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VIRGINIA: At a regular meeting of the Board <br /> of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse on <br /> January 13, 1953,at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />J. P. Gunter <br />H. T. Goyne <br />~. J. Britton <br />Robt. O. Gill <br />g. R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />"~Salarie s.~_ Allowances~~_~_~ .MileaEe- etc_~.~.. P.a i. ~d__ f~r o~_t h?~ ~G.e.n~ e~r.a~l'· ~C~ o~nt~. · ~u.n.d :o,,~.~ <br /> <br />H. T. Goyne Supervisor and mileage $49.85 <br />Robt. o. Gill Supervisor and mileage 52.25 <br />Irvin G. Horner Supervisor and mileage 53.~5 <br />J. P. Gunter Supervisor and mileage 52.25 <br />R. J. Britton Supervisor and mileage 51.45 <br />S. R. Hague, Jr. SupervisoP and mileage 4~.45 <br />Geo. ~. ~ore, Jr. Treasurer & Deputies 1,109.47 <br />H. B, W'~l~r Co:~n. of Revenue & Deputies 1,000.20 <br />M. A. Cogbill Co~nonwealth Attorney 298.50 <br />A. J. Homer Forest Fire Warden 88.00 <br />Lewis Vaden ~lerk, ~ircuit Court 83.33 <br />~. W. ~urnett Executive Secretary 498.63 <br />Auline B. Wills Sec,y to Executive Secretary 195.85 <br />l~rs. Elizabeth Thomas Asst. Home Dem. Agent 71.30 <br />Mrs. Anne R. ~onfer Home Agent 105.O0 <br />Elsie V. ~opeland Home Agent 75.00 <br />R. F. Jones County Agent 90.00 <br />Mrs. Helen.~cL. ~omaine PBX operator 151.52 <br />Wm. V. Eobertson Building Inspector 279.90 <br />Marshall Jones County Agent 15©.O0 <br />Henry Goode Truck Driver 187.14 <br />George Baskerville Truck Driver 162.54 <br />Clifford B. ~obinson Truck Driver 157.60 <br />Leonard Fisher Truck Driver 157.60 <br />B. J. Banks Janitor 123.12 <br />Willie Smith Janitor 132.9~ <br />C. W. Smith Chief, Police ~ept. 345.09 <br />I. E. Bowman Capt. Police Dept. 28~.69 <br />R. W. Koch Lt. Police Dept. 279.82 <br />E. P. Gill Detective, Police Dept. 274.26 <br />~. E. Feeback Detective, Police Dept. 306.43 <br />E. T. Smith Detective, Police Dept. 268.70 <br />C. W. Cunningham Patrolman, Police Dept. 237.87 <br />H. N. Terrell Patrolman, Police Dept. 260.07 <br />C. E. Jones Patrolman, Police Dept. 225.82 <br />C. E. ~ichter Patrolman, Pol%ce Dept. 235.11 <br />W. E. ~artin Patrolman, Police Dept. 253.00 <br />~. C. Phillips Patrolman, Police Dept. 255,58 <br />D. ~. Ayre Patrolman, Police Dept. 2*2.58 <br />B. C. ~urman Patrolman, Police Dept. 255.O1 <br />J. F. Ogburn Patrolman, Police Dept. 243.25 <br />Zane G. Davis Olerk-Dispatcher 206.95 <br />M. E. Wilson Dispatcher ~20.82 <br />B. S. Lane Dispatcher 209.72 <br />Horace ~oore "Substit~ Truck Driver 20.68 <br />Ida D. Dewell Work for Building Inspector and on <br /> Delinquent Tax List <br /> Work on ~elinquent tax List <br /> Work on Delinquent Tax Liar <br /> Sheriff and Deputies <br /> <br />Betty 2ose Eyler <br />Jacquelin Terrell <br />O. B. Gates <br /> <br />lO5.86 <br /> 67.40 <br /> 40.45 <br />295.94 <br /> <br />$10,565.78 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims ~d from the Qe_n.e.r.a~l~ .C_o~ .un. tD~..F.~und_~:_,, <br /> <br />H. B. Gilliam, Attorney <br />M. P. Barden, Sr. <br /> <br />Atlantic Coast Line R.R. Co. <br />James A. Smith <br /> <br />I. T. Wills <br />~el£are Department <br /> <br />C. C. ~ussell <br />Henry i¥lc Granighan <br />~ac's Texaco Service <br />G. T. Mann, l~. D. <br />Partin Oil Company <br /> <br /> Collection Delinquent Taxes <br /> Painting woodwork in Administration <br /> Bldg. and Clerk's ~ffice <br /> Freight on 12 Boxes Fuses <br /> Judge Election, Returning Ballots, <br /> Transfers and Registrations <br /> ~egistrations, Transfers, etc. <br /> Appropriation from Board for <br /> Christmas Baskets <br /> Secretary of Electoral Board <br /> C[mirman, Zlectoral Board <br /> Gas and Oil--Police Dept. <br />Coroner's Fee--~illiam Tare <br />F~uel Oil--Fire Dept. #6 <br /> <br />$91.07 <br /> <br />235.4O <br />18.73 <br /> <br />282.35 <br />83.5O <br /> <br />100.00 <br />~53.22 <br />1J0.36 <br />4.10 <br />10.00 <br />21.30 <br /> <br /> <br />