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VIRGINIA: <br /> <br /> At an adjourned meeting' <br /> of the Board of Super~ri~o]'-s <br />of Chesterfiel~l County <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />~. Irv~n ~. Horn,r. Chairman <br />Mr. H. T. ~oyne <br />Mr. J.P.~unter <br />~. Stanley R.Hague. Jr. <br />M~. R.J.B~itton <br />Dr. Robt. O. ~ill <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary rea~ a letter from ~. C.S. Mullen, citing the <br />Highway's views on the construction of the Allied Chemical road, off of Route ~10, <br />which letter was ordered received and filed, and a meeting was scheduled for 2:30 ~.m. <br />on January Zg, 195~, to discuss this matter with all parties concerned. <br /> <br />Write usual resolutions on Aldridge Avenue in Boulevard Heights; Pawnee Road and <br />they, fly Road in Stratford Hills, recommending that same be taken into the State <br />Secondary System. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a list of roads recently added to the State <br />Secondary System. These roads are as follows: <br /> <br />Additions <br />Beginning at a poin~ on Rt. 1712, 0.29 Ri. E. Rt.~6?8, Extending nor~heastwardly a <br />distance of 0.31 ~i. to Int. Avignon Drive - Whittington Drive in Orestwood Farms <br />Length 0.31 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at the end of Whittington Drive, 0.31 ~i. N.E, of Rt. 1712, Extending in <br />a northern direction 0.09 Mi. to dead end. - Montauban Drive in Crestwood Farms. <br />Length 0,09~Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at the end of Whittington Drive, 0.31 ~i. N.E. of Rt. 1712, extending <br />westwardly 0.32 Mi. to dead end. - Avignon Drive in Crestwood Farms. <br />Length 0.37 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point of Rt. 36, 0.12 Mi. W. of Rt. 809, extending southwardly <br />0.30 Mi, to dead end. Hudson St. in Roan Subdivision. <br />Length 0.30 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point of Rt. 1710, 0.32 Mi. S. Rt. 1~? and extending eastwardly to <br />Int. Rt. 1728 at a point 0.32 Me. S. Rt. 1~7. - 5th Street in ~ookwood, Section <br /> <br />Length 0.ll Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point of Rt. 683, 0.08 Mi. W. of Rt. 68~, extending northwardly <br />bli. to Int. Rt. 68~ at a point 0.35 Mi. N. of Rt. 683. - Mc Granigan Street in <br />Shirley Hills. <br />Length 0.27 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point on Rt. 10 at the Tnt. Rt. 6~3. extending eastwardly a distance <br />of 0.39 Mi. to dead end. - Caldwell Avenue in Hening He,hts. <br />Length 0.39 Mile <br /> <br />~ginning at the northern end of Rt. 788, 0.~5 ~li. N. Rt. 1~ and extending <br />0.11 Mi. to the northern end of Rt, 750, 0.~5 Mi. N. of Rt. 1~5. <br />Length 0.11 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point of Rt. 12~7, 0.D1 Mi. %~. of Rt. 360, ex~ending in an easterly{ <br />direo~lon0.~. 0.07 Mi. to ~he 5.E. End of 59th St. - Service Road <br />Length 0.07 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at the N.E. end of Service Rd., 0.01 Mi. W. of Rt. 360.extending west- <br />wardly 0.17 Mi. to MoRae St., thence Westwardly 0.12 ~l, to Weatherford Road - <br />59th Street in Woodstock, Sec. 0-7. <br />Length 0.29 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at the Int. of Rts. 12~5 and 12~7 extending northeastwardly 0.07 Mi. to <br />Intersect 59th St. at a point 0.12 Mi. E. of Weatherford Road - McRae Street in <br />Woodstock. Sect. C-?. <br />Length 0.07 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at the Int. of Rts. lZ~5 and 1257 extending in a westwardly direction <br />0.11 Mi. to intersect Weatherford Road at a point 0.16 Mi. N.E. Rt. 6~ - Cliff <br />Road in Woodstock, Sect. C-?. <br />Length 0,11 Mile <br /> <br />Beginning at a point of Rt. 808, 0.03 Mi. W. Rt. 1812 and extending in a northerl~ <br />direction 0.17 Mi. to dead end. - Forest View Drive in Fairway Acres. <br />Length 0.17 Mile <br /> <br /> <br />