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<br />,~ :J <br /> <br /> <br />CHESTERFIELD COUNTY <br />BOARD OF SUPERVISORS <br />AGENDA <br />July 23, 1997 Item Number: <br /> <br />Page ~ ofl- <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />Meeting Date: <br /> <br />Subject: <br /> <br />County Administrator's Comments <br /> <br />County Administrator's Comments: <br /> <br />County Administrator: <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />BoardAction Requested: <br /> <br />Summary of Information : <br /> <br />Mr. Virgil Hazelett, Henrico County Manager, and Ms. Wendy <br />Hosick, with Virginia Blood Services, will be present to make a <br />presentation to the County for having the most successful blood <br />drive in the region last year. Henrico issued a challenge to <br />localities in the region and, under the capable leadership of <br />Captain Dennis Turlington, Chesterfield employees responded and <br />are responsible for this recognition. <br /> <br />Preparer: <br /> <br /> <br />Title: Asst. County Administrator <br /> <br />Attachments: <br /> <br />. Yes <br /> <br />o No <br /> <br />1# <br /> <br />001 <br /> <br />J.. <br />