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VIRGINIA: At a me®tin~ of the l~oard of <br /> Supervisors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse <br /> on April 13, 19j4, at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> ~r. Irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br /> Mr. H.T. Goyne <br /> Dr. Robt. O. Gill <br /> Mr. Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> Mr. J.P. Gunter <br /> ~Ir. R.J. i~itton <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter from Mr. 0.F. Kellam, Resident <br />En~ineer, saying that the plans for the flashing li=ht si4~nals and automatic <br />gates for a grade crossing at Oentralia had been completed, and the project <br />would soon be started. <br /> <br />This day the matter of the drainage in ~ellwood ~anor was discussed and the <br />Executive Secretary read a letter from Mr. Kellam, statin~ that in his opinion <br />the culverts across the road were large enough and the ditches should be opened <br />through private property. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Go)me, seconded by ~r. ~ritton, it is resolved that this Board <br />request the Highway Department to improve Beechwood Street from Hto 1407 to <br />Rt. 1~08, at a cost not to exceed $37~.00. <br />And be it further resolved that the Highway Mepartment be and it hereby is <br />requested to improve the Wood£in Road .11 of a mile west of Rt. ~1, at a cost not <br />to exceed ~300.00. <br /> <br />This day }~. Kellam presented by letter a report on a road running westwardly <br />from Rt. 154 at Stop ~5, saying that the cost of improvement would be approximatel, <br />$~53o.oo. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a letter from Mr. 01in Rogers on behalf of <br />the extension of Cherokee Road westwardly ~nd perhaps the extablishment of a new <br />road to serve the general area. On motion of Mr. Gunter, seconded by Dr. Gill, <br />it is resolved that a Committee view on the site this situation with ~ir. Rogers <br />and other interested parties. <br />The Chairman appointed Mr. Uunter, ~r. Kellam and the Executive Secretary to <br />serve on said Committee. <br /> <br /> The undersl~nea County Road Engineer havin~ been directed at a previous <br />meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County to examine Virginia <br />Avenue in the subdivision of ~arinisk in Hatoaca Ma~isterial District, and report <br />to this Board the expediency of establishing said road as a public road, reported <br />as follows: <br /> That he went upon Said road and examined the same and is of the opinion <br />that there is a necessity for the extablisllment of same as a public road, and <br />further: <br /> <br />(1) The said roads will be of great public convenience <br />(2) They will not be of mere private convenience <br />(~) No yard, garden or orchard will be taken <br />(4) The said road is in a subdivision of land dedicated to the Go.con- <br /> wealth of Virginia and therefore land owners along said ~oad will <br /> not require compensation <br />(5) No land owners require compensation <br />(6) There will be no compensation <br /> <br /> This day the County Read Engineer in accor~lance with instructions from <br />this Hoard made report in writin~ upon his examination of Virginia Avenue in the <br />~arinisk subdivision in Matoaoa Magisterial District, which report shows that ~n <br />the opinion of ~he County ~oad Engineer it is expedient that said road be establis] <br />as a public road. <br /> <br /> Upon consideration whereof and on motion o£ Dr. Gill, it is resolved <br />that Virginia Avenue in the Marinisk subdivision in Matoaca Magisterial District, <br />be and the same is hereby established as a public road. <br /> And be it further resolved that the Virginia Department of Highways be <br />and it hereby is requested to take into the Secondary Road System of 0hesterfield <br />County, Virginia Avenue in the Marinisk subdivision in ~atoaca Haglsterial <br />from a point on Rt. 1310, .5 of a mile north of Rt. 1309, extendlnd westwardly <br />.1 of a mile to a turn-around, This road serves two houses. <br /> And be it further resolved that the Board of ~upervisors of ~hesterfield <br />County guarantees a riEht-off-way of 50 feet to the Virginia Depamtment of Hi.h- <br />ways. <br /> <br />On motion of "*r. Ooyne, seconded by ~r. Gunter, it is resolved that the Virginia <br />Department of Hichways be and it hereby is requested to lnvesticate the necessity <br />of speed signs on Kingsland Road east of Rt. ~1. <br /> <br />On moti.n of ~r. Gunter, seconded by ~r. [~itton, it is resolved that the High- <br />way Department by and it hereby is requested to investigate the installation of <br />a stop sign at the intersection of Rt. 6~? and Rt. 678. <br /> <br />This day )~. J.p. quar]es and Mr. Neale Rogers, his Attorney, appeared before the <br />Board requesting the approval of plans of subdividini the property in front of the <br /> <br /> <br />