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Present: <br /> <br />Hr. Irvin O. Homer, Ghairman <br />~r. H.T. Goyno <br />Dr. Robt. 0. Oil1 <br />)Ir. J.P. Uunter <br />Mr. R.J. B~itton <br />}~. Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: <br /> <br />At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chester- <br />field County, held at the Court- <br />house on May 31, 1934, at <br />8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />This day the Budget for the year 1954-'55 in the amount of $7,644,609.76, which <br />was tentatively adopted on April 28, 1954, and havin~ been duly advertised accordS1 <br />to law was again considered, and it is resolved on motion of ~. Gunter, seconded <br />by }~. Hague, that the budget,including all of the various departments of the <br />County as noted, be and the same is hereby approved and adopted as the budget for <br />the year 1954-155. <br />It is here noted that Dr. Gill voted "No"o <br /> <br />Mr. Goyne stated that he would not oppose the passage of the budget but still is <br />not in favor of the method of raising the revenue specifically in so far as it <br />relates to the machinery tax. <br /> <br />Whereas, in accordance with the law of the Commonwealth the proposal to adopt <br />and fix levies required by the budget for the year 1954-855 has been made public <br />according to the law, and <br /> <br />Whereas, this day was fixed for the public hearing on same, <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, on motion of ~[r. Gunter, seconded by Mr. Hague, it is resolved <br />that the following general levies for the County of Chesterfield in support of this <br />budget heretofore adopted, be, and the same are fixed, to-wit: <br /> <br />Bermuda Magisterial District .................. $2.Z0 <br />Clover Hill Magisterial District .............. Z.Z0 <br />Dale ~iagisterial District ..................... Z.20 <br />Manchester Magisterial District ............... 2.Z0 <br />Matoaca Magisterial District .................. 2.Z0 <br />Midlothian Magisterial District ............... 2.20 <br />Ettrick Sanitary District ..................... 2.60 <br />All Districts - Machinery ...................... 40 <br /> <br />This day ~. Kemp and others appeared before the Board, citing the fact that the <br />Manchester Athletic Association has secured enough money to have lights installed <br />on the soft ball diamond on the Manchester $0hool grounds, and requested that <br />this Board ~onate $500.00 for the hiring of an instructor to aid in the summer <br />work on the athletic field. <br />Mr. Britton made the following motion: <br />That this Board grant the request of $500.00 to the ~anchester Athletic Association <br />which money would pay for the hiring of an athletic director. This motion died <br />for the want of a second. <br />It was generally agreed that this matter be delayed until a further meeting and <br />that this delegation should petition the $ohool Board for aid. <br /> <br /> This day a delegation appeared to discuss the location of a convict camp on Rt. <br /> 604 as advertised. Mr. C.F. Kellam, Resident Engineer, of the Virginia Department <br /> of Highways, explained the plans and proposals. <br /> Mr. D.P. Edwards, Supt. of Convict Camps for Virginia, presented pictures and <br /> explained the operation and aims of establishing a permanent convic~ camp. Messrs. <br /> Han~nel, Bradbury, Johnson, $te11, Pinkleton, being citizens residing in the area <br /> asked various questions concerning~e location of said convict camp.. A rising <br />i vote was taken and some 30 people arose to oppose the location of this convict <br />camp at the suggested place. ~. Hague made the statement that he did not think ' <br />the Board should consent to the location of this camp as ~gested in view of the <br />opposition present. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of ~r. Hague, seconded <br />by ~. Goyne, it is resolved that this Board take under advisement and defer action <br />luntil a later meeting. <br /> <br />IThe Board interviewed ~. C.~. tmedberg for the position ~ County Engineer. <br /> <br />iThis day ~r. J.M. ~%ilkinson appeared before the Board requesting the installation <br /> of a wate~ line in the subdivision of Meadow Ridge unde~ the old policy of water <br />I line extensions and <br />Whereas, Mr. Wilkinson stated he had agrt~ed to put the number of houses necessary <br />itc furnish a 20~ return on said line and was informed by the Executive Secretary <br />~that if this was done the County would install a water line with its own capital, <br />the same being the water extension policy prior to the recent change. On motion <br />icl Mr. Gunter, seconded by ~. Hague, it is resolved that this ~a~d grant the <br />Irequest of Mr. Wilkinson and install approximately ?00 feet of 4" line on <br />iArundel Avenue, in the subdivision o£ Meadow Ridge. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. B~itton, seconded by }~. Goyne, it is resolved that this Board <br />will not allow any more exceptions to the p~esent Oounty water extension policy. <br /> <br /> <br />