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Virginia Elec.& Power Co. Electric Current-Fair Association 166.40 <br /> Dr. L. H. Apperson Lunacy Commission & mileage 5.25 <br /> Shoosmith's Garage Straighten & refinish fire hose sirens <br /> Chesterfield Fire Dept.#3,Bensley #3 5.00 <br /> Shoosmith's Garage Gas & repairs Chesterfield Fire Dept.#3 8.56 <br /> Richmond Office Supply Co.,Inc.lOO #DNS1 Juvenile Forms & G.D. 4.20 <br />General Electric Corp. Fan for R.F.Jones' Office 19.29 <br />W. C. Trueheart, Agent Home Police #4126,$11,500 Fire Ins. for 3 <br /> years covering Camp. Baker 178.18 <br />H. M. Shoosmith, Jr. Bulldozer service-l~ hrs.@$10.OO & Moving 24.50 <br />Mechanics & Merchants Bank Rent on Safety Deposit Box #268 for <br /> period August 6, 1949 & ending Aug. 6, 1950 3.60 <br />M. W. Burnett, Exec. Secretary 2 Ballot Boxes, etc. 2.48 <br />The Arnold Co. Police Radio Maintenance for June & July 200.00 <br />Truby Motor Co. Gas & Oil, parts & repairs-Police Cars 64.71 <br />Truby Motor Co. Gas & Oil, parts & repairs-County Car, <br /> Trash Truck, C~ester Fire Truck <br />Virginia Printing Co. 8 M Primary Election Ballots & 2 M Rep. <br /> Ballots <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Inc.Miscellaneous Office Supplies <br />Dr. C. L. Coleman Coroner's Services-Robert J.Baldwin, Nora <br /> McDuffy, Gerard H. Piogeman, Howard Bryant <br /> Stroud 40.00 <br />Dr. B. W. Haynes, Jr. Coroner's Services-Agnes J. Duchens ~.lO.OO <br />Dr. G. T. Mann Coroner's Services-Leland H. Hicks, John <br /> W. Saul, Alma B. Parker, Ernest E.Watkins 40.00 <br />Dr. M. Markowitz Coroner's services-Clifton Howard Pettway, <br /> Inez B. Bennett, David R. Stokes 30.00 <br />Dr. T. B. Pope Coroner's ~ervices-Robert B. Harvey, Edward <br /> Wayne Perkinson 20.00 <br />Tomahawk Service Station Gas & Oil for A.J.Horner's Truck-Forest <br /> Fire Warden 87.79 <br />~etersburg Office Equip. Co. Reoairs to Office Typewriters 8.75 <br />Savedge Bros. Service Station Gas & Oil, washing & repair work to Police <br /> Cars 186.20 <br />Sergeant, City of Newport News Comm. of Va. & Co. of Chesterfield vs. <br /> 1.50 <br /> <br /> 6.75 <br /> <br />Sergeant, City of Richmond <br />H. B. Gilliam, Attorney <br /> <br />J. B. Clarke <br />RichmondTimes Dispatch <br />Chester Supply Co. <br />County of Henrico <br /> <br />City of Petersburg Jail <br />Powell-Cole Stationery Co. <br /> <br />T. W. Nelson, M. D. <br /> <br />Bon Air Sales & Service <br />W. G. Markham <br />Martin Chevrolet Sales Corp. <br />Electrical Equip. Co. <br /> <br /> Unknown Heirs of Thomas Elam <br />Comm. of Va. & Co. of Chesterfield vs. <br />Unknown Heirs of Thomas Elam <br />Comm. on collection of ~elinquent taxes <br />in case Comm. of Va. & Co. of Chesterfield <br />vs. B. Barker-Lots Westover Gardens <br />Telegram in case Comm. vs. Darlene Anderson <br />Advertising of Zoning Cases <br />Roofing, springs <br />586 Chesterfield County State Prisoner days <br />confined in Henrico Jail for July <br />65 Prisoner days, Month of July, 1949 <br />Sets No. PC-825 Pressboard Celluloid Tab <br />Guides Cuto to size 8"x~" Body Size <br />Commission of Lunacy held for Miss Beatrice <br />McCloud, on Rt. 7, So. Richmond, Va. <br />Gas & adjusting brakes, lights & clutch <br />Gasoline & repairing tire <br /> <br />M & S Auto Service <br /> <br />Richmond Rubber Co. <br /> <br />Va. Elec.& Power Co. <br />Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. <br />L. C. Lush <br /> <br />Ernest A. Metzger <br />R. Bryant <br /> <br />Petersburg Hospital, Inc. <br />Medical College of Va. <br />Va. State Dept. of Health <br />Sergeant, City of Norfolk <br /> <br />Sergeant, City of Richmond <br /> <br />Hall's Service Station <br />McCoy Motor Co. <br /> <br />H. Norton Mason, M.D. <br />L. Kolipinski, M.D. <br />John W. Chalkley, ~.P. <br />The C & P Tel. Company <br /> <br />The C & P. Tel. Company <br />Va. Elec.& Power Co. <br />Emrick Chev. Sales Corp. <br />Sgt. City of Charlottesville <br /> <br />Sgt. City of Petersburg <br /> <br />~106.17 <br /> <br />105.00~ <br />9.92 <br /> <br />20.62 <br />1.33 <br />16.20 <br />2.60 <br /> <br />351.60 <br />29.25 <br /> <br />33.75 <br /> <br /> 5.00 <br /> 15.55 <br /> 23.85 <br />Parts & repairs to Police Car #99002 34.80 <br />Take down, clean, tighten bearings, assemble <br />& test electric fan 6.50 <br />Material & labor for repairs to Fire Warden's <br />Truck-A.J.Horner 11.60 <br />Parts for Hale Booster Pump-Bon Air Southam- <br />pton Vol. Fire Co. & parcel post 64.55 <br />Electric Current-Clerk's Office & Camp BakerlO3.96 <br />Bon Air Vol. Fire Dept. 5.92 <br /> <br />Sitting on Comm. of Lunacy for Lewis Harmon <br />Tackett of Rt. 7,Richmond, Va. 5.00 <br />i sponge mop 5.95 <br />Lunacy Comm. Wm. Swanson, Beatrice McCloud <br />Lewis H. Tackett, Earl B. Phillips, Frances <br />T. Stephens <br />Hospitalization Services-Herbert Crawley <br />Hosoitalization Services-Mr. Wm. F. Ladd <br />3 months appro, to Health Dept. <br />Summonses in suit of Co. of Chesterfield <br />et als, vs. Heirs of Lula S. Bass, et als 2.25 <br />Summonses in suit of Co. of Chesterfield <br />vs. Heirs Lula ~. Bass, et als. 5.00 <br />Gas & Oil 187.67 <br />Washing,greasing,changing oil,etc, to <br />Police Cars 69.55 <br />Lunacy Comm. for Elma L. Cole, Moseley 5.00 <br />Lunacy Comm. for Elma L. Cole, Moseley 5.00 <br />Lunacy Comm. for Elma L. Cole, Moseley 2.00 <br />Local & long distance calls-Chesterfield <br />Fire Dept. ~2 12.35 <br />Telephone-Chesterfield Fire Dept. ~2 9.65 <br />Street Lighting-August, 19~9 417.50 <br />Adjusting brakes, repairs, etc. Police Cars 15.30 <br />Summonses in suit of County of Chesterfield <br />vs. Heirs of Birdie Holstead 1.50 <br />Summonses in suit of Comm. of Va. & Co. of <br />Chesterfield v. Heirs of John Novak 1.50 <br /> <br />10.00 <br />388.OO <br />74.62 <br />2,500.00 <br /> <br /> <br />