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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned m~eting o£ the <br /> Board o£ Supervisors of Chester. <br /> field County held at the Court- <br /> house on June 3, 1952,at <br /> 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> Irvin G. Hornet, Chairman <br /> H. T.Goyne <br /> S. R. Hague, Jr. <br /> J. i'. G~ter <br /> Robt. O. Gill <br /> R. J. Britton <br /> <br />This day again, Mr. E. S. H. Greene, Supt. of Schools, appeared before the Board, <br />explaining the request of the School Board for ~20,000.O0 which amount is needed <br />to balm~ce certain expenditures during the year. <br /> Upon consider~tion wi~ereof and on motion of Mr. J. P. Gunter, seconded by <br />Mr. H. T.. Goyne, it is resolved t~t this Board appropriate ~20,000.00 to the <br />School Board to cover shortai~es of certain accounts. <br /> <br />This day Mr. C. F. Kellam, l~esident Enginoer, Virginia Department of Highways, <br />appeared before the Board with plans for the relocation of Rt. 637. <br /> Upon consideration whereof and on motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by ~. <br />Britton, the following resolution was adopted: <br /> <br /> WHE~EAS, the Commonwealth of Virginia t~ough the De~rt~ent of Highways <br />has prepared ~'~d submitted to ~he Board for the construction or improvement of a <br />section of Rt. 637 of the State Secondary System~ Project 13~14-15, in Chester- <br />f~eld County, from 0.)84 Miles North ~d of Bridge over Falling Creek (Int. Route <br />647) to 0.227 Mi. S. South end of Bridge over Falling Creek, approved May 19, <br />1952; ~d <br /> <br /> ~E~],~A~, it is oroposed to finance the cosy of conscruction fifty percent <br />from Federal Aid Sec~nd~.ry f~ds and fifty per cent from State funds allocated <br />~o Chesterfield County; and <br /> <br /> WHE~tEAS, it is the desire of this Board that said road be improved in accord- <br />a~ce wi ~h s aid plans. <br /> <br /> NOW, T~E~EFO~E~ DE if ~iho~L~D: Tha~ this Board hereby approves ~he ~lans <br />and recuests the Departme~t of Highways to proceed with construction in accord- <br />ance w{th t?~se plans, a~u this Board hereby a~rees to an~ does ~uarantee a 40-ft. <br />~restricted right of way as indicated or noted on said plans, to[~et~er with <br />the right and easement to use the additional areas show as being required for <br />the proper execution and maintenance of the work as indicated on plums, it being <br />understood that incidental costs such as moving and res~.ttin:g existing fe,~ces, <br />house,s, structures, utilities, or other obstructions of such nature, are to be <br />paid from Secondary F~ds allocated or to be allocated to Chesterfield Go~ty. <br /> <br /> It is further ~derstood and agreed that in the event one or more property <br />o~aers ref~se to execute a deed covering land required from their properties for <br />ri~:~ht of way purposes, this Bo~d hereby authorizes the Co~nonwealth of Virginia, <br />Department of' Hi~hways, to instit~te conde~mation proceedings and agrees to ~y <br />from f~ds allocated or to be allocated to Chesterfield County all costs in <br />connection therewith including awards of co~mnissioners. <br /> <br />This day a,j;ain the matter of a school driveway by the Midlothian School came <br />before the Bo~d. <br /> Upon consideration wh~.~ .eof and on motion of Mr. Gunter, seconded by <br />Britton, it is resolved that a sketch of the Midlothian School driveway be <br />prepared and sent to the Highway Departmont for possible routing of cars and <br />buses. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented a bill for the construction of certain <br />roads by the State 5ighway Depart~ent. <br /> Upon consideration waereof ~'~d on motion of Mr. R. J. Britton, seconded by <br />~,~r. Goyne, it is resolved that t~is bill be paid from the 3~ fund of the County <br />and the cost of the various roads ~e charged to the district therein. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented a sli~htly different costs schedule <br />for the proposed increasing of' telephone facilities in the Rici~mond lines from <br />ti~e Courthouse. <br /> Upon consideration w~ereof ~id on motion of "~r. Gunter, seconded by Mr. <br />Britton, it is resolved that this matter be referred back to the Buildings -and <br />Grounds Committee for further study. <br /> <br /> <br />