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Present: <br /> <br />J. G. Hening, <br />H. T. Goyne, <br />P. W. Covington, <br />J. C. McKesson, <br />Irvin G. Homer, <br />James W. Gordon, Jr., <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: <br /> <br />At a meeting of the Board of Superv~ <br />of Chesterfield County held atthe <br />Courthouse on Septemberl~, 1919, at <br />l0 a.m. <br /> <br />sors <br /> <br />The minutes of the last meeting having been read, are approved: <br /> <br />"Salaries, mileaMe, allowances, etc., for the month of AuMust ,. .1949" <br /> <br />James G. Hening <br />H. T. Go]me <br />P. W. Covington <br />J. C. McKesson <br />James W. Gordon, Jr. <br />Irvin G. Homer <br />Marcus A. Cogbill <br />Walter N. Perdue <br />A. J. Homer <br />Geo. W. Moore, Jr. <br />J. Wm, Dance <br />Margaret C. Foster <br />Henry Goode <br />George Baskerville <br />Leonard Fisher <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />M. W. Burnett <br />Auline B. Bills <br />P. Rixey Jones <br />Anne R. Confer <br />M. Macklyn Price <br />B. J. Banks <br />Willie Smith <br />R. F. Jones <br />Elsie V. Cooeland <br />Major C. W. Smith <br />Capt. I. E. Bowman <br />R. W. Koch <br />R. E. Feeback <br />E. P. Gill <br />H. N. Terrell <br />R. C. Phillips <br />W. B. Gill <br />C. W. Cunningham <br />E. T. Smith <br />W. E. Martin <br />B. C. Furman <br />W. E. Knight <br />C. K. Jolly <br />Charles Edward Michie <br />C. E. Richter <br />D. E. Ayre <br />W. H. Flynn <br />Mrs. Helen McL. Romaine <br />George Baskerville <br />Henry Goode <br />Leonard Fisher <br />Clifford B. Robinson <br />O. B. Gates <br /> <br />Supervisor and mileage <br /> <br />" 't . <br />. ,, ,, <br /> <br />Commonwealth's Attorney & Office Maint. <br />Clerk, Circuit Court <br />Forest Fire Warden <br />Comm. of Revenue & Maint. of Office <br />Treasurer & }4aint. of Office <br />Extra work in Executive Secretary Office <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />Executive Secretary <br />County Stenographer <br />County Farm Agent <br />Home Dem. Agent <br />Asst. Home Dem. Agt. <br />2anitor <br />Janitor <br />Co. Agri. Agent (Col.) <br />Local Home Agent <br />Chief Of Police <br />Captain <br />Lieutenant <br />Investigator <br />Inve stigat or <br />Pat r olman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Pat rolman <br />Patrolman <br />Patrolman <br />Cle rk-Dispat cher <br />Dispatcher <br />Dispatcher <br />Retired Officer <br />PBX Operator <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />Work on trash truck <br />Sheriff & Office Maintenance <br /> <br /> 50.60 <br /> 50.60 <br /> 51.35 <br /> 51.10 <br /> 51.35 <br /> 52.3O <br />279.16 <br /> 83.33 <br /> 100.00 <br /> 913.33 <br /> 981.82 <br /> lO5.00 <br /> 75.O0 <br /> 65.OO <br /> 65.O0 <br /> 78.00 <br /> 347. O0 <br /> 185.27 <br /> 195.01 <br /> lO5.00 <br /> 72.2O <br /> 97.50 <br />135.O0 <br /> 90.00 <br /> 75.00 <br /> 314.97 <br /> 2~O. 83 <br /> 246.55 <br /> 247.96 <br /> 233.&8 <br /> 222.39 <br /> 2O7.31 <br /> 20/~. 95 <br /> 196.94 <br /> 223.31 <br /> 213.31 <br /> 186.50 <br /> 174. ~,0 <br /> 175.71 <br /> 165.60 <br /> 1~8.50 <br /> 1~8.50 <br /> 63.40 <br /> <br /> 65.00 <br /> 75.OO <br /> 65.00 <br /> 6O. O0 <br /> O .lO <br /> <br />$ 8,683.83 <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid" <br /> <br />Southside Auto Sunply Co. <br /> <br />Western Auto Supply Co. <br />Richmond Rubber Co., Inc. <br /> <br />Schutte Wrecker Service <br />Schutte Wrecker Service <br />Wilbert W. VanStaden <br />Mrs. Helen Mc.Romaine <br /> <br />Curtis Marine Co., Inc. <br />Mrs. Helen M. Romaine <br /> <br />Mr. O. L. Hopkins <br /> <br />The Arnold Co. <br /> <br />Tires for Police Dept. trash truck, <br />Manchester Fire Dept.-Batteries <br />Tires, tubes & repairs to Police Cars <br />Bon Air-Southampton Vol. Fire Dept. <br />Drive rotar, parcel post and ins. <br />Gas and Oil for May, June & July <br />Gas and Oil for August <br />Repairs to Roof over Clerk's Office <br />111 meals service prisoners in <br />Chesterfield lock-up @50¢ <br />To recharging one 15 lb. C0-2 <br />96 meals for Prisoners in Chesterfield <br />lock-up ~ 50¢ - <br />Services rendered in connection with <br />the obtaining of rights-of-way on the <br />Jahnke Road in <br /> <br />376.23 <br />154.56 <br /> <br />110.13 <br />635.15 <br />102.3~ <br /> 10.OO <br /> <br />55.50 <br />2.50 <br /> <br />48.00 <br /> <br />580. on <br /> <br /> June, 1949 May 26,19~9 Inv. #22~9-0 <br /> Police Radio Maintenance 100.00 <br />Eoes-Fitzgerald Paper Co.,Inc. 5 CS Towels & 1CS Vortex Cups 30.&3 <br />Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. Local& Long distance calls for Courthouse 310.87 <br />Central Printing Co. Record Tax Cards-200 Bo2ks-1948 Voting <br /> List, 1,390 Extra names 25 extra copies 497.50 <br /> <br /> <br />