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V'~iiG~'iiA: at a rezu!ur meeting of the Board <br /> of Supervisors o£ Chesterfield <br /> County, held at the Courthouse on <br /> October 11, 1949, at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br /> J. G. Hening, Chairman <br /> H. T. Goyne <br /> P. W. Covington <br /> J. C. McKesson <br /> Irvin G. Horner <br /> James W. Gordon, Jr. <br /> <br /> The minutes of t.he last meeting having been read, are approved. <br />"Salaries, mileage, allowances, etc.. fp~.r t he month of September' 19~9" <br /> <br /> J~mes G. Hening <br />iH. T. Go,me <br />i?. W. Covingtma <br />i j. C. McKesson <br /> James ?~. Gordma, Jr. <br />i Irvin G. Homer <br />~M. W. Burnett <br />iAuline B. Wills <br />~.Y. ~ixey Jones <br />IAnne R. Confer <br />~,~ack lyn Price <br />~B. J. Banks <br />~?~il Lie Smith <br />~R. F. Jones <br />~Elsie V. Copel~d <br />~J. Wm. D~ce <br />~enry Goode <br />~ oeorge Baskerville <br />~Leonar d Fisher <br />~Cl~fford B. Robinson <br />~Mrs. Helen McL. Ro~aine <br />~Walter N. Perdue, Clerk <br />~Marcus A. Cogbill <br />~Geo. W. L~oore~ Jr. <br />:.A.J. Hoerner <br />~Margaret C. Foster <br />~Henry Goode <br />~George Baskerville <br />Leonard Fisher <br /> Clifford B. Zob~son <br /> O. B. Gates <br />~i~ajor C. W. Smith <br />~Capt. I E Bow~n <br /> <br />~. E. Feeback <br />~E. P. Gill <br />~H. N. Terrell <br />~R. C. Phillips <br />~C. ?I. Cunningham <br />~E. T. Smith <br />i. E ~artin <br />~B. C. F'~m~ <br /> <br /> . Jolly <br />~C. E. Richter <br />,~r.~e~. ~d,~r~ ~ichie <br />D. ~. Ayre <br />~B. S. Lane <br />~J. B. Gill <br />'J. H. Flynn <br />H. S. Clay <br />~C. S. Clay <br />Harry Newbert <br />Ol1~ S. ;~oodf~ <br />~H. C. Crostic <br />Wils~ Lee <br />C. W. Smith <br /> Joe ';~. Stallings <br /> C. W. Cole <br /> <br /> ']His c ellan~ ou~ Ci~ im~ [ <br /> I[rs.~' Helen M. Romaine <br /> ~Petersb~g~ Hospital, Inc. <br /> <br />Travis Oil Company <br /> <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Sons <br />M. W. Burnett, Exec. Secy. <br /> <br />S~pervisor and mileage <br /> <br />County Stenographer <br />County Farm Ag~t <br />Home Dem. Agent <br />Asst. home Dem. Agt. <br />~itor <br />J~itor <br />Co. Agri. Agent {Col.) <br />Local Home Agent <br />Treasurer & Office Aaintenance <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck Driver <br />Truck driver's helper <br />Truck Driver's helper <br />PBX OLerator <br />Clerk, Circuit Cou~ <br />Cormnonwealth's Attorney & Office ~4aint. <br />Commissioner of 2evenue g Office LIaint. <br />Forest Fire Warden <br />Extra work ~ Execut~w~ Sec. Off, ce <br />Truck driver <br />Truck driver <br />Tr~ck driver's hclp~' <br />Truck driver's help~ <br />She riff & Office ].iaintenance <br />Chief <br />Cal~tain <br />Lieutenant <br />Invest igator <br />Investigator <br />Pa t r o lman <br />[~atrolman <br /> <br />Pat roi man <br />Pat ro lman <br />Patrolman <br />Pat rotm~ <br />Pat ro lman <br />r'at ro iman <br />Clerk - Dispatcher <br />Dis l:a tche r <br />Dis pat chcr <br />Pat rolman <br />Xetired Officer <br />Jork on fair grounds <br />Jork on fair grounds <br />;~ork on fair gro~ds <br />.~ork on fair ~u~ld~ng <br />Work on fair bui].d~g <br />Fo~dation Utility Bldg. <br />Utility Building <br />Utility Building <br />Utility Building <br /> <br />100 meals served Prisoners in lock-up <br />from Sept. 14 to .Sept. 2?th, 1949 <br />Hospitalization of bits. Carrie Lea <br />2 6.00-16 Amoco Prem. 4 ply Tires <br />Police Car ;~99-002 <br />Lumber for horse stables-Fair Ground <br />Cas, fan belt, etc. for fire truck <br />brought from Roanoke, Va. <br /> <br />51.20 <br />51.20 <br />52.70 <br />52.20 <br />52.70 <br />54.60 <br />347.0o <br />185.27 <br />195.01 <br />lO5.00 <br />72.20 <br />77.50 <br />135. oo <br /> 9o.0o <br /> 75.0o <br />973.53 <br /> 75 .oo <br /> 65 .oO <br /> 65..00 <br /> 65.00 <br /> 144.2O <br /> <br />279.16 <br />~ .33 <br />100.00 <br />70. OO <br />75.00 <br />65. OO <br />65. OO <br />65.00 <br />302.65 <br />309. ~', <br />240.83 <br />240.55 <br />247.96 <br />233.4.8 <br /> <br />207.31 <br />156.94 <br />223.31 <br />213.31 <br />l~6.5o <br />174.40 <br />175.71 <br />157.12 <br />165.60 <br />14~ .50 <br />66.00 <br />dl .O1 <br />63.4o <br />110.25 <br />I00.50 <br />lo4.25 <br />57.75 <br />57.75 <br />o~.10 <br />d .75 <br />lO.13 <br /> <br />50 .O0 <br />209 .O0 <br /> <br />24.64 <br />3~3.65 <br /> <br />4.73 <br /> <br />¢ <br /> <br /> <br />