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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Board of Supervisors of Chester- <br /> field County held'at the Court- ~.m. <br /> house on March 15, 1949 at 7:00 <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br /> J. G. Hening, Chairman <br /> J. C. McKesson <br /> H. T. Goyme <br /> Irvin G. Homer <br /> p.w. Covtngton <br /> James W. Gordon, Jr. <br /> <br /> The Chairman stated that the adjourned meeting'had been called at 7:00 p.m. for t~e <br /> purpose of hearing a report from Mr.J.E.Rogers, District Agent of the Extension <br />'Division, regarding a survq which had been requested concerning the a ctivities of the Farm Agent' and his office. <br /> Whereupon, Mr. Rogers reoorted he had visited thirty-six farmers in Chesterfield <br /> . -el ht of the thirty-six statedthat they had cal]~ d upon th~ <br /> County and tha. t. t. wen~y~_. __g__~ ~ received very satisfactory service from them; <br /> Farm Agent anG n~s oi~c~ ~z~ <br /> five of the thirty-six stated that they had never called on the Farm Agent nor <br /> received any help from him; two stated that they would not express an opinion <br /> and one stated most emphatically he would like to have a change in the Department.i <br /> With this informatuon he s tared he could see no reason why the services of Mr. <br /> Jones should not continue in Ghesterfield at this time. Whereupon a number of <br /> appeared before the Board spoke in favor'of continuing Mr. ~on. es <br /> people who had office and after a lengthy discussion Mr. J.C.McKesson offered <br /> in his present <br />~ the following motion: <br /> That although he was in favor of a 6ounty Agent and County'Agent's work in <br /> Chesterfield County% that if the Extension Division insisted that ~he office in <br /> Chesterfield be continued with its present personnel that the Board of Supervisors <br /> strike from its budget any appropriation for this 'work, which motion was seconded <br /> by Irvin G. Homer, and was lost by a 3 to Z vote. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary stated that the following applications for <br />rezoning had been received and having been duly advertised were r eadyfor action <br />at this time: <br /> <br />(1) In Mmchester Magisterial District, on the north side of-Rt.360, beginning <br />at a point 300 feet 'west of the intersection of Rt.360 and Rt.644, runninE <br />westwardly along Rt.360 for a distance of 964 feet with a deoth of 300 feet. <br />This request is for rezoning from Agriculture to General Busine ss and is made <br />by Mr. Thos G.Burch and Mr. C.F.Bryan. There appearing no one objecting t o this~, <br />re~oning, it is resolved on motion of J.C.McKesson that the application for <br />rezoning be granted. <br /> <br /> 2 In Manchester Magisterial District, on the south side of Jahnke ~oad, Rt.686, <br />· ( ) ....... ~-*- 92~ feet east of the intersection of Rt.686 and~Rt.:6~4_, ~ <br />oeg~nn~ng a~ ~ ~ ........ . ............... f ~.o feet to a zi~y-~'oo~ <br />running eastwardly along %m ~armee ~Oa~saec~,U~o~be~ at the eastern <br /> teet w~thade th of 199 feet. <br />s r , ' P · sterl alon Jahnke oad <br /> i n of the s nme fifty-foot street, runnul~ ea _.Y _g . _ ~ _ . <br />i~nterse,.ct_o ..... ~ ~=~ ~-* to a ~unc~ion with the western lzne of the suo~v~s~on <br />of "Westover Park" to a depth of 199 feet. This application is made by Mrs. <br />Naude Harris and is for rezoning from Agriculture to Local Business. On motion <br />of J.C.McKesson, the application for rezoning is hereby granted. <br /> <br />(3) In Manchester Magisterial District on Bell's Road, Rt. 1641 on the west side <br />beginning at a point on Bell's Road'at the intersection of the southern boundary <br />of the Hickory Nik~ School prope.rty, ?~unntng southwardly along the Bell's Road <br />for a distance of approximately 600 feet ~nd with a depth back to the right-of- <br />way of the Atlantic Coast Line ~y. This area contains approximately 5.05 acres, <br />This application i s made by Lyttle &Barnes Sanitation Company and i~ for rezonin <br />from Residential to General Business. There appeared opposing this r ezoning a <br />nmmber of citizens of this area, and after due consider~Ition it is resolved on <br />motion of J.C.McKesson, that the application for rezonirE be and it hereby is <br />denied. <br /> <br />(4) In Manchester Magisterial District, in the subdivision of DuPont Square at <br />the intersection of ~loucester Avenue and Pembroke Avenue, ~n property owned by <br />Mm. Wade J. Duke, and now being operated as a local store. This request is for <br />a Use Permit to erect a new store building on this lot in conjunction with <br />living quarte~s. This application is made by Er.Wade J. Duke. Upon consider-! <br />ation whereof, and onmobion of J.C.McKesson, the application for a Use Permit <br />be and it hereby is denied. <br /> <br /> <br />