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VIRGINIA: <br /> <br />AT a meeting of the Board ~ <br />Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />County held at the Courthouse ,i <br />August 9, 1949, at 10:O0 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />J.G. Hening, Chairman <br />H.T. Goyne <br />J.C.McKesson <br />James W. Gordon, Jr. <br />P.W. Covington <br />Irvin G. Homer <br /> <br />"Salaries,..Allowances, etc. Paid b~ the Exec. Sec'y. from the General County Fund". <br /> <br /> James G. Hening <br /> H.T.Goyne <br /> P.W. Covington <br /> J.C.McKesson <br /> James W. Gordon, Jr. <br /> Irvin G. Homer <br />Maj. C. W. Smith <br />Capt. I.E.Bowman <br /> R.W. Koch <br /> R.E.Feeback <br />E.P.Gill <br />H.N.Terrell <br />R.C.Phillips <br />W.B.Gill <br />C.W. Cunningham <br />E.T.Smith <br />W.E.Martin <br />B.C.Furman <br />W.E.Knight <br />C.K.Jolly <br />C.E.Richter <br />D.E.Ayre <br />W. H. Flynn <br />Mrs. Helen M. Romaine <br />M.W. Burnett <br />Auline Barrett Wills <br />P.Rixey Jones <br />Anne R. Confer <br />M. Macklyn Pr~e <br />B.J.Banks <br />Willie Smith <br />George Baskerville <br />Henry Goode <br />R.F.Jones <br />Elsie V. Copeland <br />Leonard Fisher <br />J. Wm. Dance <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />Geo. W. Moore, Jr. <br />Walter N. Perdue~ <br />R.N.Winfree <br />R.M.Eike <br />Margaret C. Foster <br /> <br />A.J.Horner <br />M.A.Cogbill <br />O.B.Gates <br /> <br /> Supervisor and mileage <br /> <br />Chief of Police <br />Captain <br />Lt. <br />Investigator <br />Investigator <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Dispatcher <br />Dispatcher <br />Retired Officer <br />PBX Operator <br />Executive Secretary <br />County Stenographer <br />County Farm Agent <br />Home Dem. Agent <br />Asst. Home Dem. Agt. <br />Janitor <br />Janitor <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver <br />Co. Agri. Agent (Col.) <br />Local Home Agent <br />Truck Driver's Helper <br />Treasurer & Office Maint. <br />Work on trash truck <br />Work on brash truck <br />Work on trash truck <br />Work on trash truck <br />Commissioner of Rev. & Maint. <br />Clerk, Circuit Court <br />Land Assessor (12 days-S12.00 da.) <br />Land Assessor (12 days-S12.00 da.) <br />Extra work in Exec. Sec'y. Office <br /> (13 days -$7.00 day) <br />Forest Fire Warden <br />Commonwealth's Attorney & Maint. Office <br />Sheriff & Office Expenses <br /> <br />5O.6O <br />5O.6O <br />50.00 <br />51.10 <br />51.35 <br />52.3o <br />212.50 <br />240.83 <br />246.55 <br />247.96 <br />233.48 <br />222.39 <br />207.31 <br />204.95 <br />196.94 <br />223.31 <br />213.31 <br />186.50 <br />174.40 <br />175.71 <br />148.50 <br />148.50 <br /> 63.40 <br />135.4o <br />347.00 <br />185.27k <br />195.O1 <br />105.00 <br /> 72.20 <br /> 97.50 <br /> 135.00 <br /> 130.00 <br /> 135.oo <br /> 90.oo <br /> 75.oo <br /> 130.00 <br /> 972.97 <br /> 30.OO <br /> 3o.oo <br /> 24.00 <br /> 21.00 <br />865.33 <br /> 83.33 <br /> 144.00 <br /> 144.00 <br /> <br /> 91.00 <br />lO0.O0 <br />279.16 <br />302.50 <br /> '$8,572.1~ <br /> <br />."Miscellaneous Claims Paid from the General County Fund." <br /> <br />Western Auto Supply Co. <br />Western Auto Supply Co. <br />H.A.Hawkins & Co. <br />W.G.Markham <br />W.F.Hobar~ <br />Thalhimers <br />County of Henrico <br /> <br />Robert A. Ivey, Agent <br />Proffitt Cleaners <br />Irvin T. Wills <br />Richmond Newspapers,Inc. <br /> <br />Tires for Police Cars <br />Tires for Police <br />To repairs at Camp Baker-Heating <br />Gasoline - Police Dept. <br />Blue Prints-Storage Bldg. <br />Vocational Training Supplies <br />Prisoner days in Henrico Jail for the <br />month of May,1949 as listed <br />Prem. on Bond C.W. Smith, Chief <br />Laundry for Jail <br />Appr,. 200th Anniversary Celebration <br />Advertising County Budget <br /> <br />Richmond Rubber Co., Inc. 12 assorted gaskets - Forest FiNe Warden) <br />Petersburg Office Equip. Co. 1 pkg. stencils <br />Virginia Elec.&Power Co. Street lighting Chesterfield Co. <br />C & P Telephone Co. Telephone - Manchester Fire Dept. <br />St. Philip Hosoital Hospitalization - Sterling Pride <br />Medical College of Va.Hosp. Hospitalization - Saratina Kcraget <br />Petersburg Hospital, Inc. Hospitalization -W.N.Perkinson <br />Everett Waddey Co. i roll tracing paper <br /> <br />158.55 <br /> 62.59 <br /> 11.00 <br /> 19.20 <br /> 2.65 <br /> 4.7.1 <br /> <br />411.OO <br />10.OO <br />34.80 <br />6O.OO <br />89.68 <br />1.18 <br />3.37 <br />429.50 <br />21.60 <br />229.60 <br />28.70 <br />66.00 <br />3.06 <br /> <br /> <br />