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¥I~'~GiNIA: At an adjourned meeting of the Board · <br /> of Supervisors of Chesterfield Gounty <br /> held at the Courthouse on May 22, 1952~ <br /> at ~t:OO p.m. <br /> <br />Pre~ent: <br /> Irvin ]. Hornet, Chai~man <br /> J. P. Gunter <br /> $. R. Ha~e, Jr. <br /> ~. J. ~ritton <br /> Robt. O. ~ill <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> H. T. Goyne <br /> <br />This day t~ere a~peared ~h~. Srinson along with a dele;~ation o£ ten people £rom <br />the Bellwood ~¥~o~' area~.seeking some relief in the matter of garbage collection, <br />citin~ very bad conditions directly due to no .~arbage collection by the Co~ty. <br /> Upon oon~ideration whereof a~d on motion of ~4r. J. P. Gu.nter, seconded by <br />~.~. S. ~. Hague~ it is resolved t~t the Execative Secretary be and he hereby <br />is authorized to advertise for a man to pick u~'~ garba~e in the Bellwood i~nor <br />area a~d the co~ ~.~f same be c~arged to ~e citizens receivin~ the benefits, <br />a~d the dVsposa! of ]arba~e wo~,id be tahen c' ~ of by the collector. Upon <br />furti~r cons.[der~tion a~d on motion of ,~ir. Britton, seconded by ~. Hague, it <br />is resolw~d t~at the matter of collecting [arba,;e in t}~e Bell~ood M~or area <br />and adjacent areas be studied i'urtl~er by this Board. <br /> <br />This ¢iay a.:~ain MzTM. Coleman a~d others a?pcared before the Board requestin~ the <br />construction of a road connccti~l[ lit. 10 and O£'cutt Lane. <br /> Ai~cr· m~ch discussion of this ;natt~:c it ].~; ~-cferred ~c i,ir. ~ritton and <br />citizen,s of tile area for so~e solution of the ri ?~ts-of-way involved in said <br />road construction. <br /> <br />This day I~[r. C. ~J. Smith, Ci]ief of Police, appeals'cd before the Board advocating <br />the ?ul"chase of al:~crnators for Police cars, said alternators to be used instead <br /> <br /> Upon consideration wh~reoi' ~d on motion of IJ~. Britton, seconded by <br />Ha:;ue, it is rose, ired that ten alternators of tl~e 50 amp. size be purchased. <br /> <br />On motiun el~ i4r. it. J. oritton, seconded by i~ir. Gunter, it is resolved that ti:e <br />Forest View ochool drivet.;ay Do tai~en into the State 3econdau'y System. <br /> <br />On motion of l~tr. (}uae%er, s~:conded by ~,~. britl, on, i'~ is resolved t[~a% the <br />EkecuLi~ze S~c~'etary request, in writJ, n~ the a])proval of the Highway Depart~,~ent <br />of spendin [ ky the County its 3¢ road £und money ~,;n roads in the County pro- <br />vided 5~:e Hi.~hway gives supervision to such work. <br /> <br />On motion th~ meetin; is adjourned until May 28, 1952, at !0:OO a.m. <br /> <br />Executive ~ecretary <br /> <br /> <br />