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Present: <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At a regular meeting <br /> of the~ Board of Super- <br /> visors of Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the <br /> Courthouse, on June 14,1 <br /> 1949, at 10 a.m. <br /> <br />J. G. Hening, Chairman <br />H. T. Goyne, <br />Irvin G. Horser, <br />J. C. McKesson, <br />James W. Gordon, Jr., <br />P. W. Covington <br /> <br />The minutes of the last meetings having been read, are approved. <br /> <br />"CLAIMS APPROVED BY THE AUDITING COff~ilTTEE FOR THE MONTH OF MAY, 1949:' <br /> <br />"Salaries, Allowances, etc. paid from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Jar~s G. Hening <br />H. T. Goyne <br />P. W. Covington <br />J. C. McKesson <br />James W. Gordon, Jr. <br />Irvin G. Horner <br />R. N. Winfree <br />R. M. Mike <br />J. Wm. Dance <br />W. H. Caldwell <br /> <br />Auline B. Wills <br /> <br />P. Rixey Jones <br />Anne R. Confer <br />M. Macklyn Price <br /> <br />B. J. Banks <br />Willie Smith <br />George Baskerville <br />Henry Goode <br />R. F. Jones <br />Elsie V. Copeland <br />Leonard Fisher <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />W. H. Caldwell <br />~arcus A. Cogbill <br />Walter N. Perdue <br />Geo. W. Moore, Jr. <br />A. J. Homer <br />Major Chas. A. Ryburn, Jr. <br />Capt. I. E. Bowman <br />R. W. Koch <br />R. E. Feeback <br />H. N. Terrell <br />E. o. Gill <br />R. C. Phillips <br />W. B. Gill <br />C. W. Cunningham <br />~. T. Smith <br />W. E. Martin <br />B. C. Furman <br />W. E. Knight <br />C. K. Jolly <br />C. E. Richter <br />D. E. Ayre <br />Mrs. H. M. Romaine <br />W. H. Flynn <br />O. B. Gates, <br /> <br />Supervisor and mileage <br /> ,, ,, <br /> <br /> tt tt <br /> t, tt tt <br /> t, t! tt <br /> It ,t ,t <br /> <br />,L, and A,s, sessor - 9 days @~12.00 <br /> 9 days @~12.00 <br />Treasurer and maintenance of office <br /> <br />Executive Secretary <br />Withholding Tax <br /> <br />County Stenographer <br /> Withholding Tax <br />County Farm Agent <br />Home Dem. Agent <br />Asst. Home Dem. Agt. <br /> Withholding ~ax <br />Janitor <br /> ,! <br /> <br />Truck Driver's Helper <br />Truck Driver <br />Co. Agri. Agt. (Col.) <br />Local Home Agent <br />Truck Driver's Helper <br />Work on trash truck <br />Work on trash truck <br />Executive Secretary <br />Commonwealth' s Attorney <br />Clerk-Circuit Court <br />Commissioner of Revenue <br />Forest Fire Warden <br />Chief of Police <br />Captain <br />Lt. <br />Investigator <br />Patrolman <br />Investigator <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Dispatcher <br />Dispatcher <br />PBX Ope rator <br />Retir ed Officer <br />She riff <br /> <br />$458.33 <br /> 50.60 <br /> <br />407.73 <br />206.33 <br /> 2~.1o <br /> <br />75.00 <br /> 2.80 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims from the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />51.20 <br />51.20 <br />52.70 <br />52.20 <br />53.00 <br />54.60 <br />108.00 <br />108.00 <br />981.75 <br /> <br />407.73 <br /> <br />185.23 <br />195. O1 <br />105. O0 <br /> <br />72.20 <br />97.50 <br />135. O0 <br />130.00 <br />135. O0 <br /> 90. O0 <br /> 75.00 <br />130. O0 <br /> 24. O0 <br /> 29.30 <br /> 458.33 <br /> 279.16 <br /> 83.33 <br />877.68 <br />100. O0 <br />318.30 <br />2/+0.83 <br />246.55 <br />247.72 <br />222.39 <br />233.48 <br />207.31 <br />204.95 <br />198.44 <br />223.31 <br />213.31 <br />186.50 <br />174.40 <br />175.71 <br />148.50 <br />148.50 <br />135.40 <br /> 63. <br />315.63 <br /> $9026.75 <br /> <br />Clifford Bernard Robinson <br />Clifford Bernard Robinso$ <br />Allen Radiator Service <br />M & S Auto Service <br />Hall's Service Station <br />Martin Chevrolet Sales Corp. <br />P. N. Binford, J. P. <br />Cole, Harding & James Inc. <br />Lawrence Motor Co. <br />R. J. Britton <br />State Department of Health <br /> <br />H. B. Gilliam, Attorney <br /> <br />J. P. Bell Company <br />Va. Electric & Power Co. <br /> <br />Helper on trash truck 24.00 <br />Helper on trash truck 24.00 <br />Radiator removed, cleaned & repaired 14.25 <br />Work on Forest Fire Warden's Truck l&.O5 <br />Gasoline and Oil 217.44 <br />Work on Police Cars 30.69 <br />Lunacy Commission-Marageret D. Duke 2.00 <br />Three Sheet Holders (Comm.of Revenue) 12.27 <br />Gas and Oil 4.84 <br />Cleaning & adjusting plugs, etc. 3.50 <br />Payment due 3 months ending June 30,1949 <br /> <br />Comm. of Va. & County of Chesterfield <br />vs. Mabel W. Griffin <br />Clerks Office-Two Expansion Units <br />Current-Clerk's Office, Courthouse, <br />Conservation, Camp Baker <br /> <br />2500.00 <br /> <br />26.44 <br />167.23 <br /> <br />93.48 <br /> <br /> <br />