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Vi[~GIi~iA: At an adjourned meeting bf the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chester- <br /> field County, held at t~e Court- <br /> house on May 28, 1952, at 10:~0 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />irvin G. Homer, Chairwoman <br />J. ]:. danter <br />R. J. ~ritton <br />S. ii. Haque, ~r. <br /> <br />Ab~;e~nt: <br /> <br /> H. T. Goy~[e <br /> Robt. O. ~ill <br /> <br />This da}, a:'ai~, th~ matte.,. ~.i' re~avin~:, fromm t~e ~tility Construction ~"und the <br />~195,000.OO loan to the ~e~leral ~uuld of t?~e County came oefo?e the Board. <br /> Ul~on co~usidez'ation whereof a~d o~ m~tio~ of ~.~r. J. l'. ~unter, seconded by <br />,~[r. ~. ~i...~z'itton, it is resolved t;~at this amo~.nt of ~195,0OO.00 0e paid to <br />t.~e ;e~era! Fun~ of t~e Cou.aty from the utility Const:~uction Fu~d in =i.~t of <br />ti~e fact t[~at special lc[~islatio~ was obtained perm:tting ~his action. <br /> <br />This day tl~e matter of telephone service to the Cour't}]oase was discu~]~;ed a~d <br />iL was pointed out that r~.ce~tiy num~rous citizens had complained concerning <br />the lack of available tr~k lines into i~ic}m'mnd. <br /> Upon co~sideratio~ w:'~er~of, and on mct~on of i~r. ~t.J. ~ritton, seco~ded by <br />~qr. J. P. Jun'Let, it is ;,'esolvcd ti;at this Board adopt the recc:.mme~dation of <br />The Suildin~s ai~d ~rout~ds Co~m~itt~e concernin~ this r~roblem,,said reco~,~,,~endation <br />bein~ to in,;tall t~'o addit.ional trunk lines into t'.~ City of Ric~mond, four of <br />tf~e tru~k ~ines to be 'put ,m one number arid ti~e fifth trunk i~na to Se listed <br />as an e~er ;eacy nmnber only; and that an additional extension be installed to <br />the Welfare Department. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. R. J. ~ritton, seco~lded by Mr. S. '~. Hague, Jr.~ it is resolved <br />t~at the Executive Sec~,et~ry be dissected to investi?~ate the matter of long <br />distance calls over the Courthouse 'phones, seeking to devise some system <br />whereby said calls could be controlled. <br /> <br />On motion o2~ fir. S. ~t. iia~ue, seconded by fir. J. i'. ,Junter, it is resolved <br />that the Co~,~.~,~onwea!th's Attorrley be reauested to draft an ordi~ance making <br />mandato~'y the ~otificatJons to ti~e ioiice De~artmeat by moffin~ and hauiin~ <br />COI~l~?~ii~S Of ~ny 5~c[i l[lovi~17] slid ~iau_i~g of ih~rniture from one ilouse to <br />~other in or outside of the County. <br /> <br />This day the Executive SeCretary reported that up to trois time the Sa~itary <br />Pistrict of ~ttrick had ;~ot particif~ted i~ the tax avails from corporations <br />withi~ the Sanitary Disti'ict boundaries. <br /> 0~ motion of l',~r. Hag~, seco~ded by fir. ,~ritton, the Executive Secretary <br />is requested to investigate this problem with i~[r. Moore, Corm~issioner of <br />Reve:~ue, and report at the next meetin?;. <br /> <br /> The undersigned County Road Lngin(~er havin~q been directed at a ~revious <br />meetin ~ of the Board of Supervisors of Chesterf{eld County to examine Paul's <br />Lane in the subdivision of "Piney Knolls" in ~ls~chester Maiiisterial District, <br />aad report to this Board the expediency of establishinq said road as a public <br />road, rel,o~'ted as follows: <br /> <br /> That he we~t upon said road and examined the same and is of the opinion <br />t~at t~-,ere is a necessity for the establishme~t of same as a public road, a'ad <br />further: <br /> <br />(1) The said road will be of ~reat public convenience <br />(2) It will not be ,of mere private convenie~ce <br />(3) No yard, ./~arden or orchard will be taken <br />(4) The said road is in a dubdivision of land dedicated to <br /> the Corn ~onwealth of Virginia a~d therefore land o%~aers <br /> along said road will not receive compensation <br />(5) No land o%m]er requires compensation <br />(6) There. will be no compensation <br /> <br />This day the County Road ",n~ineer in accordance with directions from this <br />Board made report in writing upon his exami~ation of Paul~ La~e in the <br />subdivision of "Piney Knolls" in ,'~mchester Magisterial District, which <br />report shows that in theopinion of the County Road Engineer it is expedient <br />that said road be established as a i;ublic road. <br /> Upon cons.~deration w~ereof, and on motion of ~r. R. J. Brittoa, seconded <br />by ~Qr. Hague, it is resolved t~at Paul's Lane in the subdivision of "Piney Knolls" <br />in Manchester District, be m~d the same is hereby established as a public road. <br />And be it further resolved that the Virginia Department of liighways be and it <br />hereby is requested to take i~to the Secondary Oystem of Chesterfield Coumty, <br />Paul's Lane, from a point on Rt. 1652, .51 of a mile westwardly from the in- <br /> <br /> <br />