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Pre sent: <br /> <br />H. T. Goyne, <br />J. C .iqcKe s son <br />Ir¥in G.t{orner <br />~ . ~,. Covington <br /> <br />ViiiG I}.~ lA: <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br />AT an adj~lrned meeting of <br />the Boar'd of Super¥i~rs of <br />Chesterfield County, held at <br />the Courthoas e on August 1, <br />1969, at 6:00 p.m. <br /> <br />J. G. Hening <br />Ja~s ',~. Gord~m, Jr. <br /> <br />This day, Mr. Lordley, Assistant Director of Public Utilities for the City of <br />Richmond, appe~ed before the Board requesting the County's ae'pro~al of the orovose{ <br />tank site for tl~ City of Richmond, and unon advise of tie Commonwealth s nttorney <br />there a~eared to be no need for such a~}p~oval by the County and therefore no reso- i <br />lution was adopted as to t~ aporoval. On motion of J.C.ldcKesson, it. is resolved <br />that the Executive Secret~,~y be authorized to issue a Permit to the City in the event <br />they apoly for same. <br /> <br />This day again l.m. Harry Easterly', Jr., a~leared belore the Board concerning the <br />furnishing of water to his smnufacturing plant on the Belt Boulevard. U~.on con- <br />sider;~tion whereof, and on motion, it is resolved that the same be continusd until <br />t~he next regular meet:lng of the Board. <br /> <br />This day again Dr, E. L. Boone and Dr. ~.~.V.Hunter presented the case of sewer and <br />water connections on Fou,-th Avenue in Ettrick. Ul~on consideration w~ereof, and <br />on motion of ~.b'.Covington, it is resolved that this work be done, the County to bear <br />the cost of material, the cost of labor to be borne by fir. Boone and Dr. Hunter. <br /> <br />This day ]',Ir. D.[.~.Murohey, ]qanager , Chesterfield Fair Association ap?~ared before <br />the Board and reouested that the Bo;~d appropriate sufficient funds to build a stable <br />on the Fair Grounds, usim.' the knocked down stable for the housing of horses apnear~ng <br />on the Fair ~rogram. 'U~on cons~cerataon waereof, and on rants_on o~ J.C.~-~cKesson, <br />it is resolved that, the said stable be built at a cost not to exceed {~600.00. <br />And be it f~rther resolved that the sum of :~600.00 be and it hereby is apnromriated <br />From the unanmropriated surnlus of the General Fund for this pure,ese and theft the <br />budget be amended accor'dingly. <br /> <br />And be it further resolved that the site for the proposed stable be selected by <br />idur~,hcy and the Ezecutive Secretary, with the advise of i.m. ¥~. A. Homer, if desire~. <br /> <br />Cn motion, it is resolved that the E×ecutivc ;;ecretary be and ne ~:ere~y is authorized <br />to have the existing locks on the Fair ouitdings fixed or if necessar'y buy new ones <br />and imve keys suitably ~tam'.ed so th.a~ tkey :ay be uaed without difficulty. <br /> <br />This day [.:m. F'rr~nk Lout!mn, Jr., came bufore the Board and eiscussed the specificatii~ms <br />for equi~,ment on fire tl'ucks, arid <br /> <br />"!~ereac, it afmea~'s t,o the Board that so:ne of the equi:~ment to ~:e ~!aced on tke trucks <br />is excessive in cost. U'~on c~mside~'ution whe~eof, and on mot, i~n of P.['.~.~OVlI~ton~[ <br />it is resolved t~:~at, a i'~r.~ c:4':ine b)dy coumlete with (,Oo-4;a]..!or: t:~nk ~r"x~ a 500-zallon <br />,w,r minute .)ump be i:~ata!led on each chaftsis f,~r t):~ res:est!ye fi~'e de ~:~'t:,,~e~ts at <br />an au,~,~nt not to czce~d [.)/~d?.O0 cash. <br /> <br />Th~s day !m.C. !.(~jth, Chief of f~oli.ce of Cr.e:~t ,rfiel~ C:~unty ~?,~eared b.:~fore tk~ <br />~)o'-~rd and asked the Bo~;'~] to ~r~t a~t, hor~ty t.o ~air:t t!'~ County Police ca:,~' wi~k <br /> <br />Un~,I~ consideration w!~e,eof, and on :~,oti(m of ii.T.dnyne, it i;_; received that the <br />-lzecutive Secret::ry and ti:u.~ Chief ~f' ?elite are hereby a~t, nor:~zed to obt~'~ .:rices <br />an<} r~e;sf,;r: o:; insc~int, ions fo~~ the Po'ifce cars and ~resent sau~e at t,l~e ne)t t~etir: <br /> <br /> ' <br /> <br />This d~y, 2. /.Smith, ~!:ief sf Police, introduced to th~ Boa~d )m. Chas, E..,4chic, <br /> <br />to n]~is Bom'd an~J u~,m the interview of ].lt. ~.;icnie by tni. s ~c,~d, it is <,n motion, <br />resolved t:~a~ Ciz~s.~f~. ~.iichie be and he hereby ms employed as ~-o~]ce Dispatc~er and <br />Police Clerk, effective :~s of August 1, 19~9. <br /> <br />And be ~t f~mtr~er resolw~5 that ~'~' comrensn~4on ~e fixed at :~,175.~0 ~e~ month fer <br />the f~r~,, tkree mo~ths and if at the expiration of sai~ ninety days ]~r. >~ich~e's <br />services appear to be satisfactory, his com~ensat[on shall be ;:~200.00 from that date~. <br /> <br />This day the ,nt,ter of nay]nj, laborers e~r~ptoyed by this bo~d at intervals more cftc <br />than once ocr month came before the i~o~d. Upon consideration whereof and on <br />motion, it is resolved that the Zxecutive tJecretary be and he hereby is authorized <br />and directed to ~ay laborers employed by this Bo~d twice monthly. <br /> <br /> <br />