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VII!GINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br /> Boar~ of Supervisors of Chester-i <br /> field County, held at the Court-i <br /> house on Februory 10, 1949, at <br /> 2:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />J.G.Hening, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne <br />Irvin~. Homer <br />J.C .McKesson <br />James W. Gordon, Jr. <br />P.W. Coving ton <br /> <br />This day the matter of bollecting a~ account for water connections o~ned by ~Ir.J.Ti. <br />Moore, came before the Board and the Commonwealth's Attorney having been instructe~ <br />to cormnunicate with ~k'. Moore, and having had no reply, it is resolved on motion <br />of James ¥~.Gordon, Jr., that the Co~mmonwealth's Attorney be and he hereby is <br />instructed to institute suit immedi~tely for the collection of this account. <br /> <br />This day Mr.D.S.Beasley and Mrs. Tatum came before the Board requesting that <br />waterbe extended on U.S.#i, near Chimney Corner and Stop 29. After a lengthy <br />discussion it was decided that this project would have to await its turn in line <br />for installation of water lines. <br /> <br />This day ~h~.H.T.Goyne re~orted that a Committee forthe Baptist Association re- <br />questing the relocation of t he Baptist monument on Chesterfield property or the <br />improvement of grounds ~ round it had met and decided to put a curbin~ around the <br />lot on whichit was now situated and landscape the same, and they lacked the sum <br />of $40.00 from the appropriation they had for this work. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of H.T.Go~e, it is resolved that the <br />Board of Supervisors corn ur in the placinz of the curbing and landscaping the <br />land around the present site of the monument. <br />And be it further resolved that the Boa~l donate to the Baptist Association the <br />s~m of '.)40.00 to complete this work. <br />~d be it further resolved that the sum of $40.00 be and it hereby is appropriated <br />from the unappropriate~ surplus of the General Fund for this work. <br /> <br />This day the Executive 3ecretary stated it was very essential that the land assessprs <br />for Chesterfield County start to workat once in order to get the work done in time! <br />for making tax bills. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of James <br />Gordon, Jr., it is resolved that the Board continue the present Board of Assessors <br />consisting of ~k~.i~.N.Winfree, Mr. R.M.Eike and ~Ir. Geo.W.Moore, Jr., and that <br />Eike and l~[r. '~infree be paid the amou~t of ~12.00 per diem whichshall include <br />their expenses. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary read a lett~r from Mr.George Gre~ory regarding <br />the extension of water lines on property owned by him in accordance with his <br />interpretation of the contract and deed withthe County. Upon consideration <br />whereof, and on motion of J.C.McKesson, it is resolved that this natterb e <br />referred to the Commonwealth's Attorney for investigation and interpretation. <br /> <br />~hereas, from time to time it becomes necessary for this Board to cut the s~rface <br />of hi2hways in this County and also to cut ditches on the right of ways of the s ai~ <br />highways, and <br /> <br />?~hereas, the Virginia Department of Hi?ihways requires of this Board and others tha~ <br />it be given security that in such cases the ri~zht of way and surface will be <br />replace~ to their former state, and that if the same was not replaced to its <br />former state then the s aid Virginia Det~artment of Highways be authorized to so <br />place the same to its former state and require the County to pay the expense of <br />the same. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and onmotion of J.C.McKesson, it is resolved that in <br />cases where the surface of the public highways in this County be cut and the right <br />of way of the same be ditched this Boar~t does hereby (declare and) bind the County <br />of Chesterfield to replace said highways to their formsr state. <br />And be it further resolved that if the County of Chesteriield fails to replace <br />said highways to their former stat us then the Virginia ~epartment of Hi~hways <br />shall be authorized to place said hi ~hways to their former sta~e and c~mrge the <br />cost of same to the County of Chesterfield, and this Board does hereby bind the <br />County of Chesterfield to pay the same. <br /> <br />The following roads wer~ rucor~nded to be taken into the State Secondary System: <br /> <br />Dorset Road in Manchester District - ~ ~-' ' ~ . . <br /> De~mnnmno at a point on Rt 1650, 24 of a mile <br /> south of the intersection of Rt. ]6 50 and <br /> Rt. 647, running southwardly.55 of a mile. <br /> This road serves 12 houses. <br /> <br /> <br />