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VIRGINIA:At a regular meeting of the Board <br /> of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse on <br /> March 10, 1953, at lO:OO am. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Irvin G. Horner, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne <br />J. P. Gunter <br />R. J. Britton <br />Robt. 0. gill <br />S. R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />"Salari. e§~ Mileage, Allowances,etc. paid from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />H. T. ~oyne <br />Robt. O. Gill <br /> Irvin G.Horner <br /> J. P. Gunter <br />R.J. Britton <br />S. R. Hague, Jr. <br />M. W. Burnett <br />Auline B. Wills <br />l~rs. Elizabeth E. Thomas <br />Mrs. Anne R. Confer <br />Elsie V. Copeland <br />R. F. Jones <br />Mrs. Helen McL. Romaine <br />Wm. V. Robertson <br />Marshall Jones <br /> Ida D. Dewell <br />H. B. Walker <br />Geo. W. Rioore, Jr. <br />Lewis Vaden <br />M. A. Cogbill <br />A. J. Homer <br />C. W. Smith <br /> I. E. Bowman <br />R. W. Koch <br />E. P. Gill <br />R. E. ~'eeback <br />E. T. Smith <br /> <br /> N. Terrell <br />C. E. Jones <br />W. E. Martin <br />C. E. Richter <br />R. C. Phillips <br />D. E. Ayre <br />B. C. Furadan <br />J. F. OgOurn <br /> Zane G. Davis <br /> M. E. Wilson <br /> B. S. ~ane <br /> Henry Goode <br />George Baskerville <br />Clifford B. ~obinson <br />Leonard Fisher <br />B. J. Banks <br />Willie Smith <br />Joseph Henry Goode <br />O. B. Gates <br /> <br />Supervisor and mileage <br />Supervzsor and mileage <br />Supervzsor and mileage <br />Supervzsor and mileage <br />Supervzsor and mileage <br />Supervisor and mileage <br />Executive ~ecretary <br />Secretary <br />Asst. Home ffgent <br />Home AMent <br />Home agent <br />County Agent <br />PBX Operator <br />Building Inspector <br />County Agent <br />Sec'y Bldg. Inspector <br />Comm. of Revenue and deputies <br />Treasurer anddeputies <br />~lerk, Circuit Court <br />Comm. Atty. and Sec~y <br />Chief, Forest Fire Warden <br />Chief, Police Dept. <br />Capt. Police Dept. <br />Lt. Police Dept. <br />Detective-Police Dept. <br />Detective--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />Patrolman--Police Dept. <br />~rolman--Police Dept. <br />Clerk-Dispatcher <br />Dispatcher <br />Dispatcher <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver, helper <br />Janitor <br />Janitor <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />Sheriff <br /> <br /> $5o.45 <br /> 52.25 <br /> 53.85 <br /> 52.25 <br /> 51.45 <br /> 49.45 <br /> 481.13 <br /> 195.85 <br /> 71.30 <br />lO5.00 <br />75.00 <br />90.00 <br />151.5~ <br />279.90 <br />150.00 <br />106.36 <br />1,089.40 <br />1,210.81 <br /> <br /> 291.00 <br /> 88.00 <br /> 339.09 <br /> 282.41 <br /> 279.82 <br /> 274.26 <br /> 306.43 <br /> 268.70 <br /> 237.87 <br /> 265.53 <br /> 252.53 <br /> 253.00 <br /> 235.11 <br /> 2~5.58 <br /> 242.58 <br /> 255.01 <br /> 243.25 <br /> 206.95 <br /> 220.82 <br /> 209.72 <br /> 187.14 <br /> 162.54 <br /> 160.07 <br /> 157.60 <br /> 75.00 <br /> 99.73 <br /> 78.80 <br /> 323.37 <br /> <br />~.1 $10,651.21 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid from the General CountX FunA:" <br /> <br />Helen M. Romaine Meals served prisoners <br />E. A. Leake Work on trees at Courthouse <br />Addressograph-Multigraph Corp. Parts for machine <br /> G · <br />Bon Air Sales ~ Service as, o~1, batter~ charge <br />The C&P Telephone Company Telephone--Ettrick Fire Dept. <br />The C&P Telephone Company Telephone--Matoaca Fire Dept. <br />Buildings Equipment & Supply Co.lO0-1bs. V. C. Ease Cleaner <br />The C&P Telephone Company Telephone--Midlothian Fire Dept. <br /> <br />County of Chesterfield <br />Ligon L. Jones, Atty. <br />Ralph W. Lampie <br />K. Stuart ~ac~enzie <br />National Seal Works, Inc. <br />Elizabeth E. Thomas <br />Lewis H. Vaden, Clerk <br /> <br />Virginia Electric ~ Power Co. <br /> <br />Gas, oil--Executive Sec'y's car <br />acting Commonwealth's Attorney <br />Repairs to electric water cooler <br />Materials for Airplane Observation Post <br />Ru0ber stamps(Treas, office) <br />4-H Club materials <br />Co. of Chesterfield vs. Heirs of Eugene <br />Shuart ~d Lucy Fisher <br />Electric service--Courthouse, Camp Baker, <br /> <br />Everett Waddey Company <br />The C&P Telephone Company <br /> <br />$55.90 <br />255.00 <br />14.64 <br />8.49 <br />10.65 <br />11.25 <br />19.00 <br />5.75 <br />16.02 <br />375.00 <br />55.65 <br />116.79 <br />8.77 <br />3.00 <br /> <br />17.00 <br /> <br />Welfare Dept. and Bon Air Fire Dept. <br />Storage boxes (Treas. Office) <br />Enon Fire Dept. <br /> <br />213.52 <br /> 6.30 <br /> 14.75 <br /> <br /> <br />