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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on February <br /> 1954, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />lrvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />J.P. Gunter <br />RoJ. ~itton <br />Robt. 0. ~ill <br />Stanley H. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br /> Mr. H° T. Goyne <br /> <br />This day bit. Stanley Hague presented a request from tho Welfare Department for an <br />additional appropriation of $500.00 for the purchase of a new car for the Welfare <br />Department. Upon consideration whereof, it was generally a~reed that Wiss Corr be <br />asked to appear at our next regula~ mooting to explain this request. <br /> <br />This day ~h~° ~rinard and ~= Lucien Adams, officials of the City of Rict~nond appeared <br />before the Board to explain certain actions of the City of Richmond and to seek <br />better cooperation between the two municipalities. Mr. Drinard stated that the <br />City wished to cooperate withthe County to the greatest possible,degree in the. <br />future, that the City Manager had expressed concern over events of the past and. <br />promised complete cooperation in the future. )ir. Drinard said that there is not <br />at p~esent any idea of annexation. <br /> <br />Mr. Adams, who is a School Board official stated that thor e was no good site with- <br />in the city limits for a white h~4~h school and that the City desires now to pur- <br />chase land in Chesterfield County on which to build a high school, within.the next <br />few years. After some discussion, this matter was delayed for further consideration <br />by the ~oard. <br /> <br />Mr. Eddie German came before the Board with several applicants for the job of Game <br />Warden. On motion of Mr. ~itton, seconded by ~o Hague, it is resolved that <br />this Board view the applicants now p~esent and make an appointment of a Game <br />War~en on ~arch 9th. Whereupon the ~a~d ~nte~v~ewed ~m. S~s, ~lF. Pevk~nson, <br />~. Lester and }~. ~e11. <br /> <br />On Motion of )~o Hague, seconded by Mr. ~ritton, it is resolved that the <br />Executive Secretary be and he hereby is directed to obtain prices for paintin~, <br />the Fair Ground buildin~$. <br /> <br />This day ~r. ~itton, brought to the Board's attention a request from Mr C.A. Griff~ <br />which request was to build a garage 5-feet from the real* lot line on Mau~ioe Avenue. I <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. ~itton, seconded by ~r. Gunter, <br />it is resolved that Mr, Griffin~s request to build a garage 5-feet from his lot line <br />be and the same is hereby granted. <br /> <br />On motion of M~. Gunter, seconded by ~r. Hague, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary be and he hereby is directed to obtain bids on the construction of the <br />school storage building as soon as possible. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter of resignation from Mr. Wm. V. <br />Robertson, ~uildin~ Inspector. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of <br />Hague, seconded by Mr. Gunter, it is resolved tha$ this BO~d acoe~t this res~- <br />nation with regret and ask Mm. Hobertson to stay through the month of March to <br />adequate time for replacement. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Gunter, seconded by M~. Britton, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary be and he hereby is directed to secure from the Telephone Company five <br />trunk lines in sequence to be initiated when the new telephone book is I~inted. <br />This action will g~ve the County an additional trunk line and place in sequence <br />four (~) lines presently used which are not in sequence. <br /> <br />This day the matter of a contract with E. Tucker Carlton came before the Board. <br />And it was noted that this contract had been approved by the Commonwealth's <br />Attorney. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ~.,ro Gunter, seconded by <br />Dr. Gill, it is resolved that a contract for employin~ the services of the f~m <br />of E. T~cker Carlton, architect, for the d~awing of plans of the County Health <br />~uilding be and the same are hereby approved. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter from ~r. Eppa Hunton,IV, Counsel for <br />the Seaboard Airline RR. which letter requested the amount of money, if any, which <br />the County would be willing to pay for the construction of a ~ade separation on <br />Rt. 10, and it was ~enerally a~reed that the Executive Secretary would answer said <br />letter citing the present ruling of the 0ommonwealthSs Attorney. <br /> <br />On motion, the meeting is adjourned until ~arch 9, 1954, at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Exec~t ive Secretary <br /> <br /> <br />