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This day there a~ose a discussion concerning the action of the Hi~,'Jay Departmen <br />in approving permits for grade crossings across certain roads in Bermuda Distric~ <br />Upon consideration whereof, I~tr. Goyne mad~ the following motion: <br /> <br /> "Resolved that this Board ~>ublicly st~te that it disapproves of the <br /> action of the Virginia Department of Highways in apr.'eying permits <br /> for hazardous railroad grade crossings on tit. 10 and two other grade <br /> crossingsover secondary roads in Bermuda District, Chesterfield County, <br /> without advising or conferring with this Board relative to the same. <br /> <br />It is here noted that this motion died for the want of a second. <br /> <br />Upon further considerstion of this matter and on motion of Mr'Britton, seconded <br />by Mr. Gunter, the ~ollowing motion was passed: <br /> <br /> Vfnereas, it has come to the attention of this Board that permits have <br /> been granted to the Seaboard Airline Ry. for grade crossings on Rt. #10, <br /> Rt. 619 and Rt. 698, without the attention of this Board, and <br /> Wherea~, it appears that it ~'ould be beneficial to this Board if it were <br /> advised of such action, <br /> <br /> Now, Therefore, Be it l(esolve~, that the Board of SupervisDrs of Chesterfiel <br /> County respectfully states to the Hil]hway Department that said Board wDuld <br /> sincerely appraciate being consulted before the issuance of permits by the <br /> Hi~hway Department to ~ailr~ads for grade crossings. <br /> <br />This day Mr. J. S. Stevenson, p~esented ~ letter requesting certain variances <br />in our subdivision ordinance. After much discussion it was agreed that <br />Gunter and Mr. Britton talk with ~[r. Geo. ~;.Gregory, Sr. o~er of the property <br />concerning this matter. <br /> <br />The Chai~nan of the Board requested the Buildings and Grounds Committee to meet <br />and report at a later date on the possibility of installing outlets for <br />fightin~ fire on the Fair Grounds and for watering graas on the courtyard. <br /> <br />0~ motion of I~[r. Gunter, seconded by Dr.Gill, it is resolved that the budget <br />be ~nended as follows: <br /> <br />2a-lO0 Salary Land Assessor ~3800.00 <br />2a-220 Traveling Expenses ~00.00 <br />2a-319 Supplies 100.O0 <br /> <br /> Cars for Assesuor and Buildin~ <br /> Inspector <br /> Stationery and office supplies <br /> <br />19- 400 <br /> <br />5b-317 <br /> <br />2000,00 <br />6O0.00 <br /> <br />And be it further r~solved that the Treasurer of this County be and he hereby is <br />directed to amend the budget as noted by this resolution. <br /> <br /> On motion, it is Ordered that this meeting be adjourned until 10:00 a.m. <br />on September 8, 1953. <br /> <br />~~e cht-iVe Secretary <br /> <br />ChaiTm~n ~ <br /> <br /> <br />