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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of <br /> the Board of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on January 29, <br /> 1954, at 2:30 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />~. R.J. ~itton <br />~. S.R. Hague, Jr. <br />Mr. H.T. Goyne <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br />~. J.P. Gunter <br />Dr. Robt. 0. Gill <br /> <br />This day Dr. Maguigan and ~. McOamm from the Allied Chemical Company o~ne presentt <br />their views on the financing of the Allied Road leading northwardly from Rt. 10; <br />~. kullen, Mr. Glidden, Mr. Crute, Mr. Snead and Mr. Kellam, came from the Highw~ <br />Department to present their views on the financing of the l~Oposed road. The <br />Executive Secre2~y outlined briefly'the history to date. Dr. ~u~an added t~t <br />he and~. McCann and others had seen ~. ~rton ~a~e concerning the road In <br />Oc2ober 19~2, and was told ~o seek the aid of the County, ~hich he did ~ediately <br />by letter and maps show~nc the requested location, later offficials ffrom the Allied <br />Chemical Company met with ~. Kell~ and ~.Snead and again reiterated their <br />~osition of not contributing to thefinancing off said road. Dr. ~aKu~an stated <br />that he ~d asked for no tax concessions, and will not do so in ~he. futve; and the <br />request now of the High~ay to contribute to the ffinanci~ of a proposed road comes <br />somewhat as a surprise. ~. ~ullen stated that since 1~ the H~g~ay policy ~d <br />been cle~, that is, industries should give some financial assistance for the con- <br />struction of roads to serve the needs off ind~stries; that perhaps the H~hway was <br />at fault to some degree, for not settling the financial issue before this t~e; <br />that the desires of the Allied Chemical Company were flor the most.expensl~ road <br />and thai "Plan B" would be much cheaper. ~. ~ullen suggested that the Allied <br />Chemical Company contribute 2~% and the County contribute 2~ of the constru0tio~ <br />of this road, ~h~ch is est~ated to cos~ $1~,000.00. <br /> <br />After much consideration and after the leaving of the Highway Officials. and on <br />motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by Mr. ~itton, it is resolved that the ChaPman of <br />this Board and the Executive Secretary to seek the following solution to this <br />problem: $110~000 to be spent from Federal Aid Funds; $24,000.00 to be spent <br />from the Construction Fund of the Highway Department as allocated to the County; <br />$10,000.00 from the 3¢ Fund of the 1954-~5~ budget of the Oounty; and ~10~000.00 <br />from the 1954-~55 of the 3~ Fund of the County, makinc a total expenditure of <br />$154,000.00. <br /> <br />This day there was a demonstration of a lawn mower leaf mulcher by the Power Pro- <br />ducts Company of Richmond, Virginia, and it was generally agreed that further <br />consideration would be given this matter before the purchase of the equipment. <br /> <br />On motion, the meeting is adjourned until 10:00 a.m. February 9, 1954. <br /> <br />Executive Secretary <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br /> <br />