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-Miscellaneous claims Paid from the General County Fund:,--continued <br /> <br />Cotgin Auto Service <br /> <br />Coronet Carbon ~ Ribbon Co. <br />N~tional Surety Corp. <br /> <br />St. Philip Hospital <br />Virginia Electric ~ Power Co. <br /> <br />Savedge Bros. Service Station <br />A. L. Lindsey <br />Dr. R. K. Waller <br />Virginia Stationery Co. Inc. <br />J. p. Bell Company <br />Bon Air Sales ~ Service <br />H. L. Beddoe, M.D. <br />Ettrick Gulf Service <br />Southside Hdwe. Co. Inc. <br />Hamm's Service Station <br />The Todd Company, Inc. <br />Louis Blunt's Texaco Service <br />McCoy MStor Company <br />Richmond Newspapers, Inc. <br /> <br />Fred Walls, Jr. M.D. <br />Joseph L. Bickerstaff's Sons <br />A. McD. Holder <br />H. P. Royster, M. D. <br />G. W. Thoma, M.D. <br />Epes-Fitzgerald Paper C~apany <br />Louise Leland Clark, M.D. <br /> <br />R. B. Augustine Ins.Agency, Inc. <br />Utilities Department <br /> <br />The Penitentiary Industrial Dept. <br />Southern Paper & Supply Company <br />The Todd Company, Inc. <br />Southern Stamp & Stationery Co. <br />The Columbia Carbon Company <br />Featherston's Service Station <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Sons <br />Spencer Printing Company <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />The C.&P Telephone Company <br />The Chesapeake & Potomac Tel.Go. <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br /> <br />The C&P Telephone Co,~pany <br />The C&P Telephone Compsmy <br />Virginia Electric ~ Power Company <br />Fire Control Equipment Company <br /> <br />Fire Control Equipment Company <br /> <br />One tuoe and installing same <br />Police Department $2·86 <br />Carbon paper and ribbons 62.89 <br />Premium on C. W. Smith, Chief of <br />Police 10.00 <br />Hospitaliaation--Nina Hurt 27.00 <br />Electric service--Erich Fire Station, <br />Bon Air an~ Clover Hill Fire Dept. 17.84 <br />Gas, oil, wash, etc. 63.11 <br />PoliceDept.--Gas 1.43 <br />Coroner's service--Maggie B. Barnes 10.O0 <br />1 Dolen check files 11.88 <br />Binders and indexes 121.06 <br />Gas, oil, brake fluid 57.99 <br /> <br />E. F. Garner <br /> <br />Allen Radiator Service, Inc. Repairs to Police radios <br />Virginia Key and Lock Co.~ Inc. One key--Police <br />Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Company, Inc.Envelopes, Hammermill Bond Paper <br />Town of Claremont Two sections 4½" 10' hard suction <br /> strainer, fittings <br />H B. Gilliam, Atty. Comm. of Va. and Co. of Chesterfield <br />· Vs. Heirs of ~m. Lewis, et als <br />Lewis H. Vaden, Clerk of Court <br /> <br />Mrs. Theo T. Cogbill, P.M. <br />The G&P Telephone Company <br />O.P.O. Clothes <br /> <br />Otho Rowlett <br />Harold Walker, Treas., <br />Joint Ruritan Co~mnittee <br />E. F. Garner <br /> <br />Southern Body & Fender Repairing <br />Mrs. Helen McL. Romaine <br /> <br />F.I.C.A Contribution Fund <br />F.I.C.A Contribution Fund <br /> <br />Coroner's seevices--Lommis E.Smith 10.00 <br />Gas, oil, wash and grease-Police Dept~ 47.14 <br />6 screen door closers 1.96 <br />Gas and oil--Fire Dept. #2 15.41 <br />Service to Check protector 21.50 <br />Gas--Bensley #3 Fire Dept. 10.30 <br />Repairs to Police cars 118.29 <br />Advertising fire Station-Rezoning <br />of property 30.80 <br />Coroner's service--~a. Day Todd 10.00 <br />One.police siren 46.20 <br />Gas and one tube--Police Dept. 43,46 <br />Coroner's services 20,00 <br />Coroner's services 30.00 <br />Hammermill Bond paper 89.52 <br />Treatment-Truck driver's hand cut <br />while on duty collecting trash 5.00 <br />Premium on Bond of Executive Sec'y 25.00 <br />To furnishing and installing fi~e <br />plug at A~nchester High School 150.OO <br />Towels and sheets for jail 36.40 <br />Towels and drinking cups 21.50 <br />Printed checks 215.42 <br /> 3.76 <br />One quire stencils <br />Carbon paper 45.00 <br />Gas, oil, etc. Police Dept. 23.77 <br />14 pcs. lx6--14' 7.62 <br />Xraft envelopes~ 29.50 <br />Street lighting--Ettrick, Chester <br />and Matoaca 188.50 <br />Telephone service 24.80 <br />Telephone service-Matoaca Fire Dept. 20.90 <br />Telephone service-Manchester Fire <br /> Department 13.O5 <br />Telephone service--Manchester.(Home) 11.35 <br />Telephone service--Bensley 10.25 <br />Electric service--Ettrick Town Hall 2.76 <br />Ansul 20 cartridge recharged, 25 lbs. <br />paul Ansul dry chemical 6.75 <br />One hydrant wrench,~ extinguisher & <br />bracket, handlight with bracket and <br />battery <br />One set brake linings, seals, brake <br />fluid, etc. <br /> <br />153.92 <br /> <br />38.13 <br />949.68 <br />1.OO <br />75.12 <br /> <br /> 25.00 <br /> <br />176.95 <br /> <br />Suit of Comm. of Va. Vs. Heirs of <br />Anne R. Clark--Unknown Heirs of Dudley <br />Perry and Heirs of Mary E. Tompkins 25.50 <br />Postage-Trial Justice & Executive Sec'y 45.09 <br />Local and long distance calls-C.H, 422.50 <br />Five suits for County plain clothes <br />detectives 169.75 <br />For plastering at Courthouse 314.03 <br />~Fee for sale of four cars 95.50 <br /> <br />Gas, battery, headlamps, grease, job, <br />mirror 30.59 <br />~epairs to Police cars 238.48 <br />Meals served prisoners in jail <br />at Courthouse 50.05 <br />Employer's share 1,114.55 <br />Social Securitx Tax 367.39 <br /> <br />F.I.C.A Contribution Fund Employer's share Social Security <br /> Tax, July, 1952 <br />Mechanics & Merchants Bank Withholding Tax for July, 1952 <br />Election Claims for election held July 15, 1952 <br /> <br /> 210.83 <br /> 660.90 <br />_ 1,355.95 <br /> $8,596.16 <br /> <br /> <br />