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'/ifLGt:~IA: Lt an adjourned meeting of the Board <br /> of Supu'.'visors of Chesterfield County,[ <br /> held at ~he corner of h~anite hoad <br /> and .~lv ~rs.~de Drive at 12:30 <br /> on Novembar 3, 1953. <br /> <br />Ab:',ent: <br /> <br />?.3. Irvin G. ][orner, Chairman <br />iir. H. T. Goyne <br />Mr. g. ~. Gunter <br />]'[r.k.J. ]h~itton <br />Hr. $. h. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />Dr. ~ubt. O. Gill <br /> <br />Ti~is d?y the Bo,~rd met to inspect the [~roposcd site of a s :were;ce broabment plant <br />om! ~, ~,ne:~a] :~'ea wlich said ~l~nt would <br /> <br />Hr. Eddie Schmidt, Mr. Sbu;rt Sc]~nidt, ~:nd Mr. 'ditcher, came rep~"~sentJ g the Land <br />Company of V~r~:Jnia. ~[h teas, it is a":r~cd by o?~icials of the Land Company of <br />Virginie th~t the proposed m)ntract c~s dravm b' the Common,~ealth's ,ttorney~s <br />orFice is satisfactory a:~d ' ~r.:~eable wLth b~e Land Company of Virginia, and <br />.ih~rea::;, s.~:~ ropos,~d contr;~cb incoroor~b~s most of ;~he ue.;ires o~ ~he County, <br />g~on consido]', bion .2't.:reof n'nd on mot[Bm of Lit. gribbon, seconded by ~dr. Gunter, <br />i~ is r:~:;olw~d that the proposed conbz';~ct be ~?oroved and bh~.t the Chairman of <br />this Bonrd bo and he hereby is aut}~ori.zad bo si,;n said contract for the County <br />of Ch~st~rg:~ ~ld. <br /> <br />Phis d,'~y b}~e ,; $~;c:~'ebary rc:~! b~.,~o ~ourt Urdors, o~e for' ,,~ll.~O for ?ersonal <br />~ro ,orby t;~.:~:-; :rr~neousl/ c}..~r ~:d, ~:~d t~e oilier fur ,,~32.33, ocr?ora, rich taxes <br />C~'~O~'IO0llG1)~r C CZ" f~d. <br /> <br />Bribton~ it :is r:::;olv:d h ,':b 'this Bo rd op~rove Coz' 2syment the t.'o Court Oz'der. s <br /> <br /> icc). c]s. <br /> <br />:'as,',~lv:(] b 't fir. ~,.r~l].am ;ud b}'~e County <br /> <br />?he undoraJ,[i~:-:d Count2' ~Lo;ci dnA;in~ r h,::vin~,' om di~'cci;od ab a previ ~us moating <br />o~ t:,]e Bo'z"d cO 3up,.:z'v.i~;or's of Ch :;b::r'F[eld County to o:.u~mine ltudson Str.~et in <br />li:b:mca Lia::i b'~rial bi~:;tricb, .::nd ~.'e~ort :,o ,his Bo;,rd tl~e exl.~diency of :su~:btish- <br />tn~c ;a].d r.~rd : ; r .mblic ro~d, re~ur'b;d ::; C~llo~;s: <br /> <br /> (1) rko ::aid r'o;:d ;;i].l be o.C ¥'.~?b public convenience <br /> (:'.) ~b will m:~t be oF mare :r:Lv,::te <br /> ()) No yard, ~'den or or'c~c~'d will ,;e <br /> (l~.) The ;;aid ].'.::id own:~.:.0; i.oq~tiro no co :t . an:;;, bi n <br /> (5) Th:~re will be no com~n:; bion <br /> <br />~his c'~aM bi~o County ico::cl Eny;inoor in r ccorda~ce .,it}: imstrucbions from this Bo:rd <br />m' ~],') to)crt Jn .u'itin.; 't..)on his oxar,~i~;tion of Hudson Jtroet in <br />i.l~:i;b~rJal b:isbr'[cb, .:hict~ re-~ort :::~ ws b~:t tn tho of)ini,,m of tho County ,~oad <br />En?~ineer it ~ ; ax~editent .~':t :;~:id b~: c~t~.bLish~.~d ~:~ a !~ublic <br />U,~on c no:iJ~-rt:Lon ~h:,r'aof ':ud on motion of br. Gi].].., it i~; r':solv;d si:at Hudson <br />~t,~b i.',~ fi'Lo:ca )i;..'i: t;:~':Lc1 bi:;b~'icL., ~a, and bt,a s;~e is i:eruby e:;t-:bJ_is~ed <br /> <br />~L,i .[~,,r 'i:; l'm~t~::,l;b : bo ~,;:J.~ into ;~]() 2 :con~,;:ry l'~' ,~ SV:tbem of C~. :;[;~z'field County~ <br />Huds ~ ~;r~e[,, Crom : point on i~t. 36~ .13 of a mile '.[se :b of :Lb:~ i.-v r:;eati:;n <br />,,rJ.t]~ i~b. :i09, .1~2 of a ~,iil~ south .nz'dly to a dead end. This road <br />n p ,r:u;,:ima bely 1~ <br />(nd be ib ' rb':~ar re:;olw:d t:,', :b b]~e B:.,,ard oF 3uDervi~;)rs of Ohos~ rfield County <br />guarantees ; ri~hb-oF-way cC 50 C:~b to bl:~ /]r~inia uepartmcmt of <br /> <br /> <br />