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Present; <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of <br /> the Board of 5upervisors of <br /> Chesterfield County, held at <br /> the Courthouse on June ~4, <br /> 1954, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Irvin G. Homer, Chairman <br />H.T. Goyne <br />R.J. Britton <br />Robt. O. ~ill <br />Stanley R. Hague <br />J.P. Gunter <br /> <br />This day a delegation headed by ~. 'Chas. Goodwyn appeared before the Ldoard to <br />cuss the condition of roads in Quail Oak Farms subdivision. After considerable <br />discussicn'it was agreed that a firm price for improving these roads woul~ be <br />presented by Mr. Kellam, Resident Engineer, at a regular meeting of the Board. <br /> <br />On :notion of ~. Kk~itton, seconded by )~. Goyne, it is resolved that the request <br />of Mr. Frankline concerning the vacation of ~n easement for a water line, leading <br />from the Manoos well to Clearfield Street in Chesterfield Gardens be studied and <br />the locEtion of the pipe and other general conditions be ascertained by the next <br />meeting of the l~ard. <br /> <br />This day )ir. Warren C. Yerrow, of the engineering firmi of Perrow and ~ockenbrough <br />came before the Board to discuss the condition of the Chesterfield filter ~lant. <br />Mr. Perrow explained why the filters had to be repaired at this time and other <br />general plans for the water system. <br />On motion of >~. Ea~itton, seconded by Mr..Goyne, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secretary request )ir. Herren, Supt. A.C.i Ry. to meet with ~. Kellam and the <br />County Road Engineer to discuss the possibility of improving the crossing of the <br />Atlantic Coast Line R~. at Walmsley Boulevard. <br /> <br />This day Mr. C.F. Kellam, Resident Engineer, presented the proposed budget for <br />Secondary roads for the coming fiscal year. Upon consideration whereof and on <br />motion of Mr. Goyne, seconded by )~. ~itton, it is resolved that the Secondary <br />Road huddler in the amount of $5~5,365.00 a total appropriation of the fund, be and <br />the same is hereby approved as presented. <br /> <br />On motion of )ir. k~itton, seconded by )ir. Gunter, it is resolved that the sewer <br />charges for Kenmore Ridge subdivision be set at ~2.00 per month for single family <br />homes, which cost is to be a prevailing cost and can be increased or decreased at <br />this Board's discretion. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. L~itton, seconded by Dr. Gill, it is resolved that )ir. Kellam, <br />Resident Engineer, and the County Road Engineem, be requested to view Covington <br />Street, from Rt. 60 to its intersection with Media Road, and to ascertain a price <br />on improving this road to meet State's specifications. <br /> <br />On motion of ~r. ~ritton, seconded by ~. Hague, it is resolved that this }~ard <br />request the Virginia Department of Highways to ~,prove Wythe Street, from Rt. 60' <br />to Dublin Street and Roselawn Street from Wythe Street, westwardly one block suf- <br />ficiently to meet the State's specifications to be included into the Secondary <br />of Roads. <br /> <br />This day bhe Executive Secretary read a list of road additions to the Secondary <br />System which roads are listed below: <br /> <br />Beginning at a point on Rt. 647, 0.14 Mi. E. of its Int. with Rt. 2214, 0.08 ~li. <br />northwardly to Woodys l~ne. <br />Length 0.08 Mile <br />From a point on the eastern end of Rt. 2213, 0.08 Mi. eastwardly to 0live Avenue. <br />Length 0.08 ~lile <br /> <br />From a point on Olive Ave., 0.08 Mi. N. of Rt. 647, 0.25 Mi. northwardly to <br />Route 1651. <br />Length 0.25 Mile <br /> <br />From a point on Rt. 1649, 0.14 Mi. S.E. of Rt. 360, 0.16 )li. northeastwardly to <br />Heywood Road. <br />Length 0.16 Mile <br /> <br />From a point on Kimrod Rd., 0.16 Mi. N.E. of Rt. 164~. 0.11 Mi. eastwardly to <br />[~eFrywood Road. <br />Length 0.11 Mile <br /> <br />From a point on Rt. 360, 0.15 Mi. N.E. of its Int. with Rt. 1649, 0.10 Mi. <br />south~ardly to Kimrod Rd., thence eastwardly & northwardly 0.Z0 Mi. to Heywood <br />Road. <br />Length 0.30 ~[ile <br /> <br /> <br />