogbill~ P.M. <br />H. B. Gilli~m, Atty. <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br />The C&~ Telephone Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />D. C. M~yes, M. D. <br />T. B. Pope, M. D. <br />J. P. Bell Company <br />J. P. Bell Company <br /> <br />Richmond Rubber Company <br />Richmond Rubber Company <br /> <br />Richmond Rubber Company, Inc. <br />The G&P Telephone G~npany <br />McCoy Motor C~npany <br />H. B. Gilliam, Atty. <br /> <br />Esso Standard Oil Company <br />Richmond Office Supply 6ompany <br />[{ic.hmond Office Supply Co., Inc. <br />Mac's Texaco Service Station <br />Dr. C. W. Wynn <br />Southern Stamp & Staionery Co. <br />J. B. Deariso <br />Coronet Carbon & ~ibbon Company <br />Addr es sograph,Mul ti graph Co rp. <br />Medical College of Va. Hospital <br />The Arnold Company <br />Helen M. Romaine <br />Mechanics & ~ierchants Bank <br /> <br />F. I. C. A. Contribution <br />Mrs. Theo. Cogbill, P.M. <br /> <br />Gas for Fire Dept. ~2 <br />Set brushes, battery, vacuum kit, <br />repairs to tire, etc. Chester Fire <br />Department 172.O7 <br />Gas and oil for Fire Dept. #1 8.04 <br />Local and long distance calls 398.45 <br />Street lights 242.30 <br />Two chairs 65.80 <br />Coroner's Services 40.00 <br /> " " 20. O0 <br /> " " 10.00 <br />Insurance premiums on Company trucks <br />and cars <br />Fuel oil--Bon Air-Southampton Fire <br />Department ~.40 <br />Gas, oil, etc. for Sheriff's cars 65.00 <br />Gas, oil, for Fire Department 24.07 <br />Gas, oil for Building Inspector 36.07 <br />Gas, oil, wash jobs--Trash truck 70.93 <br />Gas, oil, wash jobs--Police Dept. 709.10 <br />3x5 cards--Building Inspector 1.97 <br />t,OO0 #SA forms 40.23 <br />2,000 letterheads 22.50 <br />~,O00 Building permit signs 34.75 <br /> <br />3,952.99 <br /> <br />Binding books 1i.00 <br />1 Code book rack and sheets(Clerk's Ofl~) 35.69 <br />Jury commissioner 5.00 <br /> " " 5.00 <br />Repairing tire on Sheriff's car .?5 <br />Gas, oil and accessories--Police 81.84 <br />Water hose for Police car 1.75 <br />Oil and !~rease--Police car 1.50 <br />1 seal beam for Police car 1.43 <br />Gas, oil, tire repair, etc.-Police 68.27 <br />Fuel Oil #l--Bon Air Fire Dept. 13.02 <br />Fuel oil--Clover Hill Fire Dept. 13.02 <br /> " "--Bon Air-Southampton Fire Dept. 9.52 <br />Gas, anti-freeze, grease, etc. Police 20.98 <br />Fuel oil--Clover Hill Fire Dept. 11.76 <br />Two rolls 35 stamps 30.06 <br />Comm. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield <br />Vs. Heirs of W. L. Taylor 44.06 <br />Electric service 6.72 <br />Electric service--Courthouse 187.50 <br /> " " --Ettrick Town Hall <br />and R~toaca Volunteer Fire Dept. 5.16 <br />' C . 10.25 <br /> felephone-- hesterfield Fire Dept #3 <br /> " --Midlothian Vol. Fire Dept. 10.50 <br /> " --Fire Dept. #2 11.35 <br /> " --Bon Air Fire Dept. (2 mos.) 21.37 <br /> " --Ettrick Fire Dept. (2 mos.) 20.93 <br />Street li~hting--Ettrick, Chester and <br />Matoaca 188.50 <br />Lunacy commission (mileage) 5.90 <br /> ,' " " 5.30 <br />300 file folders (Clerk's Office) 69.?5 <br />Delinquent tax receipt books, CAS-5, <br />CAS-6, Receipt Books, Deed Receipt books <br /> (Clerk's Office) . 221.42 <br />Fire extinguishers recharged--Clover <br />Hill Fire Dept. 7.50 <br /> Chester Fire Dept. --400 ft. 3/4" booster <br /> hose--coupled with brass chrome 372.40 <br /> <br />couplings · <br /> <br />1 set 3/4" bar-way couplings 8.27 <br />Chester Fire Dept.--Telephone 6.25 <br />To towing fire truck from Stop 44 6.00 <br />To 5% co~issions--3½ acres--Harry Clay <br />delinquent taxes 28.66 <br />Fuel oil #l--Bon Air Fire Dept. 15.96 <br />#2 Special crown numberer 1.91 <br />Div. index and binder 36.26 <br />Gas, oil, etc.--Police Dept. 39.99 <br />Lunacy Commission 5.00 <br />Three rolls cloth gummed t ape 2.45 <br />25--flexiblocks (Co~n. of Revenue) 18.75 <br />12 Typewriter ribbons 18.22 <br />1 plat for envelopes 3.52 <br />Hospitalization 102.00 <br />Radio maintenance--Police 1OO.OO <br />Meals served to prisoners 33.15 <br />Withholding tax from County employees <br />for March, 1952 <br />Social Security tax for March, 1952 <br />Postage <br /> <br />611.6o <br />934.58 <br /> 15.03 <br /> <br />$9,829.18 <br /> <br /> <br />